Sunday, March 20, 2005


Just came back from my dad’s friend party in Bangsar,didn’t want 2 go at first cuz need to rush up on my studying(come to think of it,never really studied much 2day,damn I m so dead)met 2 other people who were around my age,the rest were either my dad’s age or little kids running around the place,their names were Rachel and Victor Tang. Rachel is gonna leave to Australia soon for her studies,did her A-levels in Taylors College which ended last year. Victor on the other hand is kinda a funny guy,doing business foundation in Taylors Business School,I don’t know his Chinese name though cuz he was reluctant 2 tell me,pretty rich I guess cuz when I asked him about cars,he says that he has a Jaguar,Skyline,Mercedez…not sure whether 2 believe him or not…all that I know is that he “HAS” a car,unlike me…sigh =( I need a car too…as long as it is Auto transmission =P I wouldn’t mind a Proton or even a 2nd hand car…Auto is a MUST!!! Why?If u may ask…well…

1)No need 2 bother my dad 2 drive me somewhere when I want 2 go out…so that’s why I m stuck at home most of the time,sad sad situation…
2)Drive to college…then,drive to university…later in life,drive to work
3)Imagine this situation, a phone call from my girlfriend(I don’t have one yet)
Girlfriend:Hello darling…can u pick me up from my place at 7pm?
Me:Of course…I just need to finish a few things and I’ll be there
Girlfriend:Thank you very much,u are the best…love ya
Me:Love u too
I then hung up the phone…then I just realise something…I DON’T HAVE A CAR!!!Totally major bummer!!! LOL,hahaha,what a lame situation I thought of…

So anyways,I hope that I can get a car of my own,there are 2 cars in my house actually,one is my dad’s company car,Honda City,the other is an old Manual Mitsubishi Lancer(the old model,not the new model) which I m afraid that it will collapse at any time,plus it is MANUAL!!!That’s all 4 now,gotta go to the toilet,drank too much just now…no,no not beer,soft drinks and water,I cant say no if there is free flow of drinks =)


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