Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Exam stuff...

Well my trials exam is coming…roughly about 1 week from today…damn
Speaking of exams,remember that Amalina girl who obtained 17 A1’s for her SPM,I was like “what the heck!!!”…hmmm,brings back bad memories when I got my results back in 2003/2004,pretty happy with mine back then,I got 7 A’s out of 9 subjects,lots of scholarship opportunities were wasted,especially the Petronas scholarship,oh well it doesn’t matter…I would like to say a few things about this Amalina girl

1)Obviously,she would be pretty proud of herself,but come on…the
other “miscellanous” subjects she chose would total up to 17 subjects like for example she took Biology,Chemistry and Physics but still insist on taking Basic Science
2)One of the newspaper I read states that she remembers everything from her text books,which is one of her many ways of getting this result,well good for her,but I think no one learns anything if he or she remembers everything from books just for the sake of remembering (stupid Moral Education!!!) kinda useless when you start working in the real world where it is based on what you learned and apply them to solve problems,not merely memorising text books stuff
3)Bravo for her!!!She really stood out from other previous students who took SPM some years ago with her fantastic result…this also proves that “our” Malaysia standard of education is…(I’ll let u figure this out on your own)
Conclusion: Amalina VS Malaysia Education,1-0

Those are just a few comments from me,nothing personal really,hopefully she doesn’t mind…hehehe,that is if she found out this blog page,she would have a bright future anyway…as long she doesn’t turn out like me =P


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