Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Watched Star Wars I have =)

YES!!! Watched it I have…actually I watched it last week but decided to post it up now due to exams stuff bothering me now and then >=P Haha…watched it during my exam week some more…couldn’t resist the temptation…it would be worst if I waited till my whole 4 weeks exam is over cuz this “Star Wars fever” will distrupt my concentration of last-minute-desperado-studying =P so in the end,the council of little men in my head decided that watching it soon is better than watching it later =) Prepare for some spoilers for those who haven’t watched it yet…for those who watched it,good for you,give a nice pat on the back for yourself and…Prepare for some mind boggling facts and opinions from my head of little men…

First of all…the movie in the end didn’t turn out THAT good as I expected after watching countless trailers on TV…hehe sorry George Lucas…but in the end it was ok-ok lah,not that bad,not that good either…the story seems 2 be a rushed job…in my opinion only around almost in the ending part of the movie where things get “quite” a bit interesting…then there are scenes of “I love you,you love me,we are one big happy family…blah…blah” between Anakin and Padme where everyone has to bear with…the bad guys die to “cheaply”!!! like Count Dooku and poor General Grievous got shot like a piece of dartboard as target practice,even the protagonist Mace Windu too…only those who watched the animated series Star Wars:Clone Wars will understand that the bad guys and the goody-good Jedis are very super powerful,but in the movie there are just a bunch of pussies =P I recommend to watch that cartoon,pretty good stuff it is ; )

Heh,I’ve also noticed that people with lightsabers have the tendency to “disarm”(hehe no pun intended here)others in the movie,the victims were Count Dooku,Mace Windu,General Grievous,2 out of 4 arms were gone(although he is a robot of some sort,I feel his pain when he got shot =P ) and Anakin lost his other arm after jumping stylishly into the air to become a projectile for Obi-Wan to practice his baseball skills…except that he was using a lightsaber instead of a baseball bat…and he got fried by lava,then like Robocop,the young darksider became Darth Vader in full black shiny armor…Mwahahaha!!!

Good job on the CG stuff too,top quality from Lucasfilms…speaking of CG,is it only me or does Yoda look a little bit taller in Episode III compared to Episode I and II? Haha,optical illusion it is =P Some unanswered questions still lingers in my mind after the movie ended,for example at the ending scenario where Yoda passes down his teachings from Qui-Gon Jinn to Obi-Wan how to be immortal by being one with the Force…so we saw in Episode IV where Obi-Wan became that spiritual guide for Luke Skywalker…but in the last Star Wars episode,which is Episode VI,during the victory party at the E-wok planet,we saw the spiritual versions of Obi-Wan,Yoda and…ANAKIN?!! How did the little darkster knew this “one with the force thingy?” Oh never mind,it’s just a movie =P
The movie was pretty sad too,when the Jedis were killed one by one…survivors were only Obi-Wan and Yoda…DUH!!! Or else there wouldn’t be Episode IV to VI =P

Now I can study peacefully since the urge to watch Star Wars is gone…and the movie wasn’t THAT great,sorry again George =P Oh wait…Noooo…more movies await me like Madagascar,Fantastic Four,Batman Begins,War of the Worlds and many more!!!
Finish this war quickly I must…roughly one and a half more weeks of exams to go…GAMBATEH!!! >=D

Friday, May 27, 2005

Overall was quite a good day =)

Hahaha…2day I am kind of in a good mood,so I've decided to spend some time to blog about it =P

Lets see…today’s papers were ok-ok,both of them were do-able which are Mechanics(Mathematics involving Physics…no there is nothing about repairing cars as a mechanic) and Chemistry(structured questions)…compared to the other 2 days earlier where each day have 2 papers…which were half good and half bad cuz one of the paper can be done with not much problems encountered and the other is the EXACT opposite of what I had just mentioned =(

Then when I was about to leave college at around 2.30pm,which is after the last paper of the day,the weather showed no mercy by offering me some rain as a mystery gift…plus I still have to wait for the public bus…Hey,Hey,Hey…luckily a friend of mine who was also waiting for the bus with me to go to the same destination…his friend who was driving,stopped in front of the bus stop where we await the “dreaded bus that never comes at the right place at the right time”…asked him whether he needs a lift back…so without thinking twice nor three times,we hopped into the “man’s greatest engineering transportation invention” for the journey to our destination…It was a moment where that holy Christian “Halellujah” song was played in the background(I hope I got the spelling correct =P )

Oh and I managed to get a monthly magazine of June’s issue of PSM,had to keep my mind off textbooks and lecture notes once in a while =) eeerrr…for your information,it’s a magazine about Playstation games and stuff…it’s not some sort of pornography magazine…hehehe,had to shed some light upon the uninitiated ones =P sorry only the video game geeks such as I would understand…video games is a part of me which I cannot live without…yes,I would still continue playing games even though I am a grandpa…that makes me a COOL grandpa in the eyes of my future grandkids =P
What’s that u say?I have no life,no girlfriend cuz I am a video game geek?WRONG…didn’t u hear the song “The Geeks get the Girl” by American Hi-Fi on the radio…yeah =)

Alrite,that’s all for now…need to get some “zzzz” due to yesterday where I had insufficient sleep…horrible…decided to call it a night at around 1am,but lay on the bed wide awake for 2 hours till 3am,then only manage to sleep…had to wake up at 6am to college for exams…2 more weeks to go till it is over…*yawn*…zzzzzzzzzzzz….

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Stuck in a rut...

Sigh…the sheer boredom of doing nothing else but instead doing something that you forced upon one’s self,although it is one of the things in your “Dislike” list…I really cannot understand how someone can withstand it…If there is someone in the world out there who rreeeeaaalllllyyyy likes to study a lot,again and again without the need to do anything else…or perhaps that person is forced to do it since from young by parents…sad…so sad cuz part of your life is spent or shall I say wasted just by merely staring at millions of facts in a book…it’s good in a way but also bad in a way…

So many other things to do…but apparently for the time being,it will have to stop momentarily…pure boredom strikes…everytime examinations comes,history repeats itself again and again without any doubt…go thru the same things,the same facts and stuff,the same sleepless nights…and so on and so forth…

But quite odd though,when I usually wake up in the wee hours in the morning,that is when the sun hasn’t rise yet(around 6am)to go to college…after coming back usually in the evening(around 3 to 4pm)my body is automatically set to sleep mode on the sofa…and usually on weekends,I would wake up quite late(around 10 to 11am)sometimes almost afternoon!!! But during these few days,which I woke up in the morning where the sun is already up(around 8 to 9am)…I can resist the urge to take an afternoon nap and can last longer during the day…like an Energizer battery…Hmmm perhaps something is wrong with my biological clock…needs some fine-tuning =P

Oh…and on some particular nights when I am trying to sleep…the darn cats from the back alley would be fighting or I would hear them doing their “stuff” with each other,well I guess it is the “in” thing to do during this season…that is if you are a cat…strange,the cats don’t go “meow…” or “purr…” instead it goes something like “Wow…Wow…” Hmmm only Garfield goes “Wow” when he gets food…
Followed by a barking dog to complete the musical score at the back alley orchestral =P

That’s all for now…3 more weeks to go…and I am already going crazy…
Aaarrgghh…MUST watch Star Wars Episode III:Revenge of the Sith too!!! Damn sad,only can watch the trailers on TV only…the dark side within me is getting stronger day after day… >=)

Sunday, May 15, 2005

It is time...

It has cometh…again…but this time it is the finale of my current course…yes,the whole one and a half year duration of A-levels has finally boiled down to this finals examination…it is time to suffer…it is time to rejoice…it is time to battle with valor once again…most importantly,it is time to kick ass once and for all…with style…as the conclusion of this chapter of my life >=P

It lasts for about 4 weeks…which means 28 days…which means 672 hours…which means 40320 minutes…which means 2419200 seconds!!! Hahaha…not really,I am over exaggerating…only certain days within the 4 weeks I have to come to take certain papers…Yesterday slept around 3.00am after wasting some time online chatting,checking e-mails and reading other people’s blog…got study some more in order to make up for the time lost during the daytime,where I had to follow my dad all the way out to KLCC to pick up my mom,then have lunch at a restaurant called Wings,which took time to prepare the meals…it is 10 times slower than McDonalds…came back around 4.30pm,the bed called for me and I acknowledged its presence…slept till almost 8.00pm

Oh well…to those who are also on the same boat as me undertaking the examination…I bid you good luck…as well as others who are not taking this exam but battling their own war in their epic story…Sir Cheese signing out…for now =)


Friday, May 13, 2005

Think Cheese...think

It seems that the sickness within me is already gone for the time being…thanks to those who suggested curative methods,under the Comments section of the previous post,although they are not certified doctors =P my inner healing powers were the ones that did the magic,but it does take some time…I’ll keep the medication tips in mind anyways =)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately…if you don’t think,your brains will rot faster,so dear readers,do think more =P Many questions puzzles my mind…like,Why is the sky blue?Why is Barney a purple dinosaur?Why is Big Bird in Sesame Street named Big Bird?Why James Bond never gets AIDS eventhough he sleeps with countless women?Where is the logic in all these???So many questions,yet so little answers,maybe I can seek help from Hitz.Fm’s Dr. Know-It-All =P okay those were actually minor questions to ponder about…

I am actually trying to think ahead when I am about 2 enter university,doing locally at the new Nottingham UK campus in Semenyih(somewhere in Selangor,not familiar with this unknown place)…the problems that I would have to settle first like a place to stay…who else is coming along so that certain things can be done as a team…wondering whether I would meet the entry requirements of the university of my choice…hoping that the course that I have chosen would pay off in the end…the unforeseen future of all these thoughts have clouded my mind temporarily…all I can do for now is to rely on fate and the destiny that had been decided upon me as the outcome is unpredictable…heh,if things were easily predictable,I would have struck many lotteries by now and would live as a rich person…hahaha…less monetary problems to settle =P

Well that’s all for now…hopefully you guys and gals enjoyed my nonsensical post and are eager to read more of my future topics being posted up in this non-sensible blog…bestowed by my knowledge that I can think of while I m in the toilet where most of my crappy yet creative ideas come from…hahaha =P

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Sick...but still kinda "strong" =P

Another week is gone…it means that college days are gonna be over soon…it also signifies that the finals exam is just around the corner…so very,very,very busy nowadays and my condition now is not so good either…SICK liao =(

It all started last Saturday…having a sore-throat…so drank lots of water as though there were a sudden water-shortage…well if there is input surely there must be an output,went to the toilet numerous times too…the following day,my throat was even worst…more intake of H2O required!!! Then the next day,my throat was feeling a bit better…and the following day…BAM…I’ve been head-shot with the flu…till today it is still residing within my body…

Although with my sick mind and body…I still continue enduring the days of college…waking up early in the morning,trying to remain alive in class,no longer eat normal meals…which means porridge had begun 2 be my staple food =( ,the long journey back home by randomly timed public buses and yet still hafta study like a psycho
Yup,everything sounds kinda normal…hafta get rid of this flu!!!
Hehehe…one of my pal says he read in the newspaper that if one person is sick,he or she should drink their own urine…it will make the person vomit and out comes the toxins in the body…well I would only do that as a last resort…I m not THAT desperate!!! =P
Countdown:Roughly 1 more week till finals exam!!!

Oh…I would like to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to a special someone for today is her special day,may she be blessed and all the best for her in life…that is if she reads this pathetic blog anyway
Take care...dont get sick like me =P