Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The “host” who said “Lembu”?!!

Decided to update this entry first before the Penang post…since this event took place quite recently and I’ve even managed to obtained the pictures too(only 6 but I choose to upload 2)…this occurred on last Friday,21st July 2006

This time around…I’ve been elected(by myself =P ) to be the mastermind to play “host” for a buddy o’ mine’s birthday…well,in fact,it was actually a pre-birthday celebration(the real day is on 25th July)…to make things sound simple,all I needed to do was to convince him out to dinner(since the previous get-together dinner was at T.G.I Fridays in 1 Utama,everyone was kinda broke) treated by me…get someone to buy a cake…and call up on others to attend…to execute it,well its another different story altogether =P

Initially the plan was to have dinner at Chilli’s(1 Utama)…so obviously,I would hafta choose a meeting time,where everyone could make it,not too early(some have classes or stuff to do) and not too late(surely cannot get a table for…roughly 10 people!!!)…the fussiness of Chilli’s management does not allow reservations to be done in advance and they would only give me a table…if and only if,the required number of people are present at the spot…so the “host” must be there the earliest(to check on the restaurant, the “guests” and also to delay the arrival of the birthday boy by meeting him somewhere else at a later time) and as usual,“We are proud to be Malaysians”…some were practically late(a bit…but the worst is the cake-bearer who SMS-ed me 15 minutes before the meeting time asking what time to meet and had not yet collected the cake >=P )…once “almost” everyone arrived,sadly…no tables were available to accommodate the number of people,as I was on a mission to distract the “VIP” at his meeting point elsewhere…

Well who says that everything would go according to plan? So…back-up plan was conducted,haha =P As I chatted with birthday boy to make up time(for the others to find another place to eat),a phone call came…that was the “cue”…so I answered the call and the person on the other line,Daphene spoke to me in Malay…suggesting Jack’s Place as an alternative…so I unintentionally spoke back in Malay ler…haha,a dead give-away was when I mentioned…“Lembu” a few times,as in steak…example,“Itu tempat ada lembu…bolehkah?” =P

As I brought him there…everybody was there,occupied one long table in the middle of the restaurant…greetings were exchanged,ordered meals respectively and then makan!!! Oh and the cake-bearer came just in time ler,when everyone was almost done browsing through the menu,haha…after all the eating,the talking,the joker-ing…then it is time to do what that made everyone came all the way here,amidst their busy schedule for this very night…

Celebrating a friend’s birthday…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 20 years old already to the birthday boy…Craig(Although the plan didn’t worked out as expected…he “pretended” to be amazed =D )

And here’s to the “guests” who made it successful(partially,haha)…family portrait…

From Left to Right,
Back Row: Weng Siong(the cake-bearer who lost track of time?),Mun Yee(the only person who arrived on time,which is after me…*clap hands*),Camellia(dressed very Oriental-ish on that night),Fu Wen(Camellia’s boyfriend,also her transporter and “meal-finisher”?),Michelle(fair-whitened skin…but darken a bit due to recent swimming activities? ),ME(the mastermind who said “Lembu”?!!),Jian Eu(Michelle’s boyfriend,transporter for her and Jessica on that day…*thumbs up*)
Front Row: Jessica(lovely gal who made it possible by being there,although she stays far-far away…*salute*) and Craig(the birthday boy whose aged is 2 decades)
Not in picture: Daphene(couldn’t stay long for the dinner cuz she had church stuff,but made an effort to be there for a while and…also made me said “Lembu”,haha…*shakes hands as though presenting a huge mock-cheque*)

Hmmm…after dinner,everybody went walk-walk around the shopping mall for a while…then,it was time to depart back home…Camellia,Weng Siong,Craig and ME decided to hang-out and chit-chat in Mun Yee’s place for a while…since 1 Utama is gonna close =P The usual talk crap sessions and since she studies in Fashion Designing,she showed her graduation booklet(which has her work in it…an elegant gown worn by a model…with her main theme ICE) and also,played around with the weighing scale(weight?) and measuring tape(hip size?)…soon enough,time to go and back home I went via my transporter…Craig =P


(To see other versions of the story from different perspective,please proceed to Craig’s or Mun Yee’s blog…provided they updated it or wish to update it ler,haha =P )

Oh and so sorry to my other university mates for I couldn’t attend their arrangement for Zi Hao’s pre-birthday celebration…clashed with mine on that day itself…if there was nothing going on,I might be able to make it…this time,I couldn’t…but the next one,I’ll definitely try to be there…provided all goes well…inform me earlier so that I can rearrange my part-time work schedule…even if it means on weekends cuz I am beginning to get tired of working my ass off just to earn “peanuts” only >=P

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

McD:Spicy Beef Foldover VS KFC:Cheesy BBQ Meltz...Results!!! =P

Actually,I’ve already received the Penang pictures from Yau Fee(I think it was one or two weeks ago)…not all ler,but a small portion of it from him…so I’ll just hafta make do with those photos that I received…that update would have to wait for a while,as I try to recall back what were the crazy stuff that I(or we) did…in the mean time…

Do you remember this?(check the previous post if you are unsure)

The epic struggle between McDonalds and KFC…for the supremacy of who’s new product is the best!!!

To refresh your mind…here are the 2 meals which are competing…(sorry,blur pictures)

In the Red corner…McDonalds’s Spicy Beef Foldover and in the Blue corner…KFC’s Cheesy BBQ Meltz

Now for the honourable…*ehem*ehem*…“Judge” to decide which is the better one(after trying both in 1 Utama on separate days,other outlets may differ slightly) based on the following factors or comparisons…

Background Details(obtained from advertisement material):

McD – Treat yourself to the new Spicy Beef Foldover™,with marinated beef strips,crisp lettuce,onions,carrots,red and white cabbage,tomatoes and cheese. All topped off with zesty and spicy Mexican sauce,tucked in a warm toasted flatbread

KFC – “Malaysia has never seen anything like it so I went undercover to find out what’s so special about it. Based on my investigation,I’ve discovered that they use a 9” tortilla wrap filled with all kinds of ingredients,i.e. chopped original recipe chicken fillet,crushed Nachos,diced tomatoes,delicious BBQ mayo and melted mozzarella cheese. This tortilla wrap is then toasted to perfection. My investigation was completed after I ate it”…quoted by Sherlock Hoong,Undercover Reporter


McD – The sauce is a little bit spicy…quite mild,not super peri-peri spicy…mixed with the beef strips and vegetables,a good combination nonetheless that gives you a satisfying smile =D

KFC – Feels like eating some sort of cheesy pizza…the crunchy Nachos and KFC’s original recipe chicken gives a feeling like eating cornflakes…not in a bowl,but in a tortilla bread…mixed with the BBQ sauce,I can say its quite OK…


McD – Imagine a Regular sized pizza…but folded in half…and the portion of beef strips and vegetables is so-so ler,more vegetable compared to the beef…so don’t be fooled by the picture in the advertisement…DUH!!! >=P

KFC – Famous for its “shrunken” sized meals…imagine a Small sized pizza…folded in half…the portion of its serving is also so-so…not too much and not too little of everything…if too little,customer complain kena con…if too much,can barely taste the weird combination of this “rojak” =P

Price(excluding government tax):

McD – RM 6.95 for just the Spicy Beef Foldover…RM 8.95 for Medium Value Meal…and RM 9.70 for Large Value Meal

KFC – RM 5.50 for just the Cheesy BBQ Meltz…currently no set that comes together

Personal Opinion:

McD – Although kinda pricey…the Spicy Beef Foldover provides your money’s worth,to a satisfying meal…good if you are a big-eater…if you wanna share,can also…but if you don’t wanna share,then buy another one,haha >=P

KFC – For the price that you are paying for…not really good,but hey its KFC!!! Perfect for just a light snack or to share with others…Aaaawww,sharing is caring…according to Barney the Purple Dinosaur =P

Finally,the moment of truth…the winner goes to…

McDonalds’s Spicy Beef Foldover!!! =D

Lols…I think the Spicy Beef Foldover is better lor,in my overall view…but it may differ with others cuz each individual has their own opinions…anyways,I am kinda anti-KFC since their glory days are over(everything is downsized and not worth the price to pay for)…haha,I wonder what other “filler” posts would be up next…dun wanna talk about work anymore(boring sad stuff)…oh and didja noticed that I did a little bit of editing on some of the pictures…hehe,it was kinda time consuming a bit ler cuz I just use trial&error method by using Photoshop with MS-Paint…till then,see ya on the next update!!! =D

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Day After World Cup

As the title suggests…it isn’t justified since this update is a few days after the World Cup ended…suppose to be something like the movie,The Day After Tomorrow…Bah~never mind…let’s get on to another “filler” posts…after this,no more football talk,ok? Till the next 4 years lah,haha >=D

Firstly…yes-yes,FRANCE lost to ITALY in the finals…that is the fact and shall be accepted…the Italians played pretty good in the 1st half and in the 2nd half,the French knew they had to improve,so they did…in the end,victory goes to the those pasta-makers in the penalty shootout…so I already knew that there would be a slim chance for FRANCE to win cuz I am not so 100% reliable on Barthez(the goalkeeper) if I were the coach…didn’t really watch throughout the whole match though…I slept through the extra time and just suddenly woke up during the penalty shootout…lols…it was already the 4th Italian taking the penalty kick…so the following day,I watched the replay,for the extra time part which I missed(Now this is really,“The Day After World Cup” lols =P )…sad case to Zidane for earning a red card and being sent off on his last ever World Cup debut…should have used his powerful head to send the ball into the goal…not to bring the opponent player down by head-butting him in the chest(it seems that Zidane was provoked and just lost his cool)…I think he would’ve head-butt-ed the referee too for sending him off,lols =P

I remembered that my first World Cup that I’ve watched was France 1998,that time I think I was still young and wasn’t so appreciative of football yet…then in Japan&Korea 2002,didn’t really watched much cuz most of the matches were played in the daytime(when I had school)…finally,Germany 2006,my most up-to-date World Cup mania…watched almost every single match(summer break from University mar…) and this time I was really in the mood to watch football every night after part-time work…shiok~

Since World Cup is over…What would those people who are still in the football mood…do? How do they satisfy their cravings for more World Cup goodness? Eat football and sleep football wouldn’t feel the same to them anymore…never fear…they are lots of other things to put their mind into…to keep them sane…

For your eyes only…

Watch tonnes of replays on TV!!! All the exciting parts which you missed or perhaps,just to watch those “moments” which made you scream and jump for joy,made you shed tears for your supported team which lost,beautifully work of art goal scoring in slow-motion,etc…however,there is a catch…provided you have ASTRO ler =P go subscribe one today!!! Or maybe perhaps those pirates(not from Caribbean =P ) would have a special long running series of World Cup 2006 Football Matches,to be released…so that you can watch em’ again and again and again…coming soon to your local pirated stores,haha =P

For sentimental moments…

Purchase music which was inspired by the World Cup…sing in tune with the songs and follow the rhythm with your very own dance moves…many choices of soundtracks out there and who could forget that little fella…CRAZY FROG!!! Ding-Ding =P

For those who have itchy fingers…

Raining outside? Couldn’t go out and play a game of football? Well,here is where video and computer games comes into “play”…Winning Eleven and FIFA World Cup 2006…redeem the glory of your supported team which lost halfway along the road to the finals with these virtual moments…for those who are control freaks and want to be in charge of everything…get Championship Manager,lols =P

For those who have itchy feet…

Don’t want to just let AI intelligence get the better of you? Obviously,go outside under the sun and kick some football around the field with a bunch of friends…futsal and foosball is a different story altogether…play nice and don’t head-butt anybody else in the chest,lols =P

For the movie-goers…

Who can forget this bizarre Chinese movie which combines martial arts and football…Stephen Chow’sSHAOLIN SOCCER!!! It’s a must see for those who are craving for more football themed movies…though its probably an old show by now,still its entertaining and worth a watch…for laughs…you no speaka’ Chinese? Then turn on the subtitles…get the DVD today

Hehe,running out of suggestions already…so,I am going to end this post…wait!!! There is another battle going on amidst the World Cup phenomena which had “clouded” this important decisive challenge…

Both “ambassadors” from their respective fast food outlets duke it out with their new promotional meal,recently unveiled in the market…McDonalds against KFC


Here are their “pokemons”…(the pictures are quite blur and I cant find any good pictures online,so I had to use the newspapers…)

With a slight variation from their Grilled Chicken Foldover,here comes McDonalds’s…


With a bizarre named meal that I don’t have a clue what the heck it is,here comes KFC’s…


Looks like its gonna be some real showdown…I’ll be the judge of that,haha =P will try those 2 meals while I am still working in 1 Utama…stay tuned to find out the results!!!
Anyway,work sucks… >=P But I need the $$$…aihzzz…

Saturday, July 08, 2006

World Cup-ness?!!

Another “filler” update…when can I get my Penang pictures?!! Lols >=P I don’t have a clue as to when I’ll eventually get hold of it from Yau Fee(or others who has the pictures)…because I am always busy at work or while transferring using MSN Messenger,surely somehow or another,Streamyx had to give up on me…lousy…

Anyway,never mind…on with the another nonsensical post…

Why are some of us so hyped up about football when World Cup arrives? Its just about 22 men running around the pitch…knowing that they could just use their hands to get the ball but they choose to use their feet(besides the 2 goalkeepers)…and once they get hold of the ball,they kick it away…lets not forget 2 men are just running at the outer field holding checkered flags(red and yellow) and also one who tries to dodge the ball,likes blowing his favourite whistle and boss-ing the other 22 men around with his infamous 2 coloured cards in his collection(guess he isn’t into Magic or Pokemon cards)…the objective of this so-called game is to kick the ball into the net of the opposing team…and what happens then? Well,the player who did that would then do some weird victory thingy of their own(kinda like a custom to them?),while his team and supporters cheer on him...what sort of weird game is this? The answer to this man-made phenomena is…FOOTBALL…lols =P

Does anyone find it interesting? You only see guys(good thing if you’re a girl or a person who loves to see…errr…guys) and a ball…and also errrr…a big green field,etc…well actually get to see girls too ler…in the crowds of the stadium…if the cameraman decides to show something else…Rather go watch a movie? No need to do so…cuz this game of football has everything jumbled together into one…it has action(where the men would fight with each another over some dispute over a ball)…it has a little bit of violence too(when some player gets injured…blood!!! Definitely not for the faint-hearted)…it has suspense(wondering whether the goal would be scored by a penalty-kick taker)…it has romance(when two or maybe more players…errrr…embrace each other with hugs and other bodily affections)…it has comedy(the way viewers see them fall on each another in a funny manner…slow-motioned)…etc…So much drama going on…even the footballers had to be good actors…in order to do their infamous “purposely drop with style” move…how good he is would be the result of whether did he manage to fool the referee and even the audiences as well =P

(Actually I wanted to browse through the internet to get pictures which depict those “dramatic moments”…but couldn’t…busy ler,haha =P don’t even have time to blog some more…lols,running out of ideas/excuses)

Without further crap-talking about football…lets just see some photos to be included together with this post,eh?

Since I am unable to go to Germany and purchase all the tickets in order to watch the football matches(most of us,haha…except for lucky ones)…our friendly neighbourhood…the TELEVISION(TV) serves its purpose by broadcasting the matches…live…although at very odd hours here in Malaysia…that wasn’t my main concern,it was in fact that I had no ASTRO,only normal TV channels…and only some matches are shown on normal TV stations…if I am lucky,I would be able to watch the delayed telecasts…but that sucks if you already know the results…pointless nonetheless…although normal TV channels broadcasts these certain matches,TV1 and TV2 is crystal clear to my eyes…but NTV7

…I had to stand and hold onto the indoor TV antenna…very lousy reception…my logic behind this,is that the antenna is using my body as an amplifier/signal booster…no,this doesn’t make me any smarter in any way…sort of reminds me on one of the Mr. Bean series(not the animated one) where he had to undress all his clothes and placed them neatly onto a chair of where he sat in order to watch TV…lols =P

And the result…

From the picture seen above,it seems quite blurry…but still visible a bit…must not make any sudden moves too,or else you cant see anything except fuzzy black and white lines/dots…very irritating especially during suspenseful moments near the penalty box area!!! This is a YELLOW CARD situation…lols =P

Now,if I choose to sit down as close as possible to the TV…

Remember…no sudden movements =P

And the result…

As shown in the picture,it isn’t that bad…but in reality,it is!!! You have to be me to find out yourself =P This is definitely RED CARD!!! Haha >=P

So what am I to do? Well,get my wallet and handphone…cuz I am going to…


The picture damn dark and blurry…but you get what I meant anyways…didn’t want to use the flash and I stood far-far away(Zoom kau-kau some more,the maximum),cuz I might be disturbing others who are watching the match on the projector screen…or maybe they might think I am just some weird-jakun(should be ler…haha) who had never stepped foot on a Mamak province before…lols…Feels damn shiok ler,watch there…as though you are in a mini-stadium with the other spectators,the “Oooohhs” and “Aaaawwws” expressed when near goals are missed…and who wouldn’t forget the universal football word…GOAL!!!...being shouted when a goal is scored…

Hehe,savouring the Teh Tarik and Roti Telur during half-time of the football match…priceless…lols =D But hafta go a little bit earlier in order to get good seats ler…damn packed with the crowd as the football match is about to begin…even half of the road is filled with tables and chairs!!! Thank goodness no Majlis Perbandaran officers are around(a.k.a. The Party-Poopers)…I wonder how it’ll be on the Final Round of World Cup? I guess people would have to bring their own straw mats/sleeping bags and placed them on the road…to create more space,haha

Time to end this post,kinda too late to update a post such as this when the World Cup is almost about to come to an end…anyways,Happy World Cup-ing everyone!!! Finals is coming soon…ITALY VS FRANCE…I am gonna go for France,haha…not bad during the Knock Out stages(although they played poorly during the Group matches…from my point of view)…beating the strong teams such as SPAIN,BRAZIL and PORTUGAL…but who knows what is going to happen in the final confrontation…which team would take the World Cup back to their home country in full glory and triumph? Tune in on 9th July(in Malaysia,its 10th July,2 am) to find out!!! GO FRANCE!!! No way I am going to watch the match on NTV7!!! >=P