Sunday, December 18, 2005

Holidays or “Study leave”?

Good to see you again…my eager readers…I bring to you news from the perspective of my personal view…again =P As the days of studying in university reaches towards an end…there comes a time of bliss and splendour…which means…it is time for some well deserved holidays once again…and it has arrived!!! But the catch is… it lasts for only roughly 3 weeks…oh and technically speaking, university life hasn’t really “ended” yet,only the lessons within the 1st semester had been undertaken…and technically speaking once again…the 1st semester isn’t really over till the EXAMS are over…which falls on the week after the holiday period finishes…and this so called “holidays” are meant to be use wisely for revision purposes…reality bites when you think too much…sigh~ <=P The last few days before the holidays can be “considered” as easy-going cuz most of the test and coursework had been completed…except for one coursework…which was practically in a “no clue as how it is to be done” situation…so the past few days and nights,a team of us cracked and brainstormed our little heads in order to complete this miserable long winded+tedious calculations presented upon us…although the due date had been extended to 30th of December…I guess no one of “us” wanted to leave it till last minute and perhaps it would interfere with our holiday/study leave plans…Without hesitation and the trouble of coming back all the way to the university…just to pass up the coursework…we practically “glued” our asses on the chairs in the Student Association building(some sort of public place where we can do whatever we want…well just don’t vandalise stuff…and technically,there isn’t much to be done there =P )…stuck there as we witnessed the change from day to night…till the spectacular view of sunrise with our sleepy eyes on the next day…we are a bunch of mad people I guess…as viewed from the surveillance camera attached at certain locations in the building,spotting the same group of “people” =P After countless errors/mistakes in calculation…re-doing from the start again…whilst not suffering from insomnia…finally FINISHED IT!!! Man,that feels good…still would be smiling eventhough somebody kicks me “below my abdomen” =D (See…I’ve gone mad)

Apart from that “deperessing” moment…which some of you out there are experiencing…I shall now go on to the “positive” side…one fine day after an early class session which was not compulsory(why did I go anyway?Hmmm…),decided to go to KL…for what purpose is this band of “mad” people trying to do? To rob a bank? To run around naked while screaming for ice-cream? To paint the town red?…errr…in this case,I really meant to use red paint to paint everything and everyone and everywhere…Nah,we decided to keep our sanity controlled…went for…KARAOKE at REDBOX(Sungei Wang branch)…Yupz,interested in participating the next Malaysian Idol? A good place for a headstart…and to have some fun laughing at each other…perhaps you wouldn’t be surprised to see Simon Cowell or Paul Moss in the nearby rooms singing Ricky Martin’s…She Bangs…together with body movements too =P Mostly are Oldies and Chinese songs being sung…I dunno how to read the Chinese words as well to speak fluently,therefore I suck and choose not to sing those =P …with odd music videos that had nothing to do with certain songs…for example,girls in bikini dancing to some love song…Conclusion…I am not a good singer,hahaha =P Fun time guaranteed,nonetheless…

Watched another movie…it was Peter Jackson’s King Kong…it’s a remake based on the old King Kong movie(not sure whether there was a book)…except that now we have better technology,so don’t expect to see toy models of the Empire State building or some guy in a Gorilla suit =P Overall,in my opinion…the movie turned out good…King Kong looked great,feels kinda real…the good/fun part begins when the crew reached Skull Island cuz we can see King Kong…the only downside about this movie is that its longer than the standard 2 hour movie,means we hafta warm the seats for the next person watching the show,so be prepared…best viewed in the cinema compared to illegal VCD/DVD…To me,its better if compared to Chronicles of Narnia… =P And I watched King Kong twice,not because it was so great…first time with friends and second with family,when I came back from university tired as hell from sleepless nights -_-

Thus,begins my holidays/study leave…How will I use it? That is uncertain…as time will only tell if I did use them wisely…and here I am once again,wasting time online and typing out this post,hehe…too bad,I sometimes get sidetracked easily =P Ending with another picture…Cheese signing off… ; )

The last picture taken in the lab,before our next session of Laboratory experiments in the next 2nd Semester,behold both our lecturer,second from left is Dr. Gan Suyin and the far right is Mr. Dominic Foo(not Dr. status yet,but soon to be… =P )…Don't ya know that the latest fashion is a Green Labcoat =P

Lab reports+Laziness+Last minute work=Time consuming+Sleepless nights+Tired Cheese =P

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Short post+One picture...

Hello once again…after quite some time of not updating this page,I realised that I am either too busy or too lazy…well,hehe…you know which one is the answer,right? =P Well,this is one of those short posts since I don’t really know what to talk about…or perhaps I would not like to expose about…or maybe its just the plain ol’ “I forgot what happened the past few days” syndrome…Anyway,if there is something that is important or “meaningful”,either positive or negative thoughts…I assure that it will eventually come its way to this very blog…opened for public viewing…that is if the owner chooses to do so =P Let’s start,shall we?

Hmmm…the previous Sunday,a Dance Night was held in my university by the Dance Club. I was “persuaded” to go by some of my friends…wasted I wasn’t persuaded by a bunch of pretty girls…Oh wait,I shouldn’t have said that…cuz it will make some of my friends who “persuaded” me(which are girls) feel bad about themselves…hahaha =P Well anyway,lets not stray too far from the topic…The theme of the night was Switch…where the performers and well,the audiences/guests kept on dancing with various different type of dances…from the simple line-dancing to some Cha-Cha to some sort of Cowboy dance and etc…etc…(Note:Strip dancing not included in the package =P ) But the majority of the time is spent by “us” doing the dancing while music is played within the background,most of them are the typical disco or “clubbing” type of music…Yes,there was one Breakdancer and some “Shufflers” on the dance floor too…My mind and body didn’t feel like doing anything on that day…so its not really the fault of my friends(which they kept blaming on themselves =P )…just don’t feel in the mood,don’t have the mojo,not my type of liking…in a way…It doesn’t matter,whats gone is gone,what has passed is passed…which in turn makes me realise something and I shall be undergoing a “project” of my own…what is it,if you may all ask? Well for now,it remains as “For me to know and for you to find out” =P

Already watched Chronicles of Narnia,anyone? Hahaha…I had!!! =D But the seats that we got wasn’t that good…well neither it was that bad either,haha =P For those who had read the books(all 7 of them…or either any 1 of them) you might have a “slight” understanding of what is going on…or you’ll just ended up like me…just to watch it and feel odd and surprised at the same time…like watching Harry Potter:The Goblet of Fire without watching the previous movies or reading the books at all(Hehehe…that was me,sad case =P ) In the end,the movie is pretty much Ok-Ok…just don’t expect too much,for those who read the books beforehand…

Note to self:Watch previous Harry Potter movies and steal…errr…I mean borrow from those who have the books =P

By the way, I still haven’t activated or updated anything on my Friendster account…no user details…no pictures…yet,so just wait patiently like little kids waiting for Santa Clause to drop down the chimney and deliver presents under the Christmas tree…it’ll be up soon as soon as I snap the first picture to be posted up as the Main Picture…which would decide whether is this person(me) worthy to be a “Friend” in the Friendster Universe!!! And to finish my post,I have one of the picture of the Switch Dance Night posted up at the ending…Now if you’ll excuse me,gotta get ready to return back to Semenyih =P Over and out…

Wait a second…I just noticed that I am almost as tall as the rest of them,WAHAHAHA…Nah,it is just that I was standing more towards the front(nearer to the camera) compared to the rest of em’…Optical illusion~~~ =P