Monday, June 20, 2005

Going east...

Looks like I am gonna go east for the moment…no,not that far till Japan…very close only,across the South China Sea…Sarawak,just for vacation with 2 other pals…got some local “tour guides” over there to bring us around,which are our college classmates…hafta use my own cash for expenditure,hopefully I don’t budget is roughly RM200…but I doubt it,need to spend on food,transport,accommodation,etc…for 1 week…if not enough money,then have to beg for money like the participants in Amazing Race =P but for the air tickets my mum kinda loaned me…so when I come back,I would have to find a part-time job to re-pay my debt,most probably would work till my A-levels result is out,after that have to settle the university stuff…gonna go study locally in University of Nottingham Malaysian Campus…hopefully I meet the requirement to be enrolled…it all depends

Actually I never thought of going to Sarawak…all of a sudden,this weird idea popped up out of no where from the mouth of my friend,so in a weird fashioned way,we acknowledged and now I am half-way packing my stuff…First meet at KL Sentral,take the “con people’s money” ERL to KLIA,fly to Miri,stay for a few days,then a bus ride to Kuching(which might take roughly 18 hours!!!),stay for a few days there too and finally fly back to KL…Hmmm,might go Brunei too,not sure about this yet…I have no clue what are we gonna do there yet cuz we don’t have a plan,so just go with the flow and free-style all the way…haha,feels like some weird-ass reality TV show…
“3 guys…one country,Malaysia…one state,Sarawak…one mission,doing???” =P Hah,maybe go jungle-tracking or something…then get lost,which turns into a survival challenge for the clueless trio ala’ Survivor…hehe,I would gain the upper-hand due to playing a bit of a video game,Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater,before I leave for Sarawak…in the game,the hero is a military expert who infiltrates the enemy base in the jungle to destroy a nuclear-armed vehicle,so in the process of finding his way to the base,he also must survive the harsh jungle environment by hunting animals,eating them as well as avoiding the detection of the enemy forces…Hmmm,I wonder how does snakes taste like…eaten raw…probably taste like chicken =)

Gonna leave tomorrow for the flight,so I’ll be M.I.A(Missing in Action) for the time being…I’ll be back one week later,with grandfather stories to tell,if there are any…so see you guys and gals bila saya balik…commencing Operation:Sarawak Strike(pretty lame Operation name,I cant think of anything else)


At Monday, June 20, 2005 10:32:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

goin sarawak huh? east malaysia is the only part of malaysia i havent been. plannin to climb mount kinabalu. but thatll take a while...haha.anyways have fun man. and dont get lost cos i lazy to use MY mgs skills to save you...haha


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