Monday, December 24, 2007

Compulsory Christmas post? =_=”

Hohoho…Christmas is coming…Hohoho…it has been ages since I’ve updated…Hohoho…never mind about that,let’s play a lame Christmas guessing game…


Below are a few pictures taken from random shopping complexes in preparation for the Christmas celebration…your objective is to guess which decorations belong to which shopping complex,by looking at the pictures…some are very easy to determine because the clues are very obvious…knowledge of shopping complexes(interior) is a plus factor,lols…and the shopping complexes that I am able to go to are very limited,so it makes guessing even easier via observing a trend and also eliminating other impossible venues(say a shopping complex in Mount Everest =_=” )

Ok-ok,it’s also partially an excuse to post up pictures as well…the amount of pictures are quite a lot I must say(forewarning)…pray-pray hard-hard that Santa makes the internet connection faster and smoother =_=” Yes…you’ll get a prize after performing this task…which is the satisfaction of getting the answers correct and also be able to view the nice-nice pictures(depends on photographer’s skill…lols) during the process of guessing as well…

Please don’t blame the photographer for his lack of photographing skill when you are not able to guess the shopping complexes correctly…lols =_=” All in the name of fun,eh? Hehe…

Case 1

Edible goodies!!! Not sure whether the teddy bears are hungry or not…

Case 2

Obvious clue: The last picture…

Case 3

The blue aura in the last picture feels like in a very cold environment,no?

Case 4

A close-up of the Giant Drummer and his mini cloned lackeys…noticed that the fella stares directly at me everytime his picture is taken…creepy =_=”

Case 5

Sometimes people tend to get into the picture…which gives surprising results…look,the security guard is as tall as the Christmas tree! =_=”

Case 6

Christmas carollers singing onstage…very nice indeed…looks a bit like a wedding cake though…hehe

Case 7

Obvious clue again: The last picture…again…

Here are the answers (highlight in order to see…some are clickable though):
Case 1: Midvalley Megamall
Case 2: Click here
Case 3: The Curve
Case 4: 1 Utama
Case 5: Berjaya Times Square
Case 6: Click here
Case 7: Sunway Pyramid

Apparently this year,Starhill Gallery didn’t have a grand Christmas decoration that would attract my attention…but instead…

I see cows…

And more cows…

This cow can be counted as Christmas decoration kua…

Well…at least the spirit of Christmas is there…Moo?

To view/compare last year’s Christmas decoration…click here

Ok…Bonus Round…lols

Guess these are from where…

Actually wanted to buy more…the queue line wasn’t that long =_=”

Very-very obvious clue…that is if you know what to look out for(those who had tried it before would definitely know…if dunno,aih~aih malu betul…haha)

For the answer…click here

Oh,since we’re on that topic…click here(promotional item,take note of the upper right logo)…looks cool right? But I threw it away once I was finished with what I needed to do…lols…sounded so harsh in a mysterious(sounded a bit wrong too =_=” ) sort of way

Hmmm…to end this post…errrr…upload another photo lah…haha =P

Was taken somewhere near Pavilion KL

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Malaysia has snow too…but not in solid form ler…available in liquid form only =_=”

Hohoho…when will the next update be?
Hohoho…dunno liao =_=”

Friday, December 07, 2007

Missing . In . Action?!! =_="

Wah-lau-eh,it seems that it's been a long time since I had log into the Blogger update of course,haha...assignments hasn't been kind to me lately and I didn't really have the mood to blog...yes-yes,blogging is partially dependant on mood as least in my case ler,lols =P

So anyways,this isn't a proper post...just to show that I haven't died in the blogging world yet...maybe more towards to "hibernating" mode...ok lah,upload a picture to make my readers feel happy =D

1 Dozen + 3 Biji Big Apple Donuts...Happy Food makes people Happy? =)
Size of picture must be Big-Big cuz the Donuts are from Big Apple...lols =P

Still not happy? Ok...go play some Happy Flash Games...GROW
These 3 are my favourites in the GROW Flash Games series:
GROW CUBE - A cube full of fun...
GROW RPG - For those who likes RPG games? Here's the GROW version of it...
GROW ISLAND - Haha...this one damn cute...perfect for those who wanna take a break off studying? =P