Monday, March 28, 2005

Music heals the soul

Do u notice that sometimes when u are doing something,there is a music or song played in your head by your own will? For example,when u are taking an exam,u start humming or sing a heroic song in your heart,to boost your confidence…or when u feel scared,u comfort yourself with soothing music…and maybe even when u successfully complete a difficult task like achieving perfect results in your final papers or manage 2 court the girl or guy of your dreams,u would have your very own “Victory” song played in the background of your head together with a “Victory” pose or “Victory” dance =P …ever felt that happened before? Well I have my own collection of songs in my jukebox head,though…

Listening to music really helps…yes it does,just trust Dr. Cheese here,I’ve been listening to a few,generally mine are rock,punk rock,instrumental(mainly from video games)…and any other songs that sounds like heaven to my ears…or have catchy funny verses in them like Girl All The Bad Guys Want,1985 or Almost by Bowling For Soup…Simple Plan songs are mainly about life…Hoobastank plays good songs too like one of my favourites entitled The Reason…I recommend 2 get the album =) Any other songs,artist or bands that u would recommend?

So whenever u feel down,just play a song in that little head of yours,guarantee to feel better…well I better get over my final preparations for my exams which starts this week…
goodbye for now
(“That heroic” song from Lord Of The Rings being played in my head now) =P


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