Friday, February 24, 2006

The long-lost post...(overdued) =P

For this overdue entry,I’ve nothing much to talk about and will keep it short…but rest assured that it would be compensated by a number of pictures…which occurred on a Monday(13th of February,the day after the last day of Chinese New Year)…we decided to have dinner in TTS…too bad there weren’t any Yee Sang =P Let the pictures and my ingenuity to the storytelling from now on…

Here we see the 2 specimens in preparation for the dinner…Eddie in his “special” apron showing his skills of mixing some stuff in a pink bowl…Yean Yen caught in action of “ripping” apart the poor vegetables…Ain’t both of them a beauty?(Trying to imitate Steve Irwin from Crocodile Hunter =P )

And voila~ The result of much hard-work in the kitchen…Clockwise from top,the “should have been spicy” Tom Yam Prawns,Eddie’s special Steam Egg+Beancurd with Minced Meat Combo,the poor “ripped apart” Vegetables with Oyster Sauce,scrumptious Deep-fried Fish Fillet with Special Mayonnaise Sauce and last but not least,Yau Fee’s easy-to-cook Wrapped in Foil Steamed Herbal Chicken…Yeah,time to EAT!!! =D

But wait!!! Before we indulge ourselves,best to take a group picture first…seems to be some sort of tradition =P Clockwise from top-left…Wilson,Daniel,Pek Wee,Yean Yen,Eddie,Kah Peng,ME,Yau Fee and Handoyo

After the meal,it doesn’t end there just yet…time for goofiness to spread in TTS…so we played some games and severe punishment would be implemented to those who lose,these are the ones…

Nose-rubbing between Eddie and Yau Fee…Oh so cute~ ; P

Fellow coursemate,Zi Hao,dropped by,holding an orange in place with Kah Peng…using their cheeks!!! Look at that smirk on Zi Hao’s face…
Eddie likes carrying stuff with his bare hands such as…Yean Yen,as seen in this picture…“Yeah,free ride back home!” =P

Yes-yes,that’s ME and Zi Hao…as we try to pass a rubber band from one person to another using toothpicks…just got bored of using our hands to do mediocre stuff =P

Hehe,another “carrying” session as we see Yau Fee preparing for launch…and Yean Yen was so happy that she gets another “free ride”…perhaps she likes to be carried around?Hmmm…

Finally the last picture of the night,our Orange-loving team attempt to hold the oranges into place on each other’s cheeks!!! GO TEAM ORANGE!!! =D

Thus ends this entry…there were many other pictures,but I’ve only choosen a handful to be posted up due to certain pictures which are too “explicit” to be shown…might give nightmares to certain people!!! So sorry for the long delay as I was trying to obtain the pictures as well as my time is preoccupied with other matters…Alright,that’s all for this entry…the next one would be coming soon…AARRGGHH…darn spiders in my rented room in TTS,cobwebs appear everywhere everytime I return back to this place!!! Time for some mass killing!!! >=P

Monday, February 06, 2006

Thus begins the 2nd Semester...

Every good thing would eventually end…either sooner or later…like merely the lifespan of a fruit fly which lasts for only a few days…like opening a freshly new chocolate bar from its tin-foiled wrapper,indulging its flavour till the very last bit before your taste buds demand for more…like spending endless amount of cash(if there were such a thing in reality =P ) till the last penny and would be broke for the rest of your life due to poor management of your financial aids…Yes-yes,University life resumes on this very day for “most” of the Nottingham(Malaysia) students…that includes me…Welcome back!!! (As though I work here as the Principal =P )

Ehem-Ehem…upon returning back to this faraway-land,I found myself unable to sleep for the first night…could it be that I was too excited and cant wait for this very day? Just like anxious little kids who couldn’t wait to unwrap their presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas Day itself? Hehe…obviously NOT =P Much thanks to my “sudden change” of sleeping patterns during the previous Chinese New Year holidays(sleeping late and waking up late)…my biological clock doesn’t changes back to its daily routine overnight liao…sort of like jet-lagged =_=

Although feeling tired and sleepy today in the morning(quite normal to me lah =P ),still the mind must control the body to its destination…Once the class commences,one would have expected that things would start slow and introductory stuff were the norm…WRONG!!! Haha,already in University…no longer the simplistic life in primary or secondary school liao…so what better way to start off by receiving the generosity of courseworks and this time an almost 100% based PROJECT WORK…my-my,how kind and thoughtful of them >=P Timetable for this semester is almost the same as the previous one,apart from having different modules this time,3 out of 5 days would be splendid for wake-up calls to class at 9am…Oh well,the “Early Bird Gets the Worm”…or so I thought =P

Time to get started on my workstuff now…by at least reading it instead of chucking it aside till the deadline looms in…Haha,its NERDY TIME!!! 8-) Take care ya’ll

Friday, February 03, 2006

The post of Chinese New Year...

Few days of Chinese New Year has passed,what had I’ve been doing? Hmm,compared to the yesteryears of this so called “eventful” occasion,it seems that this year is almost the same(boring),with a few exceptions. Oh well,at least there are holidays to be spared…

As we all know(well,those who know…),that on Chinese New Year’s Eve,a Reunion Dinner will be held and all the family members from all over the place will be having their meals together under one roof. Meeting other relatives again,collecting Ang Pows,exchanging gifts,fireworks+firecrackers,perhaps some gambling…it all feels like some sort of fresh new start in the Year of the Dog. As I watched pesky little youngsters running around,playing to their hearts content…I began to think that when we were all once young and naive,playful and carefree…no need to bother anything else in the world besides our own little universe…no stress,no worries,no problems~the childhood years…And now as we grow older,we face the adversaries of life that are unavoidable,bear responsibilities,everyday is a continous stream of unknown events that slowly but surely constructs us to be adults…before you know it,the cycle continues to our next generation…Haha,I sounded like so “Uncle” mentioning all these grandfather stories…

Seldom visit my other relatives…because we expect them to be here…haha,laziness…but some of my father’s friends drop by though…Nothing much to watch on TV besides those Chinese New Year advertisements,Chinese New Year music videos,some Chinese award ceremony stuff that I don’t bother,etc…(Note:No Astro)…Hehe,but this year,on Tuesday,went out with friends to do some “Trick-or-Treating”…in other words,to go around each other’s house for “visiting purposes” as well as to collect Ang Pows like loan-sharks,MWAHAHAHA >=D Yes-yes,my faraway home had been targeted as well(No,its not TTS in Semenyih!!!),seems kinda alien to most of them since no one practically comes to my place or even dared to venture to this unknown abyss,except for a few(only Craig),haha…Nice to see them around since some of them just came back from overseas or it is just that I’ve been staying in a very “secluded” area for too long…for University marrr…Speaking of University,there had been no news regarding examination results…izzit a good thing or bad? Who cares…it’ll eventually come!!! <=(

Getting bored at home although it is the holidays…Would like to go to Williams again before I return back to the crappy yet unreasonable priced Cafeteria meals in Campus. Heck,I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to increase the price due to the “festive period” >=P By the way,I’ve just activated my Friendster account recently(although it states Nov 2005 =P )…so I am still in the process of adding as well as being added…Testimonials will be written to those I truly know or if I just feel like writing one…just be patient,I need to know some new faces more in depth…cannot “cincai-cincai” write one ler…hehe excuses =P A few pictures below,goodbye for now ; )

Hmm,speaking of Ang Pows,here is a rare one…my father's sister gave it to a few of us…its a RM50 commemorative note for the Commonwealth Games held in Malaysia(1998)

The back view of the banknote…anyone else out there have this? Well…I know I have one,WAHAHAHAHA!!! >=D

The Red “Ah Beng” of Chinese New Year is on the loose!!!
Run for your lives!!! >=P