Sunday, September 25, 2005

Oh University life...

Thus,begins a new chapter of another episode of my life…university has cometh…no turning back now…obviously,since I took the trouble to settle all the fussy university application stuff…and paid for the accommodation fees…and most importantly,paid for the course which I am going to earn a degree in the near future…Chemical Engineering…in The University of NottinghamMalaysian Campus liao…not overseas!!! =P

Gee,wonder why I even chosed to do engineering in the first place…I kinda liked Chemistry among all the major other Science subjects,so therefore that answers which field of engineering I am interested into…but it doesn’t matter much cuz technically speaking,the “Chemistry” part is just a minor,mostly involves Physics…darn =P Oh well,I’ll hafta wait and see how everything goes…maybe it’ll turn out good,maybe not…the future is unpredictable as in the movie,Forest Gump…“Life is like a box of chocolates”…you’ll never know which chocolate that you took from the box contains what flavour till you actually eat them…

Actually I wanted to do something regarding graphical designs and programming stuff…you know,doing animations like Pixar…or better yet,my dream job is to be in the video gaming industry…making AND playing games…I am mainly inspired by movies and video games apart from books as a source of ideas…but in this case,the industry here in Malaysia is a dying one…no room for these,at least for now…haha =P

Managed to pack my stuff yesterday…after bumming around for the last time…actually there are a few more things I haven’t packed yet…not sure whether those are needed or not…but I am planning to go through this one week first and see what else is required…might be coming back this Saturday =P Mode of transportation between the house that I am staying in and the campus,would be the shuttle bus provided by the university and my trusty two legs which had “supported” me for almost the rest of my life,haha =) No car though…*sigh*…another problem is going to town,which is quite a distance away…when there’s a will,there’s a way…must be a parasite and seek every opportunity available…hehe >=P

So I might not be able to update much on this blog for the next few days,as internet connection would be an issue over there and hafta see whether I have the time to even “report” my status…so be patient like little kids who wait week after week,just to watch the next episode of Power Rangers on television…moving out this afternoon…I bid goodbye to my devoted readers and everyone else out there,thanks for the company…

*Cheese then proceeded to take his belongings and walk towards the sunset…without turning his head to look back…so that he’ll look cool…just to only find out that it is still in the morning… =P

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Registering mayhem

As time passes by,the number of days left till university life begins is slowly but surely numbered…yesterday was the registration day and today was the induction day…so today I got my timetable,some MORE forms to fill in and had a slight briefing or introduction as how things are going to turn out in university for the next few coming days…

On registration day,students from all over the place/world…would be coming to this “faraway” place…mainly are the students who are undertaking Engineering or Computer Science courses as it is the appointed date for these batch of newbies to come…I think that the university should at least span the registration day for a couple of days instead of trying to sort out EVERYTHING in one day cuz I assume that there will be plenty of students,for the course,coming on that same day…so once I had filled in some forms handed down to me,I proceeded to make the payment in the desired room…everything was going smoothly,there were like maybe 12 counters operating at the same time…once that was done,I thought it is time to go back,but the lady told me to go to the next room to claim my student ID card…so there I go…

As I entered the room…there was a LONG line of students waiting for the development of their student ID card…why? Because there was only ONE miserable digital camera to take pictures,which would then be transferred into a computer and then printed on a card…what is the point if there are PLENTY of staff members in the room but only ONE camera?!! It doesn’t make the whole process go faster,rite? This is far more worst than going to the immigration office to make your Identity card…Heh,collect money from us very fast lah,but the “other” things do slow-slow…tsk,tsk,tsk… >= I

Once that was over,to the accommodation office I go to check the well-being progress of my humble abode cuz according to the person in charge,it would be ready by the earliest on 20th September…hehe,guess not which is after I found out that the off-campus houses(which I am staying in),had yet to be allocated of which student stays in which house!!! Looks like things are pretty screwed up around here…This accommodation “problem” should’ve been done earlier than the registration day,considering that some students,from overseas or just live somewhere far-far away,might be settling in early!!! According to the fella,now it is said that we’ll know by this coming FRIDAY…better make it quick,cuz studies commences on MONDAY and I’ll be moving in on SUNDAY… >= I

In a way,the University of Nottingham is indeed a prestigious university…but the management is lacking or we just say that it plains SUCKS…since from day one where I submitted my application form till now,I am still doubtful of their “services”…everytime I overhear the advertisement on radio regarding about the university,this “feeling” is always present…It’s like a game of baseball,STRIKE ONESTRIKE TWOSTRIKE THREE!!! YOU’RE OUT!!! In this case,the “batter” for the Nottingham team is “out” for sure…but then,everyone makes mistakes…no one is perfect,since everything is done in a rushed-up manner and they are trying their best to please everyone…I’ll forgive them,your team had been awarded a 2nd chance…use it wisely,don’t let everyone down…

Now,the ranting aside…as you all know…or mostly all of you know…that the highly anticipated current CG movie created by the masterminds behind a well-known company in the video-gaming industry,SQUARE-ENIX,is already out!!! I am obviously talking about FINAL FANTASY VII:ADVENT CHILDREN…another good job done by this company under my “Respect” list…although I didn’t played the Final Fantasy VII game before,although there are certain things in the movie which I couldn’t understand unless the game is played before as a background information…but overall I feel very satisfied after watching it…the storyline sometimes feels a little bit blur,perhaps it was the weirdly translated into English subtitles,since the dialogue is in Japanese…gotta learn Japanese language!!! =P Action scenes were wild-crazy-intense-etc… The moment you blinked your eyes,you’ll definitely miss the fluidity of those eye-candy scenes…So make sure you don’t blink,even if you have to stick duct-tape to your eyes to keep em’ open ; ) Suitable for especially the Final Fantasy fans…or anyone who loves good ol’ action or CG type of movies…a must see =)

Time for me to log off now,hehe…still haven’t start packing up my stuff to bring along to my crib in Semenyih(which is the location of the campus) Anyways,will be moving out around Sunday afternoon…I thank those who had been around to help/cheer/talk/accompany/etc…me while I am still around…and to those who are going to the same university as I am…I’ll see ya there in times to come…
Cheese logging off… ; )

Final Fantasy VII's protagonist,Cloud,with his trusted cool-slick motorbike,Fenrir,puts all the other Moto GP bikes and Harley Davidsons out there to shame!!! =P

Friday, September 16, 2005

Going to the barber...

Hehe…when no longer working,staying at home feels like I am trapped in a prison filled with boredom =P Anyways,I can gladly clarify that from now on,I’ve OFFICIALLY finished my term of service in the restaurant that I had worked in for the past 2 months+1 week+and a couple of days…since today I had already obtained my last paycheck and returned the uniforms to recover back my deposit…I can just run away and ignore all the phone calls that I might receive from them….MWAHAHAHAHA!!! >=P OK-OK,I am not really that evil,but seriously…this time it is done,they cant rely on me most of the time unless I am gonna work there for the rest of my life…it is time for me to leave and let another “chosen one” to take my place…for that,I can leave the place in peace =)

Perhaps I might work again…in the future…as in during my long holidays…maybe I’ll work there again…maybe I’ll find another place to work,but doing something similar to restaurant business…or maybe I’ll try something new…like retailing stores,bakery,book shops,shops which specialiases in drinks,etc…But that time,I’ll plan to enjoy my holidays longer than working,haha…we’ll hafta wait and see…

Heh,I’ve even cut my hair today…no more long hair…no more advertising in shampoo comercials…when I am old and bald in the future,I would regret why I did this when I was still young and HAD HAIR!!! HAHAHA =P No new hairstyle…just plain old short hair…I was thinking of dying my hair…but I’ll only do it if I had long hair and when I get tired of staring at the mirror,noticing that black hair wouldn’t turn into any other colours overnight…except that the fact that “we” will naturally have grey and white hair in the future =P Take a look at the pictures and mug-shots below…That’s all folks,take care everybody =)

Notice that long hair,picture was taken in the morning shortly after I woke up and have the feeling of CONQUERING THE WORLD!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! >=D

The side view,complete with some sort of random experimental numbers…Does it mean anything? Maybe…maybe not,try to figure it out =P

Oh-No…look what happened? This is what happens if you go to an Indian barber shop to get an “economical” haircut <=P

Another side view of the “outcome” after the “incident”

Friday, September 09, 2005

The concept of work?!!!

Nothing much happened so far…I am just back to my usual holiday mode…which consists of doing nothing “really” useful and exercised my fingers on my PS2 controllers playing washed-out mundane games,Hehe it is the dry season for video-gamers such as me,I remembered during the end year holidays,it is the perfect timing to play good ol’ long RPG games…Hehe,that motivated me to wake up early in the morning too =P I also missed those times of “hanging-out” with friends during the holidays cuz everyone is so free and also on holidays too…Haha,nowadays things are a bit different…times have changed…everybody else is busy with their stuff…when I am free,they are not,and vice-versa…exams,course works,industrial tarining,etc…etc…It would be better if I can play video games AND join my pals for whatever stuff that is planned…Haha,hopefully there would be another eventful gathering at Duta Vista again!!! ; P

Alright…sometimes,I had to be evil,I had to choose to do the things that would benefit myself apart from others…but most of the time,the choices that are presented to me…I STILL get succumbed to do the “good guy” role…if I am like that,I would be pushed around,I would be used for whatever evil deed that is being planned,I would be stomped upon and get bullied…*sigh* but I am actually not REALLY 100% made of “sugar and spice” kindness…I have my rights,I have my dignity,I can choose whether to accept or ignore something…But naturally,I always do what I think is best for everybody…although I don’t like it,although it is sometimes against my will…

You see here…Thursday,8th September…was “supposedly” to be the last day of my work,upon “special request”…But guess what?Surprise,surprise again…out comes another 2 more “special requested” days of working from the Jack-in-the-Box…courtesy from the restaurant which I work at…These 2 days are weekends,10th and 11th of September,but being the gullible kind person I am,the star player decides to play on the field once again,I am sorta like their Ronaldo (Mind you,the Brazilian football player,Ronaldo…not some Renaissance artist or even one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Hehe,OK-OK Ronaldo DOESN’T exist as a Ninja Turtle,there is no such thing,just trying to confuse the un-alerted readers =P “Don’t wanna let them down too” said the little voice inside my head…this is all due to “some” workers,suddenly couldn’t work on weekends…WTF?!! If couldn’t make it for the weekends,at least notify it WAY EARLIER so arrangements can be made,NOT LAST MINUTE!!! I have a feeling that they are just plain lazy for the time being >=( One thing which I dislike are people who don’t think ahead,that their actions would cause trouble to others…it is Ok to trouble one-self if he or she is prepared to settle it,but to drag another person into it without their consent or proper consultation is just TOO much to ask for…

Luckily I am a nice guy…for the time being >=P On the previous Thursday,I was supposed to work from 10am till 3pm,then there are some changes,hafta work till 4pm so that the guy worker can have his break,well fine with me…then,this “so called” unexpected accident happened to the guy’s younger sibling,so the fella had to rush to the hospital,leaving me to extend my working time till 6pm,whether or not that guy was telling the truth or not,no one knows for sure except it is between that guy and God…Well,if anyone wants to drop by or have any last request before I leave my work,hopefully for good or for the better,here’s your last chance!!! So now,there is still hope for them as I am about to go iron my “superhero-costume” =P

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Still waiting...

Well,well,well…supposedly,the last day of work was the previous Sunday,4th September…but then,yours truly was summoned again to work on Tuesday,6th September due to the lack of experienced workers on that day,where most of them are newbies on the job…and I agreed to help out,since my supervisors said that it’ll be the last time…then,once again on Thursday,8th September,I was requested to work once again because another experienced worker is taking a day off to do some “errands” so,guess who is the person they look out for to fill in this particular “position”? *sigh* so called “last time” …I think it’ll never end,maybe…maybe not…what a fool I am,but I better play the goody-good-hero-guy for now as I still haven’t received my paycheck yet,HAHA try not too disappoint or piss them off for the time being ; P

Oh and during yesterday’s working period,one of my supervisor’s friend who now works in a newspaper company,Kosmo! Wanted to interview me to fill in a column which has something to do with lifestyles…I guess…so,a short conversation took place…asking me about this and that…mainly something about the life of a teenager in KL…I couldn’t supply him with “much” information as I am not REALLY living in the heart of KL city,so I just mainly talked crap and he took a photo of me…HAHA,hilarious as I thought to myself as why this was happening…so to all you Kosmo! readers out there,don’t be surprised that a local “celebrity” who once worked in a restaurant in 1 Utama appeared in the newspaper…preferably front page,lol =P Heh,sad to say that I am a The Star newspaper reader,hehe =P

I was supposed to receive an offer letter from the university that I am applying to…the first letter I received was the Conditional offer letter,which I waited for a VERY LONG time…I think they only decided to sent that letter after I made some noise by calling them repeatedly for a few days,I don’t really like to do that,but hey,if it works,why not? Besides,they were WAY behind schedule if it is according to the e-mail that I received at first hand and sometimes,you gotta do what you gotta do in order to get things done,whether you like it or not…so now,after I had took the trouble to travel ALL the way to the old campus in KL on the day itself which I obtained my A-levels result,18th August,to submit it and all other relevant documents…I am supposed to get another offer letter which is Unconditional since I already met the requirements and thus must change Conditional status into Unconditional…and surprise,surprise…did I get the Unconditional offer letter yet so far? Well,you guessed it correctly…the answer is OBVIOUSLY NO!!! Looks like I hafta make some noise and stir up some trouble again to get those “responsible” people to start doing their job… >=P Why all the fuss,it is only a stupid letter,right? Well,I need that letter to register on the Registration Day,so it is sorta like a proof or document that states that I am eligible for the course of my choice to study in the university…sheeesh,I am losing my confidence towards them <=(

Roughly 2 or maybe 1.5 more weeks till university life begins…Man,I wished I had at least one more month to enjoy and relax cuz most of my holidays were spent working…*sigh* Now I have other things on my mind to worry about and time is running out…that’s all for this entry,will update when something “interesting” comes up or when I feel like it,hehe…Sayonara for now… ; )