Tuesday, June 14, 2005

New:Tagboard and Prayers for Exam

Oooo…looky at right…yes that’s right,it is a TAGBOARD,so if u wanna have a Q&A session or just wanna leave a short message,you may use it…though I still prefer leaving Comments…it depends,if u have a very lengthy message,use Comments cuz the maximum number of characters for the TAGBOARD is only 99,which is less than using SMS,which has 160 characters =P Anyway,make good use of it…
NO SPAMMING…spammers will be prosecuted and turned into rabbits…then into the giant “Pot of Doom” to become rabbit stew >=P

Nothing much happened for the past few days except…

Last Friday,went to Craig’s place for a while to fool around,BOMBERMAN!!! borrowed some games and MGS3 guidebook,caught up on old times sake…
Had a hair cut last Saturday…haha,now my hair is much shorter compared to my previous long hair which is “leng-chai” like F4 style…haha,not really =P
Yesterday,went to KL again to collect my IC…this time it only took about 15 minutes…haha,the picture look quite funny,very bright…still got long hair that time when the picture was taken =D Then at night,went to a college mate’s place for BBQ…sausages,steak,lamb chop,chicken,garlic bread,mashed potatoes,salad,brownies…MMMmmm…still got leftovers,mostly are the chickens…came back,smell like carbon or maybe ashes…as though I had entered a building on fire to rescue the baby from doom…like in “one of those drama” =P

Oh well,for those who are undergoing their exams,here is a glimmer of hope to aid you during these troubled times…
(This prayer was sent via the internet to me from my friend,Likky,who is currently studying in Australia…since I don’t need it for now,I shall let those who truly need them be embraced…)

Lord,grant me a quiet heart
Before examinations start.
Teach me to use my leisure hours
To rejuvenate my powers;
My mind from day-dreams liberate
Give me the will to concentrate.
From all distractions set me free,
That in my studies I may be
A student with this sole intent
To make my work sacrament.
From my faint heart,in love,expel
All failures,fears,that therein dwell;
And from my pillows drive away
All dark forebodings of the day.
Help in faith to rest so deep
That I may have untroubled sleep.

While notes and lessons I prepare
May I not lose my zeal for prayer:
And may I not forget to look
For daily guidance in Thy Book.
In quietness,confidence and peace
May I have sure and swift release
From needless fears and apprehensions,
From outward strain and inward tension.
And may I ever grateful be
To all who often pray for me
While for myself I intercede,
For other students plead
So may examinations find
Each one alert in heart and mind.
Thus inward joy and peace possessing-
Exams will provide a source of blessing.

Looks like his message has been “immortalised” in my blog page for many years to come,take good care my fellow readers…


At Wednesday, June 15, 2005 10:11:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

hello! Bomberman fun ya!! I 'll beat u nex time...haha. So enjosying ur hols huh? u bet ur ic pic better than mine...haha.. Eh, i dunno why cannot post in your tagboard liao =P

At Thursday, June 16, 2005 1:34:00 AM, Anonymous Baga said...

haha..yea, still can't post la chees3...btw, profound entry man..absolutely...cheerz!


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