Friday, June 17, 2005

Forced labour?

First of all,some of you said that you were unable to use the tagboard to post messages due to some problem which goes “Cannot post from a hard drive,must post from a server…etc…” I’ll try and look into the problem to find a solution…well,you can still use the “Comments” =) and I can reply back doubtful stuff in the tagboard…don’t tell me you cannot see the message in the tagboard too… <= |

Everytime when holidays comes…it doesn’t mean that it is a 100% holiday,as in it does not mean that I am free of doing anything…the most common thing I am always burdened with is house CHORES…yup,everytime without fail…my mum will always seek this window opportunity to shower me with additional “things” to do…do or do not,there is no running away…so in the end,just suck it up and be done with it. As though I have voluntarily become the maid of the house without any what so ever consultation,oh well…it is considered “normal” in my life…most of the time is the laundry…hand-washed,mind you…not using the washing machine…as a Science streamed student,I know how well the combination of a detergent and a washing machine would produce an almost 99.9% cleaned clothes,just like in the Dynamo advertisements…but she still insisted that certain stains cannot be removed by using the washing machine…anyway,there is no Dynamo in the house =P I might as well bring all the dirty clothes to a river and find a big rock to “slam” the clothes on it…old-fashioned way =P

Aaahh…re-painted the front gate yesterday,only finished the right side of the gate(that is if you are standing outside and facing the house)it took me about roughly 2 hours,I think…cuz hafta layer it twice using a pretty small sized brush…just like a punishment from a higher ranking officer in the army where you hafta use a toothbrush to scrub the barracks floor =P Imagine if I have to paint the WHOLE house!!! It’ll probably take a month…hehe,actually my dad hired some of his friends who are “professionals” to this whole re-painting the house thingy…they used rollers to paint the walls,thank you to the inventors of this wonderful tool…and I just need to paint the gate…darn,if only I can just use a spray-paint…but actually not that easy to achieve a fine layered surface using it plus the number of cans needed would be quite a number…and when it is almost getting dark,I was still there,with a determined mind to at least finish one side of the gate first and also frantically “cincai” painted it towards the end just to finish it off,turns out that certain spots were a bit “not done properly” I’ll just call it a day and patch it up the following day…you win this time,you “rusted piece of metal that had been turned into a gate that requires my skills to re-paint again” gate >=P

A good thing to look forward to…finally I am gonna get STREAMYX!!! A couple of days ago,some guys came over to check the required stuff…turns out that our telephone line has some problem…so one of the guys went out and check the wiring to find out that the wire had been burnt badly…I find it odd though cuz we still can use the telephone to make or receive calls and use the line for dial-up internet connection…but they said that it would be possible for the telephone to work that way…but for the Streamyx connection,work it will not for it is pretty sensitive to these factors…so I would have to wait some more till this problem is solved…NOOOOOO!!!

Oh well,that’s all for now…I gotta go finish up the other part of the gate…aih~goodbye for now =)

(Did you know?…that I recently weighed myself after a very long time and not really knowing how much I previously weigh…it turns out to be about 47kg…I am pretty light for a Cheese guy…errr…I mean pretty light for a guy)


At Saturday, June 18, 2005 11:55:00 AM, Anonymous craigy said...

Painting huh? yeah i remember painting. if anyone's been in my house, guess what, the whole thing is hand painted by yours truly and his dad...haha. So chill out cheese, your not stuck in that bad of a rut...haha. Good luck getting streamyx man. trust me, the difference is shocking...haha

At Monday, July 11, 2005 12:23:00 AM, Blogger jade pei said...

hey... just realized that u actually underweight? better get some work up ya, then u will definitely look better...


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