Thursday, July 31, 2008

Soon to-be-working Cheese?

It’s been a long time for an appearance of a new post…correct? I see that everyone is nodding in agreement(I think) =_=” Hehe…the “fire” is slowly dying ler…but haven’t been put out yet,no worries…just that sometimes I feel like adding more “firewood” or not only…so nowadays very seldom lor(price of firewood increase ke?!! =_=” )

Previously was working part time…and am still searching for permanent job…now part time job done already,wonder whether it’s a good or bad thing? Yay cuz weekends are back in my life? Boo cuz going to be doing almost nothing and in dire need of cash? =_=”

Actually,sometimes I enjoy doing part time jobs …it’s temporary and fills up my time(besides the money,hehe =P )…most of em’ are event jobs or stuff to do in shopping malls…not really those office work(does data entry fall into this category?)…but of course,can never do part time job forever right? Actually can lor…but rugi-lah my engineering degree...can burn it into ashes,mix with water and drink it…at least I drink it and not let it ended up in Hell,eh? =_=”

Anyways…this was what I had been doing/staring most of the time(working) in 1 Utama

As a spy at Popular Bookstore? =_=” Actually doing gift redemption and the booth is situated there…sitting/standing there for about 8 hours a day(weekends longer though)…very dead area(if you know where it is) but weekends a little bit more people lalu-lalang there ler…at least can watch TV,no? Pokemon,Karaoke,Jay Chou concert and Naruto was on the viewing list =_=”

There’s 2 more pictures that I’ve decided not to post it up cuz feel not nice to do so…to know what these are,can show and tell via online messenger geh =_=”

There was also this event job which I did in KLCC

Can also meet people and tambah friends…for previous year,click here

Amidst working…graduation ceremony also took place…my gosh,wearing the robe and topi segi empat damn hot wei…have to walk lemah-lembut/cannot crouch and sit easily,hahaha…now I know how the ladies in nice evening gowns have to endure,if they fall I can catch them too,eh? =P

Just upload a few pictures(containing mostly of everyone) can do ler…to see tonnes more,log into Facebook…thanks all for sharing these pictures

Errmmm…basically that’s about it ler…see when I would add more “firewood” next time…no need to check back so often,about once a week maybe cuz the “postman too lazy to deliver his letters” lols? =_=”

Last picture for now?

Bird and cicak love…
(wanted to stand up and get a closer shot,but then pai seh cuz that time was having dinner with mum’s friend from overseas…jakun anak is not a good impression =_=” haha)


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