Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I am BACK!!!

It has been a while my dear readers…for I am now officially back in the West coast after my perilous journey to Sarawak along with my other 2 friends…the danger,the suspense,the insecurity,the inevitability…no one to guide us,no one to plea for help…it all makes me feel kinda “MAN-ly” after enduring the whole 1 week over there…haha,not really,most of the stuff that I mentioned previously is partially true…only the part “journey to Sarawak along with my other 2 friends” is true…overall,it was fun going to somewhere we are not familiar with and no one to “boss” me around telling me what to do =)

I am lagging already after one week of not knowing what happened here…haven’t been online,haven’t read the whole 1 week of newspapers…a lot of things to catch up…when I came back,I noticed that there were more food =) the telephone wire that had been burnt badly was replaced with a new one…which means the days left for the “sensitive to burnt telephone wires” Streamyx to be installed has been shortened =) apart from those,I think there is nothing else which are very significant that caught the attention of my tired eyes due to either too little sleep or too much sleep =P

Tomorrow gonna go find a part-time job,most probably I am going to work till my A-levels result is out,then I’ll see what else needs to be done…Haha,quite odd though,there were some nostalgic moments once the airplane landed in the airport and I stepped upon the terminal…I saw a group of other A-levels students(same intake as me,but different class),either they were about to depart somewhere for a trip,or sending their friends off somewhere,or awaiting for their friends from somewhere,or giving the Great Cheese a nice warm welcome back =P haha,some of them are cute girls though,I can recognised them but I doubt they know me…for I am the sort of “behind-the-scenes” type of person,my identity is unknown to them but I know a little bit about them,scary isn’t it? Haha,what to do,bachelor…mah =P Then on the way back home from the airport…I saw the Taylors bus and the public Putra bus that were once my mode of transportation back from college…and some students who still are waiting for the buses reminded me of my troubled self…haha,lol =P Memories man…memories…

Anyway,time to unpack my stuff…I would report my mission in Sarawak A.S.A.P…What type of part-time job will I look for?Where will I work?How much would the pay worth? All these questions will be answered soon…stay tuned to find out =)

Monday, June 20, 2005

Going east...

Looks like I am gonna go east for the moment…no,not that far till Japan…very close only,across the South China Sea…Sarawak,just for vacation with 2 other pals…got some local “tour guides” over there to bring us around,which are our college classmates…hafta use my own cash for expenditure,hopefully I don’t overspend.my budget is roughly RM200…but I doubt it,need to spend on food,transport,accommodation,etc…for 1 week…if not enough money,then have to beg for money like the participants in Amazing Race =P but for the air tickets my mum kinda loaned me…so when I come back,I would have to find a part-time job to re-pay my debt,most probably would work till my A-levels result is out,after that have to settle the university stuff…gonna go study locally in University of Nottingham Malaysian Campus…hopefully I meet the requirement to be enrolled…it all depends

Actually I never thought of going to Sarawak…all of a sudden,this weird idea popped up out of no where from the mouth of my friend,so in a weird fashioned way,we acknowledged and now I am half-way packing my stuff…First meet at KL Sentral,take the “con people’s money” ERL to KLIA,fly to Miri,stay for a few days,then a bus ride to Kuching(which might take roughly 18 hours!!!),stay for a few days there too and finally fly back to KL…Hmmm,might go Brunei too,not sure about this yet…I have no clue what are we gonna do there yet cuz we don’t have a plan,so just go with the flow and free-style all the way…haha,feels like some weird-ass reality TV show…
“3 guys…one country,Malaysia…one state,Sarawak…one mission,doing???” =P Hah,maybe go jungle-tracking or something…then get lost,which turns into a survival challenge for the clueless trio ala’ Survivor…hehe,I would gain the upper-hand due to playing a bit of a video game,Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater,before I leave for Sarawak…in the game,the hero is a military expert who infiltrates the enemy base in the jungle to destroy a nuclear-armed vehicle,so in the process of finding his way to the base,he also must survive the harsh jungle environment by hunting animals,eating them as well as avoiding the detection of the enemy forces…Hmmm,I wonder how does snakes taste like…eaten raw…probably taste like chicken =)

Gonna leave tomorrow for the flight,so I’ll be M.I.A(Missing in Action) for the time being…I’ll be back one week later,with grandfather stories to tell,if there are any…so see you guys and gals bila saya balik…commencing Operation:Sarawak Strike(pretty lame Operation name,I cant think of anything else)

Friday, June 17, 2005

Forced labour?

First of all,some of you said that you were unable to use the tagboard to post messages due to some problem which goes “Cannot post from a hard drive,must post from a server…etc…” I’ll try and look into the problem to find a solution…well,you can still use the “Comments” =) and I can reply back doubtful stuff in the tagboard…don’t tell me you cannot see the message in the tagboard too… <= |

Everytime when holidays comes…it doesn’t mean that it is a 100% holiday,as in it does not mean that I am free of doing anything…the most common thing I am always burdened with is house CHORES…yup,everytime without fail…my mum will always seek this window opportunity to shower me with additional “things” to do…do or do not,there is no running away…so in the end,just suck it up and be done with it. As though I have voluntarily become the maid of the house without any what so ever consultation,oh well…it is considered “normal” in my life…most of the time is the laundry…hand-washed,mind you…not using the washing machine…as a Science streamed student,I know how well the combination of a detergent and a washing machine would produce an almost 99.9% cleaned clothes,just like in the Dynamo advertisements…but she still insisted that certain stains cannot be removed by using the washing machine…anyway,there is no Dynamo in the house =P I might as well bring all the dirty clothes to a river and find a big rock to “slam” the clothes on it…old-fashioned way =P

Aaahh…re-painted the front gate yesterday,only finished the right side of the gate(that is if you are standing outside and facing the house)it took me about roughly 2 hours,I think…cuz hafta layer it twice using a pretty small sized brush…just like a punishment from a higher ranking officer in the army where you hafta use a toothbrush to scrub the barracks floor =P Imagine if I have to paint the WHOLE house!!! It’ll probably take a month…hehe,actually my dad hired some of his friends who are “professionals” to this whole re-painting the house thingy…they used rollers to paint the walls,thank you to the inventors of this wonderful tool…and I just need to paint the gate…darn,if only I can just use a spray-paint…but actually not that easy to achieve a fine layered surface using it plus the number of cans needed would be quite a number…and when it is almost getting dark,I was still there,with a determined mind to at least finish one side of the gate first and also frantically “cincai” painted it towards the end just to finish it off,turns out that certain spots were a bit “not done properly” I’ll just call it a day and patch it up the following day…you win this time,you “rusted piece of metal that had been turned into a gate that requires my skills to re-paint again” gate >=P

A good thing to look forward to…finally I am gonna get STREAMYX!!! A couple of days ago,some guys came over to check the required stuff…turns out that our telephone line has some problem…so one of the guys went out and check the wiring to find out that the wire had been burnt badly…I find it odd though cuz we still can use the telephone to make or receive calls and use the line for dial-up internet connection…but they said that it would be possible for the telephone to work that way…but for the Streamyx connection,work it will not for it is pretty sensitive to these factors…so I would have to wait some more till this problem is solved…NOOOOOO!!!

Oh well,that’s all for now…I gotta go finish up the other part of the gate…aih~goodbye for now =)

(Did you know?…that I recently weighed myself after a very long time and not really knowing how much I previously weigh…it turns out to be about 47kg…I am pretty light for a Cheese guy…errr…I mean pretty light for a guy)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

New:Tagboard and Prayers for Exam

Oooo…looky at right…yes that’s right,it is a TAGBOARD,so if u wanna have a Q&A session or just wanna leave a short message,you may use it…though I still prefer leaving Comments…it depends,if u have a very lengthy message,use Comments cuz the maximum number of characters for the TAGBOARD is only 99,which is less than using SMS,which has 160 characters =P Anyway,make good use of it…
NO SPAMMING…spammers will be prosecuted and turned into rabbits…then into the giant “Pot of Doom” to become rabbit stew >=P

Nothing much happened for the past few days except…

Last Friday,went to Craig’s place for a while to fool around,BOMBERMAN!!! borrowed some games and MGS3 guidebook,caught up on old times sake…
Had a hair cut last Saturday…haha,now my hair is much shorter compared to my previous long hair which is “leng-chai” like F4 style…haha,not really =P
Yesterday,went to KL again to collect my IC…this time it only took about 15 minutes…haha,the picture look quite funny,very bright…still got long hair that time when the picture was taken =D Then at night,went to a college mate’s place for BBQ…sausages,steak,lamb chop,chicken,garlic bread,mashed potatoes,salad,brownies…MMMmmm…still got leftovers,mostly are the chickens…came back,smell like carbon or maybe ashes…as though I had entered a building on fire to rescue the baby from doom…like in “one of those drama” =P

Oh well,for those who are undergoing their exams,here is a glimmer of hope to aid you during these troubled times…
(This prayer was sent via the internet to me from my friend,Likky,who is currently studying in Australia…since I don’t need it for now,I shall let those who truly need them be embraced…)

Lord,grant me a quiet heart
Before examinations start.
Teach me to use my leisure hours
To rejuvenate my powers;
My mind from day-dreams liberate
Give me the will to concentrate.
From all distractions set me free,
That in my studies I may be
A student with this sole intent
To make my work sacrament.
From my faint heart,in love,expel
All failures,fears,that therein dwell;
And from my pillows drive away
All dark forebodings of the day.
Help in faith to rest so deep
That I may have untroubled sleep.

While notes and lessons I prepare
May I not lose my zeal for prayer:
And may I not forget to look
For daily guidance in Thy Book.
In quietness,confidence and peace
May I have sure and swift release
From needless fears and apprehensions,
From outward strain and inward tension.
And may I ever grateful be
To all who often pray for me
While for myself I intercede,
For other students plead
So may examinations find
Each one alert in heart and mind.
Thus inward joy and peace possessing-
Exams will provide a source of blessing.

Looks like his message has been “immortalised” in my blog page for many years to come,take good care my fellow readers…

Friday, June 10, 2005

Journey to KL

First of all,I was suppose 2 post this up yesterday…but I was lazy and tired after returning from my journey to KL…so anyways,here it goes…

Slept at around 2am after goofing around online after my last paper of the exam,checked e-mails and read my other fellow bloggers blog…got quite a few of them on my blog list already,so as long I am free,I shall read yours and also comment,as well as you also read mine and leave a comment too,appreciate it I will =) Usually I update it at least minimum once a week,or if I am feeling pretty generous,it would be 2 to 3 posts per week…a blogger’s job is never done,just like a superhero =P

Woke up at 7am for the journey to KL…“What for?” if you may ask,well it’s not a really BIG issue…just to drop by at the old Nottingham Campus to “interrogate” the appropriate person in charge,I demand some answers…for I am not sure regarding certain uncertainties in their company policy…hehe,in short,2 of my classmates and I went there to enquire about the courses and stuff…

We decided to meet at KL Sentral then drop off at KLCC station,followed by roughly 15 to 20 minutes walk towards the campus(the LRT is a killer in the morning,packed like a can of sardines,now I know how other students felt,those who had to use it to go college/university,I feel your pain and agony…just as I had to use the Putra bus to college)…relying on my cunning skills and sense of direction…I led my comrades,through the bustling city filled with danger and perhaps excess carbon monoxide gas,trying not to be roadkill in the process…trying to recall the way to the campus(I came here before by car),on foot not by car this time…and we are ahead of schedule,reached there before the expected time…
all compliments goes to myself,haha =P shiok sendiri!!!

Later,went to KLCC to watch a movie…Madagascar!!! It was kinda OK,some parts quite funny and amusing,some parts quite lame…most of the seats in the cinema were occupied by kids accompanied by their parents…so,pretty noisy and VERY hysterical laughters were being heard throughout the movie…oh well,kids will be kids…we were once little kids before anyway,rite? =P Some of the characters I favoured…the groovy,hip-hop,funky lemur that “Does the Robot” King Julian!!!…and the tactical-espionaged “Act Cute and Cuddly” Mission Impossible group of penguins!!! =D

After movies,went to Petaling Street…one of my buddies wanna buy some Chinese novels…hey,the place changed quite a bit,now there is a big glamoured entrance signboard and some sort of rooftop above it…MMMmmm,nuthin beats a hot day than a nice cool Air Mata Kucing drink…there was this Chinese guy,asked me something that I couldn’t hear as he was kind of mumbling in a low voice…so I just shook my head like saying “no” to salespersons…he asked my other 2 pals,they shook too…so I asked what did that Chinese fella asked just now? My friend told me that the fella was asking this in Cantonese,“Lei Oii Mai Ham-Tai Mouh?”,translation for non-speaking Cantonese readers-Do you want to buy porn? Haha,actually that place got quite a number of these sellers and also quite a number of customers,a symbiosis relationship established…good boy Cheese will never watch these filthy stuff,might get nightmare…Hmmm…

Anyway,there was nothing much over there in the afternoon,only at night the place would be like a Pasar Malam…proceeded to Central Market(Pasar Seni) to goof around and walk aimlessly…around in the evening,we went our separate ways,time to balik…took a short nap on the bus back,reached home…makan…went online for a while…watch TV for a while…then time to sleep…habis cerita…thus,ends the journey to KL

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I am VICTORIOUS...kind of =P

“We are the champions…my friends…and we’ll keep on fighting…to the end…coz we are the champions…we are the champions…no time for losers coz we are the champions…” =P

Haha,finally it is over,the exam…it’s like the kid who ran around screaming excitedly…“The war is over!” to the people of Zion when Neo manage to make peace with the machines by sacrificing himself in the Matrix Revolutions movie…it’s like when Luke Skywalker defeated the Empire and celebrated their victory in that E-wok planet in the movie Star Wars Episode VI:Return of the Jedi…it’s like when Frodo Baggins cast the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings:Return of the King…hehe not really,actually Golumn/Smeagol fell into the lava together with it =P
Some papers were OK and some were horrible…especially yesterday’s and today’s paper…didn’t really feel like doing the papers,did them like a tortoise…there are some questions which are worth a lot of marks…but left empty,feel regretful like the new Proton car advertisement on the radio…“Not enough time,10 marks gone like that…Why…WHY?!! How am I gonna support my family?!!” =P oh well,no point crying over spilt milk…unless that bottle of milk is the last one in the world,then I guess its OK to cry =P it is not like I can invent a time machine and travel back through time to undone what had been done or call Doraemon for help(Doraemon ROCKS…its like a gift from God =D ) Bottom line is that it is over…for now…hopefully the outcome will not be TOO severe =(

Free lunch for 2day in a quite fancy restaurant…my friend belanja us,it is his birthday…darn,should have ordered something more filling and expensive =P haha,then we proceeded to cybercafe for a game of DOTA…I didn’t play though as I am kinda retired from all “these” activities for quite some time already…hey,its not that I sucked and continously get pawned in the game(actually I do if I am a first time gamer =P )…not my cup of tea,it doesn’t interest me,so I observed them playing from behind their seats…actually the wise Cheese is gathering information from their gameplay to create a tactical strategy for future usage…MWAHAHAHA…genius…no lah,just to see only =P

After some time,I decided to drop by at Li Jian’s place…watched another Monty Phython movie…haha,lame and hilarious it is…just the way I like it =D then I misused him…errrr…I mean,asked to use his computer+BROADBAND INTERNET CONNECTION =) to download some trailers…

I saw a bunch of people flocking around a car in a car-dealer store…I was wondering…“These people never saw a car before in their life?”…just to find out that the new Proton car is officially out today,Proton Savvy…heh,to me it looks like a Proton Tiara with a new edgier look…you wouldn’t be surprised if it is actually true,haha…got style,but no substance =P

Journey to KL begins tomorrow,blog about it I shall…to others who still got exams or just started their exams…TOO BAD…MWAHAHAHA… >=P so sorry,I don’t really mean it…just keep cool and victory will be yours…alritezz,all the best!!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Random Stuff

Actually I have nothing to blog about at the moment…so here are just bits of random things that I’ve compiled from pieces of events that were scattered throughout the past few days…

Lets see…the price of everything from the items that are necessities to the things which are merely to satisfy our dreams…obviously it keeps on going up as the years go by…hehe,this thought struck me as I bought my “Crayon Shin Chan” comic book,it used to cost RM4.20,thenRM4.50,now it’s RM4.80!!!…I don’t really waste money on buying comics…at least not much…this is the ONLY comic book that I buy and nowadays the issues are only out once in like 3 to 4 months,so in the long run,the wastage of money on comics in my case is minimal…gone were the days where the price of comics were reasonable,then was roughly RM3.00…now is roughly between RM3.50 to RM4.50!!!
I think even a packet of HACKS candy is enough to pay for parking…so apparently people like me seek the alternatives of objects which can work,but at a cheaper price…namely pirated games =P imagine how many pirated games can you buy compared to the price that you are paying for the original game…totally immoral this wrong-doing is…but hey,you gotta do,what you gotta do…

Hmmm…speaking about the price of my miscellaneous items…when anyone decides to go to The Curve untuk makan…at the upper floor food court…DON’T order the fried rice that comes with fried chicken from one of the stores…pure RIP-OFF and not worth your money…There I was as the victim,the fried rice on its own cost RM3.80,the strips of fried chicken also cost RM3.80 on its own,so I think the clever manager knew how to do his Math and introduced a dish which consist of the fried rice and strips of fried chicken,cost is RM6.80…but there is a promotion too…the fried rice plus strips of fried chicken AND a bowl of soup for RM5.80…so I think it was more worthy,RM1 less and a bowl of soup,why not?…that is until I took a spoonful of the rice and place it into my mouth…tasted VERY dry…Heh,so THAT was what the soup was for =P the chicken was OK but too little…another job well done in alerting other clueless consumers which “might-be-the-next-victim” by your friendly neighbourhood Cheese =)

I’ve also ventured into the great unknowns where no cheese had ever gone before…that is to watch a romantic movie…the closest to that genre is a “romantic comedy”…I am more receptive towards the Action,Sci-Fi,Comedy type of movie…anyway I was feeling bored at home one day and my eyes caught a glimpse of the movie “Sepet” among the stacks of other VCDs that belonged to my father,I’ve heard some good remarks regarding that local movie which was directed by Yasmin Ahmad…so I popped the movie into the VCD player…

The synopsis behind the back of the ORIGINAL VCD cover reads…
It is in Bahasa Malaysia,so I m gonna do a direct almost accurate English translation =P
“A love story between 2 teenagers from their different respective race and religion…a story of love between a Chinese pirated VCD seller,named Jason,and a beautiful girl named Orked from a Malay family,who had just finished her Form 5 studies…”
Hehehe…my translation not bad eh?There is one part which goes…“gadis ayu”…not knowing which suitable English phrase to put that in…I guess…beautiful girl will do =P

The movie is kinda too slow for me…after almost 1 hour,I felt like sleeping…but there is an inner feeling within me that motivates me to always finish what you have started with…so I just watched through the whole show…I think it was OK,just one of those typical love story…I’ve noticed that quite a number of Samuel Hui songs were being played in the movie,I am not a fan but my dad is though =P then they were scenes that will make you cry,I never cried…it’s just that I feel sad…like when you just bought an ice-cream,not even the first lick…it just fell to the ground…darn you gravity!!! =P And sometimes during the sad scenes,I almost felt like laughing!!! Haha…sorry I am not a sicko or something…my emotions are sometimes a bit complex =P The ending is left hanging,where the protagonist Chinese guy is kinda “dead” in an accident,so there might be enough rooms for another sequel?!! Anyone out there watched this movie?Especially the girls?What do you think about it? I feel like I am the ONLY guy who watched this =P Will Cheese ever watch Sepet 2,that is IF it comes out?…we’ll have to wait and see…

Need to get more mp3 songs in my computer…I am getting bored of my old songs…cannot really download much cuz slow dial-up 56K internet connection=longer time to download=more time being spent online just to download=internet bill increase!!! Must be a parasite and obtain songs from friends =D

By the way,please leave comments…I m feeling pretty lonely…leave phone numbers also can…especially girls =P I m not forcing u guys&gals out there,it’s up to u,not that I m gonna send a deadly VIRUS to your computer unless u leave a comment…or can I? >=D Haha,I thank the usual ones who leave comments and the Anonymus ones,please put down your name as well so I at least know who you are…unless you want 2 be remained as a mystery =P My investigative team will track you down!!!

Only 2 more days of exam remains!!! Tuesday and Wednesday…then I’ll be done…no more studying for the time being…YEAH…I sure would miss studying though…wait a minute,did I just said that I would MISS studying?!! Oh NO,what have I become!!!…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH…
(Cheese is currently unavailable as he has left the building…)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Time crisis and an internal struggle...

Boy what a long and time-wasting day…today was Chemistry Practical paper…so everyone who are taking this paper are appointed to different “Shifts” due to insufficient laboratories…all together there are 4 Shifts…Shift 1 is early in the morning(around 8am something),Shift 2 is late morning(around 10am something),Shift 3 is in the afternoon(around 1pm something) and lastly Shift 4 is in the evening(around 4pm something)…well,well,well…guess which Shift did yours truly blogger of this blog is in =P THE LAST SHIFT!!! AAARRGGHH miserable…let me tell you why…

1)Usually our class would be Shift 3 for all the past practical papers…BUT this time it is NOT…so actually the last Shift sucks…now I know how the Shift 4 students feel <=P
2)You might think…“Hey,since the last Shift starts at around 4pm something,might as well come around that time…”…which is totally WRONG cuz while waiting for the others to do their practical exam,the ones who aren’t taking had to be quarantined at some place like a classroom or a lecture hall at the given time in order to avoid leakage of the question paper…no handphones allowed too during quarantine sessions and in the laboratory while doing the experiment…even though you turn it off,FORBIDDEN it is to bring,so everytime there is a practical paper,nobody may be able 2 contact me till I come back usually quite late at night
3)My quarantine time is at 12.10pm…the paper starts at 4pm…so the number of hours which we are all stuck 2gether in the classroom is roughly 3+ HOURS…including the hours where I hafta arrive in college in the morning cuz I dont wanna burden my father for dropping me at college during his lunch hour…good son I am,no? =)
4)You might think…“Well I can use the time to do some last minute studying before the paper starts…”…sorry,sad to say this but…you are WRONG again cuz I already browsed through all 3 of my practical books the day before,countless times I tell you…so I spent/waste my time in the morning by going to the computer lab,used the internet to surf,check e-mails,read other people’s blog,etc…etc…I haven’t been online for a long time though…if only I have a broadband connection at home,then the ultimate power of the “broadband-ness” within me shall be unleashed,bringing down those who tremble upon me to the ground MWAHAHAHA…if only… >=P

When it was time to go back which was around 5.30pm…had to wait for the Putra bus…it came at around 5.50pm…now from here onwards,timing is everything cuz I have to arrive at the Kelana Jaya LRT station latest by 6.30pm to catch the free shuttle service bus to 1 Utama…if I missed that…then this sad Cheese would hafta wait for the next one at 7.30pm!!! Oh,by the way,that is my journey back home nowadays since I dont take the Taylors bus to and from college anymore…so from Subang to Kelana Jaya to 1 Utama then walk to my grandmother’s house in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail(my grandma’s place is kinda like my secondary home)

Well 5pm something is one of the mad peak hour,so TRAFFIC JAM all the way from Subang to Kelana Jaya…and the bus is crowded too,so hafta stand…LUCKILY I arrived at my destination right on time,so out comes the Cheese from the bus and he makes his way across the highway to the LRT station using the bridge of course(if I decided to cut across the HIGHWAY…I would have the word STUPID tattooed on my forehead)in “Speed” mode…there was a time when I was crossing the bridge halfway,I could see the bus already moving from its stationary point…NOOOO!!!…so close,yet so far…makes me wanna jump down the bridge and land on a car,then hop from car to car traveling on the highway towards the bus…some sort of action movie scene comes to mind,Spider-Man perhaps?

Anyway back to the story…as I rushed towards the LRT station,I saw a blind man having some difficulities to go somewhere…in my mind,a decision has to be made,a battle between the Angel Cheese and the Devil Cheese took place…either I help the poor sightless guy…or just ignore and make haste to the shuttle bus without any doubts…so the Devil Cheese won and from hero to zero…I didn’t help the fella and manage to board the bus as it was about to leave…now I feel kinda bad about not doing the “RIGHT” thing…bad karma for me,if you were me,what would you do? <=(

Oh well,if I arrive in this sticky situation in the future again or something like that,maybe I should reconsider my actions…though it may trouble me…that’s all for today’s crazy misadventure,very tired now…most probably begin studying for the next paper by tomorrow…thanks for taking the time to read through my rants,thou shall be rewarded with more…RANTS in the future,HAHA…adios for now…