Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I am BACK!!!

It has been a while my dear readers…for I am now officially back in the West coast after my perilous journey to Sarawak along with my other 2 friends…the danger,the suspense,the insecurity,the inevitability…no one to guide us,no one to plea for help…it all makes me feel kinda “MAN-ly” after enduring the whole 1 week over there…haha,not really,most of the stuff that I mentioned previously is partially true…only the part “journey to Sarawak along with my other 2 friends” is true…overall,it was fun going to somewhere we are not familiar with and no one to “boss” me around telling me what to do =)

I am lagging already after one week of not knowing what happened here…haven’t been online,haven’t read the whole 1 week of newspapers…a lot of things to catch up…when I came back,I noticed that there were more food =) the telephone wire that had been burnt badly was replaced with a new one…which means the days left for the “sensitive to burnt telephone wires” Streamyx to be installed has been shortened =) apart from those,I think there is nothing else which are very significant that caught the attention of my tired eyes due to either too little sleep or too much sleep =P

Tomorrow gonna go find a part-time job,most probably I am going to work till my A-levels result is out,then I’ll see what else needs to be done…Haha,quite odd though,there were some nostalgic moments once the airplane landed in the airport and I stepped upon the terminal…I saw a group of other A-levels students(same intake as me,but different class),either they were about to depart somewhere for a trip,or sending their friends off somewhere,or awaiting for their friends from somewhere,or giving the Great Cheese a nice warm welcome back =P haha,some of them are cute girls though,I can recognised them but I doubt they know me…for I am the sort of “behind-the-scenes” type of person,my identity is unknown to them but I know a little bit about them,scary isn’t it? Haha,what to do,bachelor…mah =P Then on the way back home from the airport…I saw the Taylors bus and the public Putra bus that were once my mode of transportation back from college…and some students who still are waiting for the buses reminded me of my troubled self…haha,lol =P Memories man…memories…

Anyway,time to unpack my stuff…I would report my mission in Sarawak A.S.A.P…What type of part-time job will I look for?Where will I work?How much would the pay worth? All these questions will be answered soon…stay tuned to find out =)


At Tuesday, June 28, 2005 10:43:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

Hey man! glad ur back in one piece. im going off to penang already ..haha.. back in three days. Fond memories huh? now you know how i feel...haha


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