Thursday, July 28, 2005

Finally an update!!! =P

Lately,I had been too tired and lazy to update my blog…Anyway,here goes for this post,enjoy =)

I had been working in the restaurant as a waiter for almost 4 weeks already…the month of July is almost ending…Oh and first I decided to work till my A-level result are out…which is on the 18th of August because I would like to settle my university application (by the way,I am going to the Nottingham Malaysian Campus to further my studies,doing Chemical Engineering) using my real/final/actual result and find a place to stay as I would hafta move out to the new campus which is located in Semenyih,Selangor…but recently,my classmate who went to the old Nottingham Campus in KL to submit his application form told me that the placing for undergraduate studies of the division of engineering is limited as mentioned by the councellor…so my “kiasu-ness” made me submit my forecast result first to “book” a place in the university or else I might regret later…which I took the trouble to go all the way there today as it is my off-day from work once again…

There was this small part of the application form which took at least half a page of an A4 sized paper,where I was told to write a personal statement…so I think it is just like an essay which goes something like “Why do you want to join this university?” Hehe,I had to put on my thinking cap and think a bit how to convince or trick them to accept me…which I wrote yesterday night after coming back from work…so here it is,originated from my creative mind…

The world is continuously changing,progress is being made as we head towards the future,all these require the proper usage of technology. Who are these people that enhance mankind’s lifestyle,provide their necessary needs and solve everyday problems? Apart from technologists,scientists and other numerous professions out there,one of them are engineers.

In order to be an engineer,one must have the proper education and training to be undertaken. Like a young seed of a flower which must acquire its necessaties in order to grow into a flower as time passes by.

So here I am as the young seedling,wishing to learn and to use this knowledge to make this world a better place not only for mankind,but for the environment as well. It may take some time for me to be the full grown flower,but with a strong will and the determination to go on,everything that seems to be a barricade can be overcome. Let us all make this world a better tomorrow….

HAHAHA…damn corny rite? Notice that I never suck up to the university by praising them for whatever accomplishments achieved and never did I self-praise my own persona like saying that I am handsome,caring,strong,etc…etc… But then I bullshit and crap a bit here and there,maybe I should write a novel or direct a movie rather than choose to do engineering =P Oh well,anyway the form had been submitted and I might consider working till the end of August…then MERDEKA on the 31st…but I presume they would want me to work on that day too =(

University would start in around mid-September…sigh,I haven’t watched any movies lately…always working…no much-awaited-games to be played now too,most of the good stuff that I am waiting for would be out around the end of the year…cant wait for the KINGDOM HEARTS 2 game,available only on the Playstation 2!!! =) And also the short CGI film by Square-Enix,FINAL FANTASY VII:ADVENT’S CHILDREN on DVD!!! =) Anyways,it is time for me to once again get some rest after adventuring in KL today…preparing for work again on the following day =( HAHA,payday is coming soon too =)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Another day off...Oh Yeah!!! =)

First and foremost,very sorry for the lack of updates nowadays…once you work,there isn’t much time to do other things…cuz always tired and before u know it,the next day of work is already at your front door…waiting for you…haunting you…never letting you escape its clutches of DOOM!!! MWAHAHAHA… >=P

Hehe,I m not complaining that working really sucks…as is everything in life,everything in this world has its pros and cons…But sometimes I feel like a slave of society,haha except that this slave gets paid =P Every morning I wake up…the first thought is…“Oh no…not work again,don’t feel like it,no mood and just wanna laze around” Haha…like schooling all over again…which I disliked…but after some time,I’ve gotten used to it and began to enjoy a bit here and there…little bits and pieces of life that forms what I am today,which continues to grow in the future…

Thursday is my off day,every little bit of this 24 hour period MUST be enjoyed…haha,finally can fully utilise my broadband connection for the day plus my sister is not at home =P downloaded a few numbers of Futurama episodes using Limewire =) Even watched Mr&Mrs Smith too…on DVD,overall the movie wasn’t really THAT nice or appealing to me…Heck,what to do,stayed at home only lah,everyone else has their own stuff to do…I did my laundry too,piled up like a mountain of dirty clothes when left unattended,YIKES…even washed my working clothes too,damn dirty with all the black stains,oil stains,unknown colourful sauces stains which combined together can form a rainbow…I think =P Haven’t been reading the newspapers lately,lagging again in the world of not knowing what is happening around me…F1 also never watched for a long time already because it clashes with my working hours…darn,why there isn’t a TV in the place where I work? Hehe,cannot lah,or else my eyes will be staring at it…ignoring the customers…and in the end,my working days will be over before I can even say “What The Hell?” =P

My schedule at work has changed again for good this time…I think…everyday is roughly from 12pm in the afternoon till 10pm at night…at night depends on the customers,if there aren’t many,can balik early around 10.10pm…late a bit is at 10.40pm…and the most late ones are usually on weekends,11pm =( Except Wednesdays,it starts at 10am…which means I hafta come and help set everything up =( Hehe,I almost forgot to come at the required time yesterday cuz usually I always start at 12pm…in the end came late,roughly 15 to 20 minutes late,luckily the senior supervisor cut me some slack instead of cutting my salary =P

During my break times,I eat first,then the last few remaining minutes,usually left 45 minutes…I proceeded to MPH and take any book from the shelf for my reading pleasures as though the place is like a public library =P I’ve even managed to finish reading one book…haha,not so thick lah,around 60 pages only,nope it is not a comic,it was a compilation of short stories by Roald Dahl…u know,one of those guys which were in our Form 4 literature book…I would bring newspapers to read there next time lah,the place has some comfortable cushioned seats for my ass to be placed upon,VERY tired after standing throughout the restaurant…so even a merely short 5 minute sit on the floor would be like entering a 5-Star hotel to spend the night =)

Sometimes when I m still hungry,although I’ve already ate the meal provided by the restaurant where I worked,I would go out during my break hours to get some snacks…Hehe,I m already hooked on those Coffee Buns from RotiBoy,damn shiok good stuff…always wanted to eat more than one,but I had to resist the temptation =P Then there are times when my break hours are quite late,lets say 6pm till 7pm,do u know why I said late? That is because when it is my time to eat,the meal provided would be cold already and the remains are very little…damn sad,I don’t mind cold food,but too little food is “JUST TOO MUCH”,there was a time where no more vegetables were available,only soup which were mainly more soup than the stuff inside and curry chicken where the last few ones are bones&fat >=( Usually the chefs would prepare the meal and separate them individually to smaller portions on separate plates,but nowadays,laziness had taken over their hands,so the food are in its own main big plate…some staff eat more,some staff eat less,some choose to eat out,lucky ones eat more,unlucky ones eat less =( So whenever some days my break are early and not much staff members are available for the day,HAHAHA pay-back time,I take MORE!!! >=D

Looks like that is all for now,Oh and I still haven’t blog about my previous Sarawak trip…Hmmm,I’ll find some time to do it during one of these coming days…as for now,I need a good sleep to prepare for tomorrow’s unexpected occurrences in the restaurant…Lastly,once again I thank those who devote themselves and still kept visiting my blog,remember…I rub your back,you rub mine…one good deed deserves another…etc… =)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Heaven for a day

It feels so good to have a day off from work…no hassle,no worries,no fussy customers,no constant nagging from the supervisor…~aaahhh~ “Hakuna-Matata” (In Lion King,it means no worries) it is only for today though,of this week…seldom have the time to go online…working hours is from 12pm till 6pm on weekdays and 12pm(afternoon) till 10pm on weekends…some days would hafta work till 10pm due to insufficient staff members…that is the time where they would call me as the back-up guy to fill in…so far,most of the time I had been working till 10pm…weekends are pure havoc…so you little kids out there better study hard to earn a degree and get a stable job…or else you will work like hell and earn a low pay,such as I am now =P

Haha,now I can begin to take orders from customers already…but only the simple fast meals only,not the main dishes…still hafta do the “kay-lei-fei” work such as cleaning tables,setting up the tables,wipe dry the utensils,etc…Some days quite boring as there are not much customers,in a way it is good cuz less work to do,in a way it is bad cuz just stand around like a statue and time passes even slower than usual…but when there are damn a lot of customers flowing in the restaurant like water from an open tap,my adrenaline pumps up and there is not even a slightest second to even drink a glass of water…walking to and fro,taking orders,serving the meals,refilling their drinks,cleaning and clearing the table,taking the bill to the lazy customers who cannot move from their table =P

After everything is said and done,it is closing time,other dreadful things await…sweep and mop the floor,keep back all the stuff,wipe the trolley where it was used to put the dirty plates and bowls,take out the garbage,etc…The trash can is REALLY horrible,all the gunk-crappy-unfinished food in there that you don’t even want to bath inside it…haha,FEAR FACTOR!!!…damn heavy some more…not much energy left to even pull down the shutter and lock the restaurant up =P By the time everything is finished,it would be around 10.30pm or 11pm…Hmmm,I wonder whether I would be paid for overtime work…tips from customers also tak dapat cuz it goes to the restaurant,NOT for us =(

Oh well,it is all in a day’s work in the catering industry as a pawn of the mighty chessboard…MWAHAHA,finally Streamyx is already installed…but aih~most of the time I am working and it isn’t long till I would have to move out for university,so I don’t really get the full benefit of using it…lucky sister of mine =P Anyway,that’s all folks,I hope my legs don’t break…tomorrow is another working day till 10pm…

Friday, July 01, 2005

First day on da job...

Cheese reporting for duty on Day one…a part-time job he has found…
location,1 Utama…type,catering…restaurant,*Classified Information*

Just filled in the application form yesterday and Voila…instantly got the job…never even interview me…hmmm,I guess they must be desperate…anyway,I am just a humble low ranked worker…today,I am only a newbie…a recruit…a LEVEL 1 hero…basic training for the beginner such as cleaning up the tables,setting up the tables,serving the food and drinks were my errands for today as it is for the next few days…I discovered that it is not easy doing this type of job,it doesn’t suit my style…oh well,everything has its beginning
Why,if you may ask? To me it is pretty fussy,from petty ones such as cannot lean on the counter table,cannot put my hands in my pocket…to even fussy stuff like,everytime I have to serve something,I MUST use the tray as though it is my best friend in the whole wide world…only have one glass of water,STILL have to use the tray…to set up the table with tissue and cutlery set ALSO have to use the tray…man,what is with them with the tray thingy? Izzit some sort of religion or something? Sorry,I am more aware or used to the Chinese coffee shop style =P but hey,you gotta do what you gotta do >=P

In my point of view,it seems to be that there were too little staff members…so sometimes I felt that I am doing 2 persons job at the cost of 1 person,me…maybe I should ask my pay to be doubled in that case =P Business seems normal,quite slow in the morning,then hectic in the afternoon,lunchtime…mah,then slow again in the evening…I suppose it should be hectic again during dinnertime as I had already left before that time…worked from 11am till 5pm,NO in between breaks,the only fuel that kept my body engine running was only one Roti Canai and a glass of Teh Tarik,damn hungry…so when my time is up,I felt like Fred Flinstone who had just finish his work and proceeded to slide down the dinosaur’s tail screaming YABA-DABA-DOO!!!

So far,so good…I guess…haven’t broken or spilled anything yet…belum dimarah teruk-teruk lagi but lectured me “not to do this”,“not to do that”,“do it like this”,“do it like that”,etc…etc…Haha,Elvis Presley songs were played continuously…cannot remember how many times I listened to “Jailhouse Rock” for the day already,quite tired now,cant think of anything else to say…aih~tomorrow would be from 12(afternoon) till 10pm,crazee…weekends some more,surely will be HELL!!!
Cheese signing out for now… =)