Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Industrial visit/trip...

As the weeks passed by,like the cool breezing winds blown across the plains on a day of splendour and the promised land grew with more beauty as the Garden of Eve…Hmmm,that doesn’t sound right…I shall re-phrase…(rewind)…like the strong gushing winds blown across the oil-palm plantation area on a day of constant downpour and the so called “promised” rooms in Nottingham Campus,grew with more fungus due to high moisture content,as beautifying as moss grows on rocks…Now,doesn’t that sounded more familiar and more towards reality? =P Yeapz,welcome back to University of Nottingham,Malaysian Campus…located deep within Semenyih…within the oil-palm plantations area filled with danger,lurking in every corner…snakes await their victims with uttermost patience…I’ve never encountered one before though…

Previously on a Saturday,went for an industrial visit to Malaysian Newsprint Industries(MNI) in Mentakab,Pahang…educational purposes lor…not for holiday…yet…It is actually a paper mill which mainly recycles materials made from paper(such as books,newspapers,magazines,cardboard boxes.pornography magazines,etc…) into…CANDY!!! =D Yeah right,in Fantasyland of course…obviously turned into paper to be distributed to their main clients,the newspaper companies. They have their very own water-treatment system as part of the process of producing paper. Water is taken from a nearby river,treated,used and re-treated to be returned back to the river. There are even FISHES in the big containment area of the murky waters obtained from the river,anyway it is too murky to see the fishes that our “tour guide” “claimed” is inside…perhaps it might be some secret experimental project(the whole paper mill is just a cover-up)…involving aliens? Fish monsters? Another Godzilla? (Twilight Zone music being played)…who knows =P Big machineries,loud noises,factory in the middle of nowhere…does it appeal to a person looking for a job? Hehehe…

Overall,it was an OK-Ok visit,had to wake up really early(before sunrise),but really time consuming cuz most of the time is spent during the journey to and fro,inclusive of terrible traffic jam on the way back. So,in the end decided to stay back throughout the weekends instead of the usual “going back during the weekends”. Stayed up the whole night till early sunrise(Sunday) together with some coursemates to “try” to finish our work…yes,we saw the sunrise…In the end,after having breakfast,went back straight to sleep…almost the whole day was wasted by sleeping instead of “supposedly” doing work.

Yes!!! The sweet smell of victory…after finishing the coursework essay of course…nowadays,my workload begins to decrease…cuz most of them are done already…which means that I am quite free at the moment? Guess not…exams are coming!!! A few more weeks left till the 1st semester of the 1st year in University is over…then its off to HOLIDAYS for 3 weeks!!! Wait a second,did I said holidays?!! I mean *ehem* “study leave” for exams… >=P

Enjoy the pictures posted up…might not be too free the next few days…who knows? Life is unpredictable…See ya on the next update,signing out for now…

The front desk reception of the MNI company…seems empty,is the job still vacant/available?

A bunch of clueless “tourists” decided to take a group photo after given up searching for the toilet =P

The following pictures were taken in the bus on the way back,by a “bunch” of bored people,entertaining themselves:

Wilson and Yau Fee with blur look+smile,together with a “be-headed person

LOOK!!! A six-legged monstrosity with wings and the eyes able to witness a thousand over images at a time!!! In other words…a fly =P

Four guys…one bus…a long way back…traffic jam…who will survive? =P

Do not tempt me with French Fries!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Awaited update?

Another long awaited entry to be posted up on this blog…I’ve noticed that I only update this webpage,on average,only once per week…this isn’t good cuz usually it used to be at least 2 to 3 posts per week…well it all depends on factors such as whether I have anything to voice out from my mind at the moment,the exponentially increasing coursework,the mood swings encountered within one’s self,etc…

Majority of them are coursework that needed to be submitted by the deadlines…it’s almost like a never-ending cycle…once the first one is done or completed,another one pops up in your face just like…err…pimples?!! And it continues to grow and multiply at the same time…perhaps I cant really blame that most of my time(although it is partially to be blamed =P ) is spent doing those darn coursework,but maybe I just cant manage my time properly like how a clown juggles balls,bottles,other “clowny” stuff,in mid-air by using his/her two hands without even a single drop of sweat. The usual procrastinating and lazy-bum attitude also helps contribute to become the ultimate lazy-machine mankind ever had. Heck,and here I am posting up this entry instead of resuming my lab report…hehe,easily get side-tracked,no? =P

Another issue arises…in my Chemical Engineering course,there is this so called “book” known as a Steam Table…which consists of data and values for a lotsa mumbo-jumbo stuff that I haven’t learnt yet,but it’ll be really useful in the coming days for calculations,in Thermodynamics for example,and also for future usage…well,as an intelligent consumer,decided to take a look at the book first…we have no clue how it looks like but one thing is for sure,it costs around RM60!!! After arriving at the desired destination where the “book” is sold,to our dismay…its just some crappy-looking A4 sized booklet with a green cover paper(not hardcover) with only about 20 to 30 pages!!! That’s pure daylight robbery!!! The price is even worst than the overpriced cafeteria food also not forgetting the business-minded-conning Pioneer company(which manages the University's accomodations) as well,no offense,ya? Some bought the “book” and of course,other kiasu people(that includes me =P ) refuse to buy it…yet…this is the time where the minds of the “future pirates” decided to obtained a “book” from any “victim”…errr…I mean “someone who is kind enough to lend the book” =P so that photocopying is possible…but many questions are yet to be unanswered such as whether izzit allowed to be used in examinations? Will the kind/dumb person lend it to the kiasu people? Will the price of the “book” be lowered,considering that it is economically-unfriendly? But seriously speaking,it is really not worth buying that overpriced “book”…I rather use the money to donate to charity…and Hey,ain’t the foolish “Emperor” who wants a new pair of clothes,ended up getting cheated by some con-men(Story:The Emperor’s New Clothes) >=P

Oh,not forgetting that another birthday was celebrated for Wilson and Eddie(Eddie was a pre-birthday,hehe save money for purchasing one cake by killing two birds with one stone…Ok-ok,at least the cake is good in quality =P )…had dinner at a place in Kajang called Rocteam(spelling might be wrong =P ) Sadly,not much pictures to be posted up here cuz most of the pictures taken were dark and blurry…no thanks to our fellow “photographers”,Yau Fee’s camera ran out of battery after a few shots and Pek Wee’s camera couldn’t cope with the gloomy/dark atmosphere of the restaurant,actually it wasn’t the camera’s fault…the photographers are to be blamed…Haha,just kidding,don’t get mad for nothing =P I should’ve employed a person who I know as SmashpOp to be there to snap some pictures…hehe,please check out his photoblog page located under the Links section,good stuff to be viewed!!! ; ) (Hehe,advertising…make sure I get some $$$,eh SmashpOp? =P )

Anyways,I’ve only managed to “salvage” one piece of photo which looks OK and it is posted at the end of this entry. Perhaps I should get a digital camera of my own,thinking of getting one though and then can upload pictures to this “dull” blog,haha =P Guess that’s all for this post…will not know when the next update will be up…keep your fingers crossed…Till then,take good care everyone…Ciaozzz…

Yean Yen(recommended the restaurant and bought the cake!!! =) ),Yau Fee(photographer whose camera encountered some “technical problems” due to uncharged batteries =P ),Eddie(our Iron Chef gets a day/night off from cooking dinner by celebrating his pre-birthday),The one and only person known as Cheese in this group,Kiwi(smiling with a sleepy face =P ),Kah Peng(Whoa!!! Take a look at those SEXY LIPS =D ),Pek Wee(the other photographer whose camera also encountered some “technical problems” due to “cacat” camera,haha,no offense,ya? =P ) and last but not the least,the Birthday Boy,Wilson!!! (P.S:Ask him what he got for his birthday present =P )

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lying liars...

Lies…why do people lie? Is there a reason behind it? Lying to protect someone…lying for your own benefit…lying for a friend…What will you get in the end? What are they trying to hide? Do you feel better or the guilt that is slowly but surely growing within would consume you one fine day? Sometimes people regard lying as an easy way out of a problem,ignoring responsibilities…to some extent,a hobby to that particular person till its so natural for that person to reply or utter at least more than a single lie in his/her verbally spoken words coming from his/her cunning mind and mouth. But sometimes,although it is a sin…one would have to lie for a good cause…whether this is right or wrong,it depends on the individual or the others around him/her…how they look upon it and judge among themselves…in this world,there may be right,there may be wrong,or perhaps it is often to difficult to tell them apart…white or black…usually or most often in the grey area…We’ll,take the following “story” as an example and see for yourself…

This is based on a true story,all the characters involved are non-fictional,they exist in the real world,living among us…let the exposure begin >=P

One fine day,like any ordinary day…I think…it was a Sunday,I received a “distress” call from one of my “housemate”(name shall be remain anonymous for now)…he says that he lost his front door key and is unable to enter our house in TTS(the place we are staying near the Campus)…knowing that it is my duty to act accordingly,no matter how small the issue or problem is…like Batman,I responded to the “Bat-signal”…and decided to go back to TTS earlier than usual…it was raining a bit,upon reaching the place,found him waiting for me(he was at one of our neighbour’s house before that)…in the end,his keys were “claimed” to be locked in his drawer,aiyah so “careless”…in the end,decided to go to campus by hitching a ride from another friend who just happens to be there at the right moment,at the right time…but forgot to bring my Student ID…so anyways,there were four of us and a change of plan,go to Fajar supermarket to stock up instead…pushing the trolley around aimlessly and picking up random stuff to buy…

Once that was done,departed back to my humble “abode” in TTS…the plot thickens,thy friendly housemate says he heard something in my room when I left,the sound of shattered glass…so the obvious reaction was to go upstairs and investigate(although his “claim” sounds plausible)…as the door creaked opened…

A paparazzi jumps out of nowhere,unknowingly snaps a picture of the “famous celebrity” together with his 2 bodyguards(behind) =P followed by a cheerful SURPRISE and the common birthday song being sung in sync…

“Goldilocks” here found some food on his bed (Top)

A clearer view of the secret “inscription” to life longevity =P (Bottom)

A picture of a hungry person…errr…I mean,the Guardian of Food trying/attempting to eliminate the ants from the food =P

Group photo…everyone tries not to drip their saliva on the food by smiling =)

A pretty gal spoon-feeds(in this case,fork-feeds) a soon to be 19 years old “toddler” =D

Meet “Charlie” and his “angels”…wait a second,one is missing!!!

In the wee hours of the morning,when it’s a little bit cold,people tend to be close to each other in order to keep warm…right? =P

Surely,a birthday party/surprise without a birthday cake would be very wrong…together with a birthday hug,birthday wishes,birthday bash?!!,etc… =P

How did he put out the candles on this cake? By blowing or sucking the air?!! Take a good guess ; P

Either someone get another sharper knife or this cake is made out of concrete!!! =P

Apart from the “expensive” birthday presents(I’ve got a T-shirt,a tie,a semi-leather sling bag and a pair of sexy boxers?!!),this is the one that really is the best among the best…they spent almost 6 hours to make this(Sheesh…why so slow one arr? Potong Gaji!!! =P )…I really truly appreciate this…a priceless artifact…sorry E-Bay and Old Newspaper Man…you’ll never get it from me,not in a million years or perhaps for all eternity!!! >=P

Haha,the perfect scheme for the perfect “victim” =P So,as you can see…lies can bring mishaps,troubling other people in the process,so many things need to be covered up…but in a way,it brings happiness,joy and excitement too,in a “hidden” way,lol =P

Many THANKS to those “actors and actresses” on their performance,The Oscar goes to them =P …I seriously didn’t saw it coming,like a blind rat walking into a mousetrap…hehe,too young to have a heart attack,though =P Another memorable occasion to be recorded in a folder in my Computer-head,labelled under “Memories” and in this blog too,so I could just come back and view it in the future and laugh back at all those “priceless” moments…I hope that this blog-entry doesn’t offend any of them,just wanna make things a bit out of the ordinary,“indirectly” telling the “story”,spice things up,twist em’ up here&there =P Only posted up a few pictures,the others are either too blur or too “obscene” to be published =P So if they had read until this part,they would know that I don’t really mean it if I call them liars…errr…right guys? Hehe =P

To those who wished me (you know who you are)…a THANK YOU goes back to you guys/gals out there,give yourselves a pat at the back and have some pie for your effort…and what was my birthday wish was about? Lets just say that it is not something for myself only,but to the others around me who had strived along the current of life…along with me or somewhere “in a galaxy far far away”…may you all be blessed…Best of LUCK to everyone who are taking their SPM,STPM,or any other major/minor “exams”…troubled times are here to be overcometh in academic life…get through it with wings flapping and eventually progressing in life as you are meant to be…many things await in the unknown horizon,that’s what its all about…I think =P

Signing off for now…more assignments await…by the way,due to popular demand,I’ve already registered for a Friendster account,just recently…so don’t expect it to be up to date yet,perhaps next week it will begin to turn from emptiness to errr…something not so empty,when work starts to settle down a bit =P Ciaozzz for now!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Back to University so soon?!!

1 week,how long does 1 week lasts? It is equivalent to 7 days=168 hours=10080 minutes=604800 seconds…apart from knowing what 1 week is,in different form of units,to me it is pretty short in terms of time…Time always passes by before you even got the chance to know how or why the television is unable to be turned on(because the main switch was not switched on),how or why the brightness of the LCD screen of my laptop is decreasing(because I am using the battery unit instead of direct AC power from the power port or maybe I use the AC power but forgot to turn on the main switch),how or why my handphone suddenly just couldn’t make a call or SMS like normal(because I am in Semenyih,very weak signal in this “rural” area),how or why I am using lame reasoning which involves “batteries” or “power sources”(because I cant think of anything else at the moment =P )…etc…

Holidays are over…which means it is back to dreaded assignments and studies in Nottingham University. As usual my so called “plans” for the holidays is to do an equal amount of enjoyment and academic stuff(which includes one long term essay coursework,due on 1st of December,and doing revision of subjects which I had been neglecting,for the sake of doing my assignments)…and well,well,well…the laziness in my human structure has once again proven to be stronger than my “hardworking genes”(if there is such a thing =P ). But I did my revisions(although only a little bit),I still feel it is not enough…as always,I would have to re-pay back the loss in the future =P I just cant find the balance yet,in managing my time for enjoyment and for “academic things to do” (who can say no to total 100% of anything which involves fun for the holidays period? =P ) If this keeps up,I am gonna be in a mess…gotta change my “slacker” lifestyle to something better,it takes time though and determination and commitment and sacrifices and…(hehe,rambling on and on,knowing that I’ll never keep to my own words to myself,we’ll hafta wait and see =P )

Watched the movie Doom too,overall the movie is quite dull,a group of military guys with their guns,shooting in the dark,screaming here and there,the predicted moments where people get killed,gory and bloody scenes,etc…The only thing that caught my attention was the FPS(First Person Shooter) scene which was depicted,almost at the climax of the movie. In conclusion,I say that the movie is watch-able,but quite bland and boring throughout the whole movie.

Nothing much to talk about at the moment as my holidays were spent mostly at home,playing video games and going online(less cuz mum and sis use it most of the time,hence I cant really use it to do research for my coursework essay =P ) So this should be one of the boring updates I posted up,no pictures too…no worries the next update is gonna be better as I know what to update about…and inclusive of pictures too =) So await the next update,especially a certain “group” of my friends…be patient ; )

Till then,logging off now and see ya soon…