Tuesday, August 30, 2005


The past few weekends I had been staying at Li Jian's place for the night cuz my dad is quite busy nowadays with his special "function" for his former school...so I guess I might trouble him by asking him to take me out to work and take me back from work also...hence,I decided to stay out for a couple of days till his event is over...

Oh by the way,most of you might already know...I guess...that there is a restaurant/Mamak stall named Williams in DJ area,it is located near the old Limkokwing building...I only recently knew its secret location a couple of weeks ago...in July if I remembered it correctly...when my friend Li Jian decided to bring me there during my stay at his place...since then,I've been hooked...in a way...to go there again whenever I got the chance...the food is a mix of Italian,Indian,Chinese,etc... and it taste GREAT...reasonable price,although expensive...but reasonable...so far it is only my 3rd time eating at that place...now I have a mission to eat ALL the different food over there,WAHAHAHA...surely go broke...do go there and try it out..."Williams...that's where I want to be" =P

Yesterday...I was suppose to be at work at 12.30pm,so by proper timing...I had to leave Li Jian's place and head towards the Kelana Jaya LRT station for the free shuttle bus service to 1 Utama,latest by 11am...so I set my alarm and woke up around 10am...seeing that my friend was still sleeping,due to overdose of playing DOTA in the wee hours of the morning,made me wanna sleep...so I guess it wouldn't hurt to go back to sleep and ask him to drive me to work later...around 11.45am,finally ready to depart...just only to find out that the car is already gone from the parking bay,one of his family members had took it...so time is not on my side...once again...too late to walk to the LRT station to get the bus...decided to get a taxi as a last resort...

As I was walking along the road...hoping to get a taxi...there was this white Honda car that drove past me...with a girl at the passenger seat waving frantically at me...Whoa,not bad eh? Got a pretty fan-girl waving at her...ehem*ehem* "idol" =P which was walking along the road...and then I received a phone call,just to find out that it was actually a friend of mine,MICHELLE!!! (By the way,she is Michelle Yeoh...not any other "Michelle"s out there,dont be mistaken...no,no...not even the famous actress Datuk Michelle Yeoh...dont get confused!!! =P ) She ask me where I was heading to and whether I need a ride or not...so in desperate moments such as this,one would agree for a ride...if not,then he or she is definitely an idiot =P Haha...so malu-malu to disturb other people,she and her boyfriend in the car...eerr....dont even wanna think what they were doing previously,Haha...dont worry,most probably some "innocent" stuff...ok? =P Manage to reach 1 Utama in time...for work...

So was it pure coincidence that at that very moment,I purposely miss the shuttle bus to 1 Utama...and at that very moment,she spotted this poor old chap walking along the street like a poor,homeless,hungry person...and at that very moment,manage to hitch a ride without making her boyfriend felt uneasy,jealous or mad cuz yours "truly" is in the car,which could distrupt his plans for the day?!! Hehe...anyways,pretty lucky to get help when you really need it...

Thus,this post is dedicated to Michelle...for her understanding of the difficulaties faced by a person who doesn't have a car,for her thoughtfull-ness of other friends in trouble...for her inquisitive "detective-like" mind which worked a bit like Sherlock Holmes...where she was puzzled as,why I was walking along the road...what I was doing during that time...cuz I dont stay nearby that area...THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH...Re-pay back in kindness in the future I shall... =)

Me gonna work till 4th of September...just a few more remaining days to go...Well,gotta get ready for work again...night shift for today...and then tomorrow...MERDEKA DAY!!! Means public holiday=more people=more customers in restaurant=roughly 9 hours of work=more work=more tired=but in the end...TRIPLE PAY!!! Sweet... ; )

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Small update...

I finally decided to use Photobucket to post up pictures and stuff...So the first photo or picture that was posted up is located at the top right section of this blog,the "About Me" part...haha,the "things" that a person would do on his/her off-day from work...is to pose and take a picture of himself/herself and wanted to submit to a magazine as a front cover model...but in the end ended up here on this blog =P After countless hours of manually snapping the photo by myself and tried to "perfect" the usage of the Auto-Timer on the digital camera...the end product,or shall I say,the most OK picture I am happy with is "that one" lol...edited it a bit with Photoshop cuz the MS Paint I use is darn crappy to use...the quality of the picture is not so good cuz the maximum size,in order to post up the picture,is only 50kb...so hafta set it to the lowest quality...hehe,look a lil' bit like a gangster...but hey,Dont judge a book by its cover...more pictures to come in the future posts...I guess...perhaps...maybe...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

No matter how hard you try...you just cant please everyone...

First of all…I need to get this “problem” out of my system…to point out to others and “those” who this post is addressed too…As a waiter,my job is to make sure the orders of food and drinks,from the customers are taken down and that it would reach them…together with any other non-sensical “demands” they had in mind…But sometimes,they too forgot,that I am also human just like them…Just because you are RICHER than me,doesn’t mean you can push me around…Just because that I am wearing a restaurant-employee-uniform and that you are the customer,doesn’t give you the RIGHTS to screw me around and do the “Macarena” dance for your entertainment…Just because that you don’t get what you want means that you can have a FREE OPPORTUNITY to make me as miserable as a slave of society…I am also a human…

This already had occurred countless number of times…one incident which involves a customer which I codenamed,“The-Bitch-In-Red”,cuz she was wearing some sort of red clothing and well…she is a “bitchy” type of person…I pity the husband though,poor old geezer…She raised her voice to me each time something goes wrong…“I asked for WARM WATER…not COLD WATER”…“WHY IS THIS CLAYPOT BEANCURD NOT SERVED IN A CLAYPOT? CALL YOUR CAPTAIN HERE!!!” Geez,get a grip…no need to SHOUT…I am not deaf…Heck,I even stared back at her,with the killer’s look,whenever I had to do whatever crap she wants…What is her problem? Isn’t it good enough that the beancurd is served…who cares whether it is in a claypot or not…even the people living in poverty…in Africa,Bosnia,India…is in far worst condition,wouldn’t mind about that “small” claypot problem…

One of “my” principles of life is that RESPECT must be earned…if you respect me,I would respect you…it is a 2-way interaction…if you treat me like dirt,humiliate me,step on me like a door-mat…Why in the world should I humble myself and respect you back? I have my DIGNITY…even though talking back to “those” people would get me fired…I chosed to step back and let karma do the “payback” work…

Ok…enough of that…anyways,roughly one more week of work left,which includes 2 weekends and 1 public holiday to tolerate…TRIPLE PAY on public holiday too!!! OH YEAH…That’s the way…Aha,Aha…I like it…Aha,Aha… =P Gosh,I almost forgot how pork tastes like…since I’ve been eating the meals provided by this HALAL restaurant…most of them are spicy stuff though cuz the cooks are mainly from Nepal and they LOVE spicy food =P Hopefully I would update more often,getting lazy already and sometimes running out of ideas…till then,SEE YA!!! ; )

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Judgement Day...

Welcome back to another post on this blog which all of you are accustomed with…today is the day which I get my OFFICIAL A-levels result…actually I already knew my result the previous week on Monday,8th of August…just to keep my readers in suspense…I decided to open my mouth on this very day…not only to be used to breathe,eat,yawn,etc…but to tell my result to only those who took the trouble to visit my blog day after day…just to find out that I haven’t updated it yet =P

Now…the moment that you have been waiting for…whether or not you are anxious as I am when I await my results,day after day…whether you don’t care whatever I get cuz it has nothing to do with you…whether it has something to do with the haze…whether it will change the future of mankind…

Here it is…Sesame Street style…and in alphabetical order too…
A is for Chemistry =)
B is for Mathematics = l
C is for Physics = l

Good news is that I meet the minimum requirements,triple C’s,to enter the university of my choice…University of Nottingham,Malaysian Campus…bad news is that I am SO CLOSE to obtain the scholarship offered by them…so it means I didn’t manage to get it which requires at least 2 A’s and 1 B…oh well,hafta try to apply for other scholarships =P Overall,I was half happy and half disappointed in getting my result…I thought I could have done better…an A for Mathematics and at least a B for Physics… =(

Hehe…another journey to KL again today…to settle my application…the next problem is still to find a place to stay…I don’t have much choice cuz I don’t have a car,so I hafta rely on the university to find a place for me to stay…out of campus…in-campus is already FULLY-BOOKED…and pretty expensive too =( There is this “so called” nearby place,about 2km away from the new campus that the university is collaborating with some sort of accommodation company…Taman Tasik Semenyih is the place…not much choices too though cuz most of the cheap rooms had already been booked too =( We’ll hafta wait and see how everything goes…

Getting tired and bored of working…last day of work is on the 31st of August…then,I am FREE!!! Roughly 2 weeks in September to enjoy before I move out to university…sure gonna miss my friends,hommies,buddies,comrades,etc…Need to do some last minute shopping…and I was thinking of getting a laptop too,any recommendations? Budget is roughly between RM3000 to RM4500,not exceeding RM5000…a decent one will do,not really using it to play games…as long can listen to songs,play movies and connect to the internet wireless-ly =)

That’s all for now…hope to see some familiar faces around before I leave for university…Take care everybody!!! ; )

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Getting "tagged" is fun?

It seems that I had been a lucky victim of being "tagged" by some sort of random bizarre question where every possible imaginable answer can be said...no marks deducted if the answer is wrong...no prize given if the answer is right...so what is the point of me continue-ing this nonsensical "chain-letter" which might never end? At first I was reluctant to do this,although a few others had already listed my name as the next lucky person/victim to be tagged...namely,Melanie,Mun Yee,Yu Ming a.k.a Baga,and possibly a few other people which I cant really recall...Haha,I m just bored for the time being and shall entertain whoever who started this in the first place...so here goes...

What are the things that you enjoy even when no one around you wants to go out and play?
-Waste my time playing mindless videogames...especially RPG(Role Playing Games) genre games =P
-Use the newly acquired Streamyx broadband connection to its full potential...before I leave for university
-Watch movies/anime in my ehem*ehem* "Home Theatre" via VCD/DVD...perhaps days or months before the movie is released here(Hopefully you understand what I meant...especially those who know/understands me)
-Blogging...haha,only when I feel like it or have something that I wish to talk about =P
-Sleeping...the only thing I do when I am out of options or very dead tired
-A lot more other things...infinitely enjoyable things to do

What lowers your stress/anxiety/blood pressure level?
-Sitting/Lying down without doing anything...while staring at empty space till I fall asleep
-Listening to my ehem*ehem* "stress-reducing" collection of mp3's...which varies from Rock,Punk Rock like Linkin Park,Simple Plan,Hoobastank,etc...to Instrumental ones which are mainly from movies or videogames...Haha,not the Mozart,Beethoven,Bach...type of instrumental music...although some of those are good =P
-Play videogames again...Haha,this time more towards the "little bit violent" type of games...mostly are FPS(First Person Shooter),fighting games,etc...
-Cant think of anymore...it's not that I NEVER get stressed up...many things can be done to reduce stress...sometimes I just dont notice them =P

Now...I need some volunteers from the audience to continue this so called "legacy"...the lucky ones or maybe the victims are...

-Jo Ann
-Yi Ching
-Anyone else who are not in the list...you are welcomed to circulate this around...just dont "tag" me or any other people who had been "tagged"...because it defeat its purpose =P

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Indoor haze?!!

Actually today I was suppose to help out at the restaurant because there is this special function held by some big-shot company for the new opening of a Sony store in the New Wing of 1 Utama…there would be around 80 guests,which would fill up entirely the inside portion of the restaurant…and we even have roughly 8 to 10 employees on standy-by…so it was gonna be like some sort of battle between the good guys and the bad guys(Orcs,goblins,Uruk-Hais,etc…) in Middle-Earth of the Lord of the Rings universe…but apparently,when “Aragorn” here arrive for work…errr…I mean battle,at 12 noon…everything was quite calm…mostly all the dishes had already been served…only the guests were chatting and eating…so “Aragorn” missed all the action and carnage…Haha…good,conserve energy for the remaining working hours =P

Oh and there was this bun I bought to eat during my break as a snack…I bought it at La Boheme in the Old Wing…it costs RM2.00 and the size is quite huge...imagine half the size of a standard bowling ball…super-worth my money…I was curious about the contains of the bun,the outer part has some sort of sweet crust and the inside are raisins,which I knew after the first bite…only ate half of it because I need some space in my stomach to digest my dinner later,which is provided by the restaurant…Ironically,the bun is called “Merdeka Bun” which also has a small Malaysia flag placed on the top…

The haze is REALLY bad now…which troubles me when I walk to work from Taman Tun Dr. Ismail…not that my vision is worsened or impaired…but especially my health and others too who have to go through this ordeal…Not ONLY the haze is terrorizing the outdoors but also the INDOORS as well…seriously…1 Utama seems a bit hazy or foggy in the inside…as though everyone is encouraged to smoke or start an open-burning in a shopping complex…especially the upper floors,where my work place is situated

So dear readers,do take care of yourselves…Heh,my OFFICIAL A-levels results is gonna be out next Thursday…hopefully I can meet the minimum requirements to enter Nottingham University and better yet,able to qualify for a scholarship…it’ll REALLY help a lot…25% off the overall cost of the undergraduate programme…Hehe,that is all for today…now would you excuse me,I am gonna finish the other half of the “Merdeka Bun” =)

Saturday, August 06, 2005

PAYDAY!!! =)

*I was suppose to post this up on the previous Thursday,but due to some problems with my internet connection,I had to postponed this entry and post it up today…so enjoy*

Suddenly,I feel pretty rich today…as in rich with $$$ =) Haha,that’s not what I really meant…just feel as though I have won a lottery…or won some sort of zany contest…or just got extra cash after passing the “GO” space on the Monopoly boardgame…payday BABY!!! =P All the suffering,criticism,stress that had to been endured throughout the whole one month of working…finally “paid” off in the end as I receive my fruits of labour today…although today I was suppose to have the day off but couldn’t due to a new worker who was N/A on this very day…so the ehem*ehem* “hero” is summoned to take his place…but it was worth it though =P I cannot tell how much I earned exactly to all my “want-to-know” readers…meet me personally to find out =P and maybe if you feel kinda “lucky” …I might belanja ; P

As a waiter…I’ve encountered mostly all the different type of customers which I can group them together to publish some sort of encyclopedia in this genre,here are a few…

Customers with little kids…Annoying these little darn brats are…crying seems to be a favourite past time for the younger generations…as for the older younglings,they have a tendency to pick up shiny objects…lets say a spoon or a fork,which are conveniently placed on the table for them to have an early start on playing the drums…not only do they have musical talent,they have a keen artistic talent too,which are displayed by making a mess on the table,chairs and especially the floor as the canvas with “Picasso-style”…Oh boy,when the cleaning up begins…it was like the aftermath when the Atomic-Bomb was dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II…darn kids >=P

The fussy ones…These type of customer tends to be some sort of food-critic-wannabe,VERY picky about the choice of food and demands the meal to be altered in such a way to their own likings…I tell you that some are pure carnivores who do not want any single piece of Mother Nature’s green stuff which we call vegetables on their meals…some want a bit of this,a bit of that,but don’t want this,etc…till the whole paper of the order-slip can be written like an English essay…For example: “I want more gravy,more chicken meat,less vegetables,no squid and the prawn’s shell to be taken off…for my Cantonese Style Fried Kueh Teow”

The ones who “miss-used” the phrase “Customers are always right”…As a waiter,I am supposed to take their orders down…then as a back-up,I would repeat their orders to them…after that,when the meal arrives…they claim that they did not order that…so guess who has to take the blame?!! For example: Customer X ordered ASSAM LAKSA…when the food arrives,he/she claims that he/she actually ordered CURRY LAKSA instead…Grrrr…where is the JUSTICE?!!! It’s like…“We find the defendant guilty” without any evidence nor a proper trial…even a good lawyer cannot save my ass >=(

Well that’s all for the negative ones which I can think for now…there are a few of them who deserve my respect…and treat them well I shall…Haha,what to do…10% service charge had already been implemented on their bill,LOL =P So fast the month of July is over and thus the beginning of a new month,August…my A-levels result would be known in roughly 2 weeks time…Till then,await my next post on this blog!!! Take care… =)