Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'll be back...

I wont be updating much the next few days…as I prepare myself to face the trials exam…there would be many sleepless nights…fatigue would take control of my zombified body…leaving me breathless…unable to determine the direction of the light as darkness surrounds my soul…

Maybe I’ll be online once in a while…usually I m online on Saturday nights…must have some time-outs or else…I would go totally insane,maybe dress myself up as a clown and start scaring other people…hmmm…must not let that happen for the safety of the world
I’ll be back… B-)

Monday, March 28, 2005

Music heals the soul

Do u notice that sometimes when u are doing something,there is a music or song played in your head by your own will? For example,when u are taking an exam,u start humming or sing a heroic song in your heart,to boost your confidence…or when u feel scared,u comfort yourself with soothing music…and maybe even when u successfully complete a difficult task like achieving perfect results in your final papers or manage 2 court the girl or guy of your dreams,u would have your very own “Victory” song played in the background of your head together with a “Victory” pose or “Victory” dance =P …ever felt that happened before? Well I have my own collection of songs in my jukebox head,though…

Listening to music really helps…yes it does,just trust Dr. Cheese here,I’ve been listening to a few,generally mine are rock,punk rock,instrumental(mainly from video games)…and any other songs that sounds like heaven to my ears…or have catchy funny verses in them like Girl All The Bad Guys Want,1985 or Almost by Bowling For Soup…Simple Plan songs are mainly about life…Hoobastank plays good songs too like one of my favourites entitled The Reason…I recommend 2 get the album =) Any other songs,artist or bands that u would recommend?

So whenever u feel down,just play a song in that little head of yours,guarantee to feel better…well I better get over my final preparations for my exams which starts this week…
goodbye for now
(“That heroic” song from Lord Of The Rings being played in my head now) =P

Friday, March 25, 2005

Mission Impossible

Had my Chemistry Practical Trial Exam 2day,the 1st part was OK but the 2nd part of it was like…this type of situation where “I know how to do it,but cannot put it in words and only found out how to be able to do it…which is AFTER the practical exam is over!!!”…aih~wasted…such a waste…everything has its bad timing… = (

The past few days were pretty hectic…flipping through pages of notes…trying to understand or recall back previous things being taught…lots of homework being put aside…yes,u guessed it correctly…last minute studying
Hmmm…must be a bad habit,a part of me that I wish I could throw away…there is this problem though…if I studied way earlier or studied consistently,I tend 2 forget them after a long period of time,I can recall some facts here and there,but not 100% complete…if last minute studying is being implemented,well here I am…cramming everything in my little head in the least amount of time possible…time is never on my side anyway…mission impossible =P

Please leave some comments so that I can have a rough idea those who are reading this blog…not compulsory,no need to pay any money,it’s free!!! Nuthin to lose,rite? Just comment once in a while about the related topics…or unrelated stuff,check back this site like maybe once in 3 days or a week,continue reading from where u last left off(it’s not that long anyway)dun let my work go 2 waste…arigatoo-gozaimasu =)

Monday, March 21, 2005

Monday Blues...

One word 2 describe today...TIRED...since I woke up till now...but no worries,still have enough energy 2 blog...traffic jam in my area when I m on my way from home to the bus stop opposite of KDU,where I wait 4 my shuttle bus 2 college...almost couldn't make it in time...couln't sleep at nite nowadays...must be the weather...or I just probably think too much...really tired,I dont know why...I remembered Jo Ann,very energetic wan,always laughing...jumping...maybe she consume a few spoons of sugar in the morning 2 keep her engine going...

Those who know Jo Ann,she has her own blogsite too,it was established some time last year. Currently,she is studying in Australia now in Melbourne…dun pray-pray u knoe. Her blog is really colourful and has a few pictures posted once in a while,both over here and in Australia…some are pretty hilarious too. When u think about Australia,the things that will pop out in your mind are Sydney Opera House,kangaroos,ostrich meat =P ,Australian pandas….errr I mean koala bears,heck…even that Crocodile Hunter Guy…"Oh Blimey mates!!!" so feel free to visit her blogsite by clicking here and the link is also at the sidebar 4 future visits. Hehehe,advertise her blog 4 free at my site…perhaps I should start charging,no? LOL =P

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Just came back from my dad’s friend party in Bangsar,didn’t want 2 go at first cuz need to rush up on my studying(come to think of it,never really studied much 2day,damn I m so dead)met 2 other people who were around my age,the rest were either my dad’s age or little kids running around the place,their names were Rachel and Victor Tang. Rachel is gonna leave to Australia soon for her studies,did her A-levels in Taylors College which ended last year. Victor on the other hand is kinda a funny guy,doing business foundation in Taylors Business School,I don’t know his Chinese name though cuz he was reluctant 2 tell me,pretty rich I guess cuz when I asked him about cars,he says that he has a Jaguar,Skyline,Mercedez…not sure whether 2 believe him or not…all that I know is that he “HAS” a car,unlike me…sigh =( I need a car too…as long as it is Auto transmission =P I wouldn’t mind a Proton or even a 2nd hand car…Auto is a MUST!!! Why?If u may ask…well…

1)No need 2 bother my dad 2 drive me somewhere when I want 2 go out…so that’s why I m stuck at home most of the time,sad sad situation…
2)Drive to college…then,drive to university…later in life,drive to work
3)Imagine this situation, a phone call from my girlfriend(I don’t have one yet)
Girlfriend:Hello darling…can u pick me up from my place at 7pm?
Me:Of course…I just need to finish a few things and I’ll be there
Girlfriend:Thank you very much,u are the best…love ya
Me:Love u too
I then hung up the phone…then I just realise something…I DON’T HAVE A CAR!!!Totally major bummer!!! LOL,hahaha,what a lame situation I thought of…

So anyways,I hope that I can get a car of my own,there are 2 cars in my house actually,one is my dad’s company car,Honda City,the other is an old Manual Mitsubishi Lancer(the old model,not the new model) which I m afraid that it will collapse at any time,plus it is MANUAL!!!That’s all 4 now,gotta go to the toilet,drank too much just now…no,no not beer,soft drinks and water,I cant say no if there is free flow of drinks =)

Friday, March 18, 2005

Thank God it's Friday!!!

Had a Chemistry test 2day,a quiz actually,speaking of that I remembered there was once during Chemistry lesson I wrote some poem or I like to call it a “rap” on the pencil of course…if I remembered it clearly,it goes something like this:

Chemistry is such a bore
It makes my ass feel kinda sore
The lecturer teaches pretty weird and really suck
It feels like I’ve been hit by a 2 tonne truck

What the hell?!!What the crap?!!
Don’t even have time to take a nap
Not enough sleep,not enough rest
Due to all her stupid test

Why am I still living?
Don’t you know that love is only a feeling
My mind is continuously falling apart
Life is never gonna be as sweet like egg tart

Hehehe,the things that one person would do when he or she is vvveerryyy bored,sorry 4 using such harsh language cuz I was feeling kinda frustrated during that time
Not bad eh? LOL =D

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Just one of those days...

Yep another “one of those days” nuthin seem 2 happen lately,slow,boring
If life is like a movie or a videogame…plenty of action to go around,pretty gorgeous-looking girls 2 be rescued,save the world from evil…etc…etc…

Special day for one of my fren I suppose,its her birthday 2day,so let us start singing…a 1 and a 2 and a 3…Happy Birthday 2 u,Happy Birthday 2 u,Happy Birthday 2 Yi Ching,Happy Birthday 2 u!!! Wooohooooo,yes,yes,its just plain lame
Well she is currently doing medicine in IMU(just started),heard there is an open day coming soon,this coming Sunday I think,for those of u thinking of going there,u can have a rough idea how izzit over there by taking a look at her blog site by clicking here or the link at the sidebar for future reference,check out the title IMU where she experiences the orientation week
That’s all 4 now…stay tuned for more

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Exam stuff...

Well my trials exam is coming…roughly about 1 week from today…damn
Speaking of exams,remember that Amalina girl who obtained 17 A1’s for her SPM,I was like “what the heck!!!”…hmmm,brings back bad memories when I got my results back in 2003/2004,pretty happy with mine back then,I got 7 A’s out of 9 subjects,lots of scholarship opportunities were wasted,especially the Petronas scholarship,oh well it doesn’t matter…I would like to say a few things about this Amalina girl

1)Obviously,she would be pretty proud of herself,but come on…the
other “miscellanous” subjects she chose would total up to 17 subjects like for example she took Biology,Chemistry and Physics but still insist on taking Basic Science
2)One of the newspaper I read states that she remembers everything from her text books,which is one of her many ways of getting this result,well good for her,but I think no one learns anything if he or she remembers everything from books just for the sake of remembering (stupid Moral Education!!!) kinda useless when you start working in the real world where it is based on what you learned and apply them to solve problems,not merely memorising text books stuff
3)Bravo for her!!!She really stood out from other previous students who took SPM some years ago with her fantastic result…this also proves that “our” Malaysia standard of education is…(I’ll let u figure this out on your own)
Conclusion: Amalina VS Malaysia Education,1-0

Those are just a few comments from me,nothing personal really,hopefully she doesn’t mind…hehehe,that is if she found out this blog page,she would have a bright future anyway…as long she doesn’t turn out like me =P

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Life of a Cheese

Welcome all to my first ever blog page!!!

It took me some time and consideration in order to start something like this cuz I don’t think it would last long enough…but since I m bored and might have to move out to university,where I might have nothing to do,I guess it is not a bad decision

In this page,you’ll be able to know the so called everyday adventure of me,Chi Ming a.k.a. Cheese,for those who do not know,Cheese is my nickname given to me since primary school at Standard 4,and I’ve been using it for a preeetttyyyy long time,hence the title of this blog “Life of a Cheese” = P hehehe,pretty catchy and lame rite?

You’ll be able to know the behind the scenes of Cheese,although it might contain some fiction…but most of the things that I’ll post is almost true…hehehe,kinda like a low budget biography

Anyways,stay tuned for more updates for the next few days,any comments,feedbacks, funny things that u want to share with others,please feel free to e-mail me

Oh and if anyone has a blog page too,please send me the URL,I would like to take some time to read them too or put as a link in my blog page(with your permission of course) well,what good is a blog if no one reads them anyway,rite?

That’s all for now,let us see whether this blog page can last for at least till its 1st anniversary and keep on going for as long as I would want it to be,like the everlasting flow of water from a waterfall…Oh yeahhhhh!!!