Saturday, April 30, 2005

Mee Jawa chaos!!!

Haven’t been updating much the blog I have…busy nowadays I am…well yesterday I went 2 Li Jian’s place to watch some videos of Monty Phython(some old comedy show done by the British)and cartoons of Star Wars:Clone Wars =P

During my lunch break,which was during college hours,a couple of my friends and I went 2 makan at Asia Cafe,a food court…we found a table to dine,then proceeded 2 order our food…I ordered some sort of Korean Seafood Noodle. After I ordered my meal…I went back 2 our table,waited 4 my lunch…then this Indonesian female who works there brought Mee Jawa to our table…without knowingly,I paid her RM5 as though I ordered it…I m not sure why I did that,maybe I was blur during that time or perhaps I have been possessed momentarily…then after a few seconds before she left my table,I gained back my consciousness and told her I didn’t ordered it…but she just walks away and left with a devilish grin on her face as though her little master plan worked…

So I stood up and went 2 the stall,told the boss that I didn’t order that Mee Jawa but the smart-ass Indonesian worker insisted that I DID order it…so the boss asked the worker again whether did she remembered the wrong person and asked where the fella who ordered sat…she pointed at my table which was nearby the store…eventually to find out that the person who really ordered that Mee Jawa was sitting at the table behind OUR table…stupid Indonesian female worker…cant even recognise the correct person…the fella who ordered is much bigger size than me,wears a pair of spectacles,has short hair and is wearing a checkered shirt…I DON'T wear spectacles and have longer hair than that fella,but I wore a T-shirt with a CHECKERED SHIRT AS A JACKET WITH A DIFFERENT DESIGN AND COLOUR compared to that fella…

So the problem was solved…I got my money back,the fella gets his Mee Jawa,the boss lectured the worker…hahaha serves her right!!! I bet if a person who ordered from her was wearing a red shirt and sat at a place where all the people are wearing red too,she will not even recognise that person…
Moral of the story:customers are ALWAYS RIGHT!!! >=P
Countdown:Roughly 2 more weeks till finals examination!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Look at the skies

Lying around doing nothing due to boredom…cannot study for the time being because of some sort of problem which I claim it to be “mental fatigue” …Okay,okay I m just plain lazy for now…well it doesn’t mean that I used to be hardworking though…everything kinda happens randomly…sometimes I feel all psyched up to tolerate anything…and sometimes just wanna push everything aside,chill out…although doing so will cost unexpected consequences later…oh well

Lied on my bed while staring at the ceiling…then tilted my head a few degrees to face the window…looking at the clear blue sky filled with fluffy marshmallow clouds accompanied by the rays of light emitted from the sun high above…it brings a calm effect as I gaze at it with an empty mind,as though my soul is leaving my body to the heavenly skies above…no,no I am not dying =P enjoying this moment for a while cuz it will rain later in the evening nowadays

*Sigh* back 2 college tomorrow after a splendid 2 weeks of break,would get back the trials result too and the finals examination draws nearer…countdown:roughly 3 weeks left!!! oh well enough goofing around,time to get back to studies…
entering NERD MODE 8-)

Friday, April 22, 2005


The past few remaining days of break had been spent by sitting in the living room staring at the black box that outputs audio as well as video…which mankind calls it a “television” or TV. Seriously though,the last thing that I’ll do when I m bored out of my wits(besides running around the house without putting anything on)is to watch TV,besides there is nothing much being aired on…me no Astro anyway. Heh,I managed to watch The Pacifier,Robots,The Incredibles(again)and even all the 5 Star Wars episodes…crazy…but when someone feels really bored,he or she will do the unthinkable…give that person some M&M’s,that individual would stuff one in his nose and try to launch it as far as it can go until the projectile eventually hits a bird in the sky. Well,last year during the last week of holidays in December…I watched all the Matrix trilogy and The Lord of the Rings trilogy too…all in one go…toilet breaks in between the movies is a must!!! =P

Oh and I watched Hitch too…here’s a few “Hitch” tips from me after watching the movie:
1)When trying to court a girl,never use Johny Bravo pick-up lines such as “You smell kinda pretty,wanna smell me?”…unless you are Johny Bravo himself.
2)Love is blind so…bring along a walking stick…it’s a plus if u have a canine companion to guide.
3)Dont do or try to copy exactly the way to get the girl based on the movie in real life because maybe the person of the opposite sex that u are trying to hook on to might have watched the movie too and has the upper-hand to counterattack u in advance…Will Smith cant even help u by then =P

Monday, April 18, 2005

Ant story

Do u ever hate insects? Those six-legged buggers that will never stop irritating you? Or are u just afraid of them,some sort of incurable phobia perhaps? Hehehe cannot join Fear Factor then,LOL =P Well I typically hate ants(the red ones)the most cuz they always appear at places where I do not want them to be,like in drinking water containers(I think they tried to commit suicide by drowning themselves)…in food that is going to be consume,well some say that ants are high in protein,so eating them together with your food is kinda like a good thing…another thing is that they bite me for no apparent reason,like when I m sitting down,reading a newspaper and suddenly I can feel something sucking the life out of me at my toe,darn ant,u shall die by the crushing process of my giant fingers…let this be a lesson to all the other ants out there!!! Yes,yes ants are hardworking,but I prefer bees to be an example of a hardworking species in the insect kingdom…cuz they dont attack you for no apparent reason…unless u mess around with them first!!!

Last time when I was young,5 years old I think,I was leaning against a wall of a grocery shop beside some packets of biscuits on the shelves…WITHOUT knowing there was a trail of red ants nearby doing their business…and well you guessed it…I was bitten like crap by not one,not two either,but at least more than a dozen of them,like being shot from the back repeatedly by a machine gun…jumped around like a monkey while using my hands to get the ants away from my back(fortunately,my ass was not a target!!!)…had to rush to a clinic,my back was swollen and my eyes were red…no I didn’t get any super powers to become Ant-Man unfortunately…this concludes a brief history of my hatred towards ants…I shall destroy them one by one like how Darth Vader eliminates the Jedis in the upcoming Star Wars Episode III:Revenge of the Sith Mwahahahaha!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Things to do

Went to KL on the previous Tuesday to change my IC to MYKAD,when I reached there,took a number,about 50 more people on the list before my turn,waited about 1 hour and 15 minutes…keep on hearing that irritating voice of the calling number machine,u know the one which goes “1117 kaunter 8..1118 kaunter 16..etc..etc..” at least no need to wait for such a long time,still quite early in the morning around 8.30 am,sometimes the queue would be as long till out of the office,luckily not that day =P here is a tip…if u wanna register for the card,make sure an old citizen accompanies u cuz there is a special lane for senior citizens,saves a lot of time…well if there isn’t,just drag some old geezer on the street and claim that is your grandma or grandpa…or perhaps dye your hair white or grey…but don’t blow your cover by saying that u are 18 =P problem is that your picture would be taken there though…hehehe

Feel like doing things that haven’t been done before cuz I usually get bored easily like playing with a brand new plaything was fun at first…that is until the 100th time where everything seemed to be “been here, done that”…many exciting, challenging and yet so called “fun” things awaits me…just never had the chance…wanna go skydiving!!! bungee jump!!! paintball!!! go-karting!!! hang-gliding!!! and numerous other stuff that would come in mind…yes,try new crazy stuff is good,get experience…my life just seems empty and hollow inside,as though something is missing…like a giant jigsaw puzzle where some of the pieces are missing…perhaps I should get a girlfriend and talk less crap,no?Well if I talk less crap…the new Cheese that u once knew would no longer be the person that he is today…he would be like during his old times during the dark ages where he’ll usually shut himself away from others,talking seems to be a chore and socialising never existed in his dictionary…sometimes people change…either for the better or for the worst…depending on the path that he or she chooses is what shapes that person in the future…give it a thought before it is too late and do it…change… =)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Life's a bag of frozen peas

I’ve recently read an article in The Star newspaper,quite thought-provoking,do take some time to read,it’s worth it…I didn’t change any context of the article

Title: Life’s a bag of frozen peas
Written by Michael Smith

A week after my first wife,Georgia,was called to heaven,I was cooking dinner for my son and myself. I decided on peas to go with the main meal.
As I was cutting open the bag of frozen peas,it slipped from my hands and crashed to the floor. The peas,like marbles,rolled everywhere. I tried to use a broom but with each swipe,the peas rolled across the kitchen,bounced off the wall on the other side and rolled in another direction.
My mental state at the time was fragile. Losing a spouse is an unbearable pain. I got my hands and knees and pulled them into a pile to dispose of.
I was half laughing and half crying as I collected them. I could see the humour in the situation,but it doesn’t take much for a person dealing with grief to break down.
For the next week,every time I was in the kitchen,I would find a pea that had escaped my first cleanup. In a corner,behind a table leg,in the frays at the end of a mat,or hidden under a heater,they kept turning up. Eight months later I pulled out the refrigerator to clean,and found a dozen or so petrified peas hidden underneath.
At the time I found those few remaining peas,I was in a new relationship with a wonderful woman I’d met in a widow/widower support group. After we married,I was reminded of those peas under the refrigerator.
I realised my life had been like that bag of frozen peas. It had shattered. My wife was gone. I was in a new city with a busy job and a son who was having trouble adjusting to his new surroundings and the loss of his mother.
I was a wreck. I was a bag of spilled,frozen peas. My life had come apart and scattered.
When life gets you down;when everything you know comes apart;when you think you can never get through the tough times,remember,it is just a bag of scattered,frozen peas.
The peas can be collected and life will move on. You will find all of them. First,the easy peas come together in a pile. You pick them up and start to move on. Later you will find the bigger and harder-to-find peas. When you put all of them together,life will be whole again.
The life you know can be scattered at any time. You will move on,but how fast you collect your peas depends on you. Will you keep scattering them around with a broom,or will you pick them up one by one and put your life back together? How will you collect your peas?

So when you feel down…just collect back the scattered frozen peas =)

Friday, April 08, 2005

Return of the Cheese

Finally, what is done is done, what that is needed to be endured is endured to the very bitter end, I feel a slight heavy burden being lifted away from me though the force that holds me to the ground still applies =P the trial exams is over!!! Can u smell that? It's the smell of victory in the morning after countless combat on the battle grounds MMMmmm..... =D

What makes things better is that I now have 2 weeks of holiday break...SWEET... =D
Gonna catch up on a lot of things like playing games on my PS2, I bought a few games previously though but didn't have the time to play...watching movies...Robots, The Pacifier, Hitch and many more...the last movie I watched wuz Constantine...yeah,John Constantine iz cool...makes me wanna follow his footsteps...hehehe except that I m not influenced to smoke
"TAK NAK!!!"...chewing bubble gum is ok though =)

But there is a down side...FINAL EXAM IS ABOUT 5 WEEKS AWAY!!!
Nooooo...must not waste any more time, hafta study a bit during the holidays...but must enjoy a bit oso...maintaining an equilibrium between this 2 factors is important

Stay tuned for more updates during these holidays, crazy events await...well that is if I decided to do crazy things though...LOL