Sunday, March 26, 2006

Of Anime,Video games & Studies

As the title of the post suggests, this will be a 3 in 1 mix-matched entry…since I still don’t have any events to share with you…yet…proceed to read if you choose to do so…or else…your quest ends here…GAME OVER =P (Not really,at least scroll down to view the pictures,okay? =P )

Yes,I do watch anime…not really a hardcore type…I think I can count the amount that I had watched with my ten fingers(well maybe a little bit more than 10)…I don’t download them nor do I purchase them…I usually leech from others like mosquitoes savouring the sweetness of human blood(a mild mosquitoe)…Hmmm,that’s too harsh…lets just use the term “borrow but without returning” =P (no,its not “stealing” cuz I asked permission first…same case for raping,ask permission first kids >=P ) The genre of anime for me is typically more towards Action or Comedy,would be better if both genre were mixed. Usually watch animes when there are no good movies to watch…either go out and watch with friends or just wait for my dad to buy DVD’s =P I would like to watch…now altogether my kindergarten students,A is for Apple,B is for Boy and V is for…Vendetta!!! >=P Currently watching a Love Comedy anime nowadays,entitled School Rumble…darn funny,lame,stupid,etc…giggled and chuckled my way through the episodes,GO WATCH IT!!! =D

Now,on to the video games universe…never really play computer games now cuz the requirements just to play some state-of-the-art-new-game just keeps on getting higher and higher,as my humble computer cannot support and had devote itself for internet,playing songs,watching movies&anime,etc…purposes. How am I to satisfy my hunger for video games? Well,my loyal PS2 of course(its gonna be outdated soon though cuz PS3 is coming out soon)…I like RPG(Role Playing Game) as well as others,would spent quite a huge amount of time playing games such as these…preferably with long holidays(Hey,I am not a 100% video game geek,I still do other stuff as well…including working part-time jobs…cuz I need the money =P ) My latest addition is Onimusha:Dawn of Dreams,no time to play yet though(including other video games on my “soon to be played list” like Dragon Quest VIII) due to time constraining factors(read the following paragraph) And also,Final Fantasy XII is out already!!! The Japanese version though,so it’ll probably take a few months later for the English version to be out…Hmmm,Final Fantasy~I enjoy…But no worries,another awaited game on my list is coming maybe in a week’s time…Kingdom Hearts 2!!! English version summore,a fusion of Disney and Final Fantasy characters,cute,fun~enjoyable,GO BUY IT!!! =D

As a student,one must endure the courseworks as well as cope in studies to face the examination(sort of like killing the small fries until you reach the final confrontation with the Big Boss) Exams is coming soon,in about 5-6 weeks time(inclusive of only 1 miserable Study Week,so early already freaking out liao~) Number of papers to undertake is a total of 5 papers!!!(equivalent to the number of fingers on one hand…well unless you are crippled/disabled…I am truly sorry -_- ) And I would hafta start way early this time,no screwing around(still can,but control lah~ =P ) and courseworks are still not over yet,more to come soon. So,all matters of enjoyment would hafta be postponed until further due…in other words,till after exams I suppose…saddening,GO STUDY!!! =(

Before I end this entry(with pictures again),I would like to thank SmashpOp for taking his time to come over to Nottingham University(Malaysia)…part of his job anyways =P on the XFresh roadtrip last Monday(20th March 2006) It was a long journey,hot as Hell weather and into the “ulu-ness” territory if one is a City-kid(like me =P )…got to meet him in person,like meeting an alien,sort of like Steven Spielberg’s E.T,haha =P Gonna go watch 1 or 2 episodes of School Rumble now,see ya dear readers!!!

Here comes our VIP(excluding the music artists =P )…Fellow bloggers from Right to Left,ME,Da VIP Jason Goh(SmashpOp),Yu Ming(Baga),Kye Lee(Kyels) and Dylan…Oh yeah,and the XFresh bus too,designed by the guy in Yellow shirt DUH!!! =P

Promoting XFresh(Complimentary shirt from SmashpOp)…4 out of 5 Dentists Recommend XFRESH FM! Yup,they sure do…dont believe me? Then go out to your nearest Dental Clinic…or a Clinic/Hospital…even a Veterinary Clinic will do!!! =P

Do what the finger tells you to do, visit, GO VISIT NOW!!! ; P

Sunday, March 19, 2006

1st Anniversary!!! =D

Yup,it had already been a year of blogging…a total of 62 posts(including this one) were posted up since 15th of March 2005…it started with wordy type of posts…and nowadays I prefer to include pictures whenever I can…except that I blogged less often for now...sometimes,I’ve just had nothing to blog about…haha

So in the first place,why did I started this so called “blogging business”? No it’s not for fame and money(although I wish I could…the money part =P )…perhaps it was a “calling” from the voice inside of me,yearning to tell tales(and crap a lot too)…no,I wont be planning to write a book…Seriously,I wondered at first like everybody else…why waste time keeping something up like this? In the end,it’ll be useless and then comes a time where the entries would come to a complete halt…thus the death or the ending for this blog that had once stood in the online universe for quite some time…why continue to blog?

Pretty simple answer,so simple that you could get full marks for it…because I choosed to do so…with the exception that I was reading a few blogs which belonged to my other friends at first…and I said,“Heck…I can make one for myself too!!!”…the journey had begun…my blog ain’t popular till it is overflooded with lotsa people…I prefer to be low-profiled,humble as I can be…no issues that might cause a catastrophe too great too bear(well,at least not yet~phew)…mainly the entries are about my life…sort of like what I’ve been experiencing(boring,no?)…love it or hate it =P One day,I’ll just look back at this and laugh out loud,reminiscing the moments…staring at the computer screen and typing out stuff that others wouldn’t bother to read…hilarious >=P

Is the end drawing closer for this humble blog that ceases to exist sooner or later? Only time will tell…excuse me if sometimes there weren’t any updates now and then,it doesn’t mean that I’ve given up yet…that wraps up this entry as I’ve nothing much to say…hopefully it’ll last till many anniversaries later…like successful companies that will never go bankrupt,thanks to demands from loyal customers(which means you all out there!!! =P )

HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY!!! (Sorry blog darling~for not posting this entry last Wednesday,15 March,I’ll design a new layout for you soon enough*kiss*…sounds like a husband comforting his wife…my goodness)

Only 2 random photos posted up this time!!! Sorry <= P That’s all…

Oranges…good for health cuz it’s rich in Vitamin C…and also can be used as “objects” to take ridiculous-looking pictures…such as the one seen above…the wonders of Oranges~ =P

Athelitic players wannabe…badminton,squash,tennis,ping-pong,basketball,etc…you name it,we’ve played it on that particular night…so active till we can’t stop moving while this picture was taken(excuse the blur movements) =P

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Operation Cake-Eater?!!

Here comes another entry which consists mainly a lot of pictures…again…seems quite an eventful week I shall say…this time it is yet another occasion that is meant to be celebrated…for it only happens once a year for each individual…shall I elaborate more? Oh yeah,it took place one week ago…on Tuesday(28th February)…

It was just another ordinary Tuesday…for everybody else…except for us as we had to wake up extra earlier before lectures which was supposedly be at 10am…why did we sacrifice extra sleep for that particular day? Last minute studying for a test? Not really…just to execute our devious plan for the day to one of our helpless friend…sounds weird and mysterious? Read on to find out…Commencing Operation Cake-Eater…(yes,it sounds lame =P )

We had to sneak into the University “fortress” to deliver this utmost important object…a cake…not an ordinary one,mind you…So here’s a quick final look before something is done upon it

So we woke our “friend” up from his deep slumber(in his hostel room) and proceeded to blindfold him,just like a group of “terrorist” that kidnaps victims by waking them up from their beauty sleep…evilness >=P Yes,I was the one who did it as you can see from this picture…Darn,now the whole world know its me,should’ve worn a ski mask or perform a plastic surgery after this incident,shall keep that in mind for next time =P

The aftermath of projecting the cake into our “victim’s” face,he still seems so happy though…Hmmm,cake does bring happiness to someone…as I sneak away from the crimescene just like a professional killer who had served his purpose,unscathed(Ok,I got a little bit of cream on my shirt and pants =P )

Group picture with birthday boy,Kah Peng(he washed himself with water,so the cream stains doesn’t seem that noticeable)

After a long shower,he transformed into…The Pink Pengster…Check out the wordings on the back of the pink shirt and also not forgetting the pink slippers too(our presents)…elegant,yet stylish~like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy =P

Later in the evening,comes another self-cooked dinner…this time,a change of chef(Eddie takes a day off from the kitchen department)…our challenger,Yean Yen boldly steps up and prepares 5 dishes,impressing the Pink Pengster and us as well…Looks simple,yet appetizing…especially the top-left dish,Black Pork Ribs(eeerrr…that’s what I call it cuz I cant really remember exactly what the ingredients are,and yeah its black in colour too =P )

Wait…there is a dessert too?!! That makes a total of 6 dishes!!! It may seem like ordinary oranges,but take a closer look and you’ll notice a big difference…Orange Konnyaku Jellies!!! Ironically with orange skin intact,not an easy task as I had to dig out the orange’s inside using only a small stainless steel spoon,not only one but MANY…Now I just noticed that Eddie doesn’t make any dessert for us…haha,he loses to Yean Yen in this segment =P

What,another cake?!!! Well,this time it is to be eaten,NOT to be eaten by throwing it at someone’s face…imagine the extra damage of the chocolates and strawberries could have done…painfulness~ x_x

The last picture to be posted up…yet another group photo to end this post,important people for the day includes,birthday boy,Kah Peng(in red)…chef of the day,with dessert too,Yean Yen(bottom,in pink)…the fake-cake maker,but still looks edible,Pek Wee(most left,girl in black)…the fake-cake bearer,he who brings it with care ala’ Olympic style,Wilson(behind birthday boy)…the transporter,very important cuz he gives me a ride to University almost everday and the fake-cake too for that day,Yau Fee(specky guy in middle)…obviously,I am an important person too cuz I am the blogger that decides to post this entry up =P (don’t tell me you don’t know which one is me? -_- For convenience sake,middle row,2nd from left)…Oh yeah,not forgetting the photographer too,Eddie,for all the lovely pictures…job transformation from TTS House Chef to TTS House Photographer,LOLS(not seen in this picture,don’t worry I’ll upload the one with you in it to my Friendster ; P )…and to all important other personals that made it possible =D

I would like to congratulate our course basketball team,Chemical Engineering Year 1(the most bold team name compared to others) for winning the intra-basketball tournament…it was a tough match,as I was there at the court,watching the finals on that starless windy night…in the end,they managed to emerge as the victors against their competator,Simply Play with the score of 45-41…too bad I couldn’t obtain a group picture of them after the match(managed to get one,but it turned out “over-exposed”,after I viewed it for myself,go ask Dylan =P )…Hmmm,makes me wanna play basketball too

Alright,time to pack my stuff and return back to TTS…goodbye~

{{P.S:Baga,if you are reading this,Thanks for the ride on Friday…couldn’t have gotten to my destination and also back home without you,couldn’t have be able to log onto the internet and type out this post,couldn't have rest enough and bath my pet iguana too(Ok-Ok,I don’t have one),etc…~Arigatoo Gozaimasu =P }}