Monday, June 26, 2006

Job sessions...

Work…work…work…that’s what I had been doing for the majority of my initial days of holidays…doesn’t sound like holidays to me though…if memory serves me right,just after a few days when I returned from my Redang trip,off I go back to the realm of part-time working again.

It started as an offer from my neighbour,he says that he is in need of workers for his roadshow event. His company manages events and during that time,it was currently held in Ikano Power Centre. It was some sort of recycling event(aimed at lil’ kiddies) and the main sponsor for that particular event was TetraPak…you know,those packet-drinks that you drink from,everyday in your life? They are the ones who manufacture those packaging,with the slogan of “Protect what’s good”…geez,see I can even remember it due to countless repeated times of the advertisement and being air-ed by the DJ,throughout the whole event…in all different languages…I think I had been hypnotised…in a hidden way!!! =P As you can see,that I’ve agreed to help out since the event was kinda short,about 5 days only for me as I’ve “hopped on the wagon” a little bit late. What I had to do…hmmm,let me think…“kuli” work such as carrying stuff(tables,drinks,etc…)…sometimes help out with some art stuff(using recycled materials) for the kiddies,make sure they don’t cut off their fingers or “other parts”…passing out pamphlets(which I hate to do,jobs such as these are definitely not suitable for me)…and also giving out balloons!!! It is a skill though,when the balloon is inflated…it must not be too big(or else it’ll burst easily)…it must not be too small(kiddies don’t want their balloons to be smaller than their…errr…“parts”)…must be just the right size…just like a plastic surgeon who knows what size is best for their client’s “parts”,lols =P Once that was over,I thought I was done…or so I thought…it seems that the next journey for this event is all the way north to PENANG!!! I cant refuse(I couldn’t =P )…so I packed my bags and off I went to Penang for a few days…not for holidays,but for work…(To be continued…)

Onto another work…halfway throughout the event,I got a phone call…from none other than my previous job last year(refer back to older posts please)…asked whether I wanna work again or not…I was thinking of either working somewhere else and also contemplating of not working so soon(preferred to start in July)…feeling lazy of finding another job,I agreed again…they called me some more,haha…sounded like some sort of Mission Impossible movie…“Should you accept this mission…blah-blah-blah”…then my handphone would self-destruct in 5 seconds =P So here I am,back at the old place of the same old job…so far I had been working for half-days only(it only had been 3 half-days of work) and I decided to have off days twice in a week(for the month of June only)…feeling lazy again,haha…I would be resuming my full-days of work in July onwards with only 1 off day in a week…only in that way,I could obtain enough $$$ to purchase…(1)Handphone…lost the old one (2)External hard disk…insufficient hard disk space in laptop (3)Recover back my expenses…for trips,belanja makans’,etc…Business had been slow lately,I guess its due to World Cup season,fast-food outlets and Mamaks’ too,would be making lotsa money,haha =P Good ler,less things to do for me during work…but on weekends should be more people ler…

Now onto something else besides work,recently one of my friend’s birthday just passed. So,the usual planning of belated birthdays celebration was done…a simple dinner meal. We were not suppose to disclose our presence(only some close friend of hers will) till that day comes…testing her reaction of course. When everyone arrived,then its time to feast…the venue is Shogun,in 1 Utama…Japanese buffet~baby…it also serves Korean and other non-raw food as well…Yeah…picture time once again =P I’ll hafta make-do with the pictures that she sent to me,although there are others that I want and she is currently busy with organizing her Scout Camp stuff(in other words,dun wanna kacau-kacau =P )…haha,I am a Scout-retiree already since the end of Form 5…still knowledgeable ok? Don’t pray-pray =P So here goes,credit goes to Wei Sun for the pictures =D

Now for the record…first time ever in the history of Cheese…the first Japanese buffet he had ever been!!! The food there was ok…I kinda got bored after trying to eat ALL the sushi that I can ever eat cuz the variety wasn’t much,I wanna eat all the weird different looking ones…in other words uncommon sushi for adventurous eaters =P lols,but not blowfish ler,that one is for over-adventurous eaters

(Apologies to Eddie for not asking him there cuz he once told me to call him if I ever wanted to go for Japanese(Sushi) buffet…anyways,I think he is either in Penang or Malacca during that moment…next time,ok? Now kinda broke already…)

An example of a proper picture…with birthday girl,Wei Sun,at the back

…An example of an improper picture -_-" trying to promote the restaurant but the flash that was emitted from the camera had to ruin everything!!! Lols =P

Finally,it ends with a group picture…3 Musketeers at the back…from left to right,Nicholas(Wei Sun’s friend,just only met),ME and Wei Hao(Classmate in Taylors,now in Nottingham University(Malaysia),which is the same university as me but different course-Mechanical Engineering,met Wei Sun through him)…4 ladies in the front…also from left to right,Li Huey(Wei Sun’s friend,just only met),Melissa(Met lately in Taylors,classmate as well as close friend of Wei Sun,I didn’t knew she was in Damansara Jaya secondary school(my school)…till the day she was introduced to me in Taylors…ironically,she is in the class next to mine and does know me a bit…which means I am famous,haha…in a way =P ),Wei Sun(Birthday girl,met in Taylors,now studying Law,she is Japanese Crazy I tell you…I think maybe she’ll marry a Japanese guy and migrate to the Land of the Rising Sun =P ) and Xian Ai(Met her in Taylors,classmate as well as a close friend of Wei Sun,quite active in Scouts affairs in her secondary school in Taman Sea…rite?)

Sigh…looks like I cant watch Formula 1 on TV anymore cuz weekends are full-days of working…only can watch World Cup lah…since it is aired as late as 3am…but now cannot watch ALL the remaining matches…normal TV does not broadcast 11pm matches,but only 3am matches…with exception to Semi-finals,3rd&4th placing and of course the Finals. Lousy channels…that’s why I only use my TV to watch VCD’s/DVD’s and play games on my PS2 >=P So “Astro-less” people like me would hafta find an alternative way to watch…time to go to your local Mamak!!! Maybe I’ll watch certain matches in Mamak (the fun way)…or else just go sleep and wait for SMS in the next day from Maxis to tell me the results(the NOT fun way)…I’ll still watch the 3am matches although the following day has work…yup,this only occurs once in every 4 years,so just savour it as much as one can…FOOTBALL-MANIA!!! =P

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A special story: House No. 16

This entry is sort of like a “filler” post cuz I am currently waiting for an opportunity to go online and retrieve pictures from Yau Fee,which is about my previous outing in Penang. So,I kinda compiled a few pictures here and there(sort of like a scrapbook)…and Voila!!! There you have it…a side event or maybe some sort of “behind the scenes” of the occurrences in my far-away rented house,under the diabolical off-campus accommodation,Pioneer company >=(

Right in the heart of the oil palm plantation,there stood a residential area,where university students are deprived of many entertainment facilities…no shopping malls(to go to good ones,one must travel quite far or must at least have a car)…no good place to eat(once getting sick of going to Mamaks’ repeatedly)…no reliable high speed internet access(some are unavailable within the area and others are overpriced)…etc…

Would these “victims” be doomed for all eternity?!! Probably not…don’t believe me? Well,I welcome you to my humble abode in Semenyih(area codename: TTS)…please come in and see what had we done to keep our sane intact for the past 1 year…

The familiar looking number of the rented house…a postbox that would forever be under-utilised,except that it does fulfill its purpose by being filled with advertisement leaflets and electricity/water bills =P

As a student,we must of course take our studies as serious matters(but not too serious-lah)…the “useful table” which serves as a place for “education purposes” is being used…

I don’t have a picture of the utilisation of the “useful table” in our house…so here is a “Sample picture” in the Student Association building within the campus area,where you can see students who are “deeply-focused” in doing their courseworks…last minute lah =P

Here is the “not too serious-lah” and the “not so deeply-focused” scenario =D
Quote: A camera a day…keeps the posers at bay?!! =P

Another thing to do is to play sports cuz…errr…there is a Sports Complex in the vicinity of the campus…yeah,that’s right…and also we cant have “sporty” activities in the small house =P

Once again…here is another “Sample picture” which was after a game of badminton/squash/tennis…although no evidence was shown that sports were actually played on that night as shown in the aforementioned picture,Hmmm…

Then,there were the infamous makan sessions(where the “useful table” is put into good use…or else we’ll hafta eat on the floor =P )…which ranges from occasions such as…

From random get-together conventional dinners…

…to birthday events

All meals are edible,don’t expect to see 5 Star Hotel meals…maybe in the future,as for now…not yet

Note: Sincerest apologies due to lack of more makan pictures to post up…either some of them had been posted up in previous entries(just check back older posts for viewing pleasure…if you want) or I just don’t have much…must buy my own digital camera next time >=P

Besides playing games such as DOTA on laptops,there is a new “alternative activity” that would surely keep you playing for more…

Presenting the newest addition in TTS House No.16(not really new now though)…MAHJONG!!! It was first introduced during Chinese New Year 2005…a bunch of wannabe Mahjong players learnt it from veteran players(Yau Fee and Kah Peng)…I was one of the “students” though…and in less than a few hours,we are armed with the minimal knowledge to play it…as one progressively plays it,he/she would be more familiar with it…be one with the Mahjong tiles…But be cautioned not to be too addicted to it or even use it as a gambling tool…unless you wanna have a “clean-shaven-haircut” >=P Can play…but please do not gamble(unless of course,you are good in it =P )

Alas,it is time for me to move/shift to another house because of the money-sucking Pioneer company which charges students at an expensive rate. Since it had been a year already and by now,at least get to know others compared to the beginning of the academic year,some of us can get together and rent another house on our own…not under any sort of profit money-minded accommodation company. We’ve already found a place,confirmed the occupants and also paid the deposit(1 month)…I would mention the place and also post a picture on this blog,when the time comes. To those who would be staying around my newfound area,hope to see you more often and get to “hang out” in the lands of this “partially-urban” area =P

A last look at the house which I had been staying far-far away…aaaahhh~the good memories…Goodbye!!!

Lastly,I would be starting to work again…on the 19th of June…in the SAME place as LAST TIME…haha,sigh~is this a good thing or not? Oh well,only time will tell…so hopefully,I would be updating this blog once in a while with my usual ramblings and with whatever I can think of…Rest assured,World Cup will not be a major barrier for making me not to update this blog...I would only watch a few matches and also not ALL the matches I would be able to watch…cuz I only have normal cable TV,NO ASTRO…so its either I can only watch some matches which are LIVE or delayed ones or none at all(whilst frustratingly adjusting the indoor antenna in order to watch certain matches on NTV7)…sadness <=( Can you believe it?!! Some of my other friends just recently got ASTRO and flat screen Plasma TVs…Was it free? Perhaps it was on an offer or a discount? For what purpose and occasion?…why,it is for the World Cup of course…truly a remarkable breakthrough to see how far a person will go to make things possible…Simply Amazing…Whoa~~~ ; D

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Redang Island trip...(Part 2)

(Due to complications of using Blogger again…please view/read Part 1 first before Part 2…Do’h…just scroll down further more till you see it)

Interested in getting buried alive…right here in Redang? It’s a “paradise” I tell you =P

Picture was taken with special underwater camera,during our snorkeling trips…so uhhh,here’s a reef which…errr…looks like a mushroom/fungus

Eeerrrmmm…reef that looked like brains?!!

Oooohhh…look,finally a picture which isn’t a reef!!! It’s the very same clownfish that provided motion-capture for Nemo in Pixar’s Finding Nemo…seriously…ok-ok I lied,that’s actually his stunt-double ; P

Here’s a part of the island which is super excellent for sleeping/relaxing…very soothing with a nice breeze which serves as an outdoor air-conditioner…now if only the camera could turn 180 degrees to the back,so that I could show the readers what I meant,never mind…just come to Redang Island to find out!!!

A little hut here,imagine drinking a cup of tea while enjoying the surroundings…well,or we could just forget about that and just snap a photo

Nice little hand-made Origami mini-shirts as souveniers for the trip…kudos to those who made it…while others were sleeping throughout the night =P

One last group picture here in Redang Island before we leave…goodbye Redang!!!

After that,it was a long and grueling journey back to KL…I think it was about 6 to 7 hours bus ride,everyone went their separate ways once we arrived at the stop. Overall,I kinda enjoyed the vacation,apart from the missing handphone <=( It was appropriate,relaxing most of the time…nothing much to worry about,aaahhh bliss~the best remedy after an examination…would like to go to other islands too next time(like Pangkor,Langkawi,Tioman,etc…),since Redang Island can be counted as my second only(Penang counted as the first,haha =P ). Make sure that if anyone is going for any sort of trips such as this,snorkeling is a must-go…or better yet,scuba-diving…if that’s the sort of stuff you wanna do…apart from “bird-watching” =P

Heh,finally I’ve updated this post after much procrastination…stay tuned for other procrastinating entries…haha,till then…see ya in the next update!!!

Redang Island trip...(Part 1)

(Note:Due to complications of using the “not-so-user-friendly” Blogger posting up picture thingy,I had to split this post to 2 parts >=P )

Date of event: 22nd till 24th of May 2006…

On those particular dated days,there was a trip to Redang Island organised by a group of Chemical Engineering(Year 1) students from Nottingham University(Malaysia Campus)…since exams just only ended a few days ago(19th May 2006)…what awaits these students in a place like that remained a complete mystery(to some who’ve never been there…like yours truly =P )

Had to be back in the campus on the 21st of May to gather ourselves and would be boarding the night bus from Kajang to Terengganu,so would spend overnight in a moving contraption which also serves as a place to sleep. Didn’t get much sleep though…not counted as proper sleeping anyways…and finally arrived at the other bus terminal around the wee hours in the morning…Then,“it” happened…the tragedy…“someone” was left behind…everyone panicked!!! Ok-ok…no one panicked…and that “someone” which is more of like a “something” was my handphone…it got “phone-napped” by the bus driver as he sped away,leaving the owner in teary eyes(due to lack of sleep X_X )…it had served its master well for almost 2 and a half years(sadly couldn’t reach three),it had endured the pain and suffering caused by the “master’s clumsiness”…sometimes it fails the master during phone calls and text messaging as well as trying to beat the high score for the game,Snake =P But nonetheless,it would fall in the hands of another person or rest in peace/pieces…in handphone heaven?!! Goodbye Nokia 8310…and hello new handphone >=D Still haven’t bought one yet and currently using back-up phone…all my contacts are gone,but at least I’ve managed to recover back my handphone number from Maxis centre(after the trip) and luckily some other contacts that I had recorded quite some time ago in a notepad(phone book)…

Now back to the story…ehem*ehem*…a van took us to the office of the company that provided the holiday package…we waited there…like those contestants in Amazing Race which are waiting for places to open so that they can perform their task(in this case,waiting for restaurant to open so can makan!!!) and also waiting in the airport to get tickets,to travel to other countries that they were supposed to go(in this case,waiting for boat services to operate!!!)…when the time comes,a bus transported us to the jetty and took a speedboat to the island. I would describe the boat ride as sort of like driving on the road…with multiple speed bumps,which the boat flew in the air once in a while at high speed(hurts ass when landed on water again)

When we arrived…the first thing that fascinates us is obviously the…no,not the island…is actually the blue crystal clear water,so unlike the dirty-murky “drain water to sea” in Port Dickson =P The weather was kinda cloudy,not sunny-sun type,more of like “its gonna rain” type…we checked in to our accommodation,Redang Reef Resort and everyone wanted to just stripped off all their clothes(exaggeration here!!!) to jump into the sea,not for committing suicide,just for swimming…but there was a slight rain…still,it didn’t stopped/refrained some of em’ from going…as for me,it would be wise to wait for the rain to settle down first(no rush,the day is still early) cuz (1)Don’t wanna get sick (2)Dunno how to swim (3)The water current were kinda strong when it rains due to blowing wind,which troubles me if Reasoning No.2 is taken into account =P

Once the weather is OK,we then proceeded to obtain our snorkeling gear,which consists of only a snorkeling mask(with the breathing tube thingy) and a life jacket(for “safety” purposes as well as for people who dunno how to swim =P )…a little bit training by the instructor and then we are free to swim around nearby…for starters…still could see some marine lives at the sea bed…but not much variety and got bored after some time. Speaking of “bored”,I m kinda lazy to elaborate every bit from now on,so I’ll just skip to the part of what we actually did there together with pictures…and I guess you guys are tired of reading only texts,need some visuals,eh? =P

Here goes,pictures from Redang Island(in no chronological order)…credit goes to Pin Pin for capturing all these wonderful moments ; )

As you can see,on the day we arrived…the weather wasn’t so inviting…so at times like this,we…

Spend some “quality” time by indulging ourselves in a game of Mahjong…hmmm,it seems that this had been a favourite past time for some of “us”…not for gambling purposes =P

If one is on a beach,to play volleyball is a must…apart from watching other girls/guys playing in their “beach attire” of course =P

Group picture time…with special appearance of…the volleyball of course =P

Makan during dinner time…where it was supposed to be a barbeque dinner,which I assumed was supposed to be D.I.Y,but apparently…it was pre-done for us…so who cares,too tired and just wanna eat to our heart’s content =D

Practically there was nothing much to do at night,no internet,no TV,no Mamak,etc…so why not just go for a Karaoke session? Since its F.O.C some more,haha…Or perhaps it had already been paid,included in the package?

Photography session again…this time at night…dark…so must carry a light source,as seen from the aforementioned picture…

Good morning Redang!!! The second day,where it was sunny-sunny weather(compared to the moody weather on the first day)…had to apply sunblock or suffer the consequences!!!

Take a dip in nice cooling sea water…but,not-so-nice taste of extra salty water in mouth >_<
Ladies with the instructor…

Gents with the instructor…