Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I am VICTORIOUS...kind of =P

“We are the champions…my friends…and we’ll keep on fighting…to the end…coz we are the champions…we are the champions…no time for losers coz we are the champions…” =P

Haha,finally it is over,the exam…it’s like the kid who ran around screaming excitedly…“The war is over!” to the people of Zion when Neo manage to make peace with the machines by sacrificing himself in the Matrix Revolutions movie…it’s like when Luke Skywalker defeated the Empire and celebrated their victory in that E-wok planet in the movie Star Wars Episode VI:Return of the Jedi…it’s like when Frodo Baggins cast the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings:Return of the King…hehe not really,actually Golumn/Smeagol fell into the lava together with it =P
Some papers were OK and some were horrible…especially yesterday’s and today’s paper…didn’t really feel like doing the papers,did them like a tortoise…there are some questions which are worth a lot of marks…but left empty,feel regretful like the new Proton car advertisement on the radio…“Not enough time,10 marks gone like that…Why…WHY?!! How am I gonna support my family?!!” =P oh well,no point crying over spilt milk…unless that bottle of milk is the last one in the world,then I guess its OK to cry =P it is not like I can invent a time machine and travel back through time to undone what had been done or call Doraemon for help(Doraemon ROCKS…its like a gift from God =D ) Bottom line is that it is over…for now…hopefully the outcome will not be TOO severe =(

Free lunch for 2day in a quite fancy restaurant…my friend belanja us,it is his birthday…darn,should have ordered something more filling and expensive =P haha,then we proceeded to cybercafe for a game of DOTA…I didn’t play though as I am kinda retired from all “these” activities for quite some time already…hey,its not that I sucked and continously get pawned in the game(actually I do if I am a first time gamer =P )…not my cup of tea,it doesn’t interest me,so I observed them playing from behind their seats…actually the wise Cheese is gathering information from their gameplay to create a tactical strategy for future usage…MWAHAHAHA…genius…no lah,just to see only =P

After some time,I decided to drop by at Li Jian’s place…watched another Monty Phython movie…haha,lame and hilarious it is…just the way I like it =D then I misused him…errrr…I mean,asked to use his computer+BROADBAND INTERNET CONNECTION =) to download some trailers…

I saw a bunch of people flocking around a car in a car-dealer store…I was wondering…“These people never saw a car before in their life?”…just to find out that the new Proton car is officially out today,Proton Savvy…heh,to me it looks like a Proton Tiara with a new edgier look…you wouldn’t be surprised if it is actually true,haha…got style,but no substance =P

Journey to KL begins tomorrow,blog about it I shall…to others who still got exams or just started their exams…TOO BAD…MWAHAHAHA… >=P so sorry,I don’t really mean it…just keep cool and victory will be yours…alritezz,all the best!!!


At Thursday, June 09, 2005 9:35:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

Wah good for you now that u finish exams....enjoy ok...haha..Yeah saw the banners of the new proton. Savvy eh? makes me think of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribbean..."Savvy!?"


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