Thursday, May 29, 2008

Malaysian Las Vegas…

After the hot and scorching journey to “Egypt”…the next adventure that Indiana Cheese went to was…errmmm…somewhere cool and high atop the mountainous highlands…could it be The Alps? The Himalayas in Nepal? Brokeback Mountain?!! =_=”

Seems like Indiana Cheese isn’t that adventurous after all and turned into Cheese Bond…instead he went to Genting Highlands a.k.a Las Vegas of Malaysia?

Since Cheese Bond is very kiasu and doesn’t want to drive his BMW/Audi/Mercedes/whatever Bond car that he is using for this mission…spending for fuel…

He opted to take the cable car…

This also blends him within the crowd…environmental-friendly as well(partially though)…if the cable car falls due to sabotage from the bad guys,he can use his “Made in China tuxedo that turns into a parachute” =_=”

Once he has checked-in the hotel…went to the outdoor theme park with other fellow agents…others were doing some top secret mission elsewhere…

What else is there to do…besides,the last time he remembered vaguely of coming to Genting Highlands was when he was still in primary school...or so he thinks

Waiting for the…

Potong stim roller coaster…


Need to practice how to scream…or shiok sendiri scream due to potong stim-ness rides…

The only exciting one was the Space Shot

But after it drops the first time,subsequent heights later of ascending and dropping again were once again labeled as potong stim =_=”

Introducing,a train ride that is even slower than KTM

Makes a person feel like getting off the train to push it faster…

So,Cheese Bond quickly hijacks an Antique Car

Too fast too furious? =_=”

Every hero/heroine eventually needs to fill his/her stomach…

Dinner buffet at Coffee Terrace

Inside looks…

Cororful desserts section…

Starter and dessert…

If mix sushi or sashimi with ice cream,I wonder how it’ll taste like…Hmmm…

Yumcha at Starbucks

Just for the sake of curiosity…is there Mamak in Genting Highlands?

Taking group pictures…

Couldn’t decide which one to upload…based on decisions such as the Red Eye effect,“I cant see my face” and “I think I look ‘yeng’ in this picture but not the other one”…so uploaded both lor…haha =P

To show that we went to Genting Highlands…but didn’t took any group picture in Genting Highlands itself to signify this trip…

Took a group picture with the buses at the midway bus stop instead,haha =_=”

Let’s do a roll call for coursemates…
From Left to Right,
Back: Zi Hao,Venny,Cheese Bond,Aldo,Kah Peng,Melwynn and Wendy
Front: Yi Yang,Ying Yie,Su Yin and Siau Hwee

It has been a very long time since I’ve been to Genting Highlands…lotsa stuff has changed ever since…duh…it seems that the main attraction now is more towards the casinos as compared to the kiddy rides and all…not much things to do in Genting Highlands,thank goodness it was only a 2 days and 1 night stay…overpricing of almost everything doesn’t really help much either,unless you’re there to gamble then I guess it’s alright =_=”

Haha…reached maturity age for lawatan sambil belajar to Genting Highlands casino…

But didn’t really gamble…hence the “lawatan sambil belajar” part…Sakit hati leh,lowest minimum bet is RM10(sorry,my gambling standards is up to Chinese New Year only),well if ya wanna win big,ya gotta “invest” big too(or play those Jackpot slot machines…which is kinda mundane and boring to me)…“Pai seh” also cuz when you see others place large amount of casino chips on the betting table and seeing yourself place 1 or 2 pieces of it only…feels like gambling on a low budget,haha

Maybe will return to the casino one day…when I am a rich tycoon/businessman or someone like…God of Gamblers…who likes to eat chocolates!!! =D


At Saturday, May 31, 2008 5:17:00 PM, Blogger Kidmon said...

wah, go genting so fun also dint call me in lah

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