Saturday, August 06, 2005

PAYDAY!!! =)

*I was suppose to post this up on the previous Thursday,but due to some problems with my internet connection,I had to postponed this entry and post it up today…so enjoy*

Suddenly,I feel pretty rich today…as in rich with $$$ =) Haha,that’s not what I really meant…just feel as though I have won a lottery…or won some sort of zany contest…or just got extra cash after passing the “GO” space on the Monopoly boardgame…payday BABY!!! =P All the suffering,criticism,stress that had to been endured throughout the whole one month of working…finally “paid” off in the end as I receive my fruits of labour today…although today I was suppose to have the day off but couldn’t due to a new worker who was N/A on this very day…so the ehem*ehem* “hero” is summoned to take his place…but it was worth it though =P I cannot tell how much I earned exactly to all my “want-to-know” readers…meet me personally to find out =P and maybe if you feel kinda “lucky” …I might belanja ; P

As a waiter…I’ve encountered mostly all the different type of customers which I can group them together to publish some sort of encyclopedia in this genre,here are a few…

Customers with little kids…Annoying these little darn brats are…crying seems to be a favourite past time for the younger generations…as for the older younglings,they have a tendency to pick up shiny objects…lets say a spoon or a fork,which are conveniently placed on the table for them to have an early start on playing the drums…not only do they have musical talent,they have a keen artistic talent too,which are displayed by making a mess on the table,chairs and especially the floor as the canvas with “Picasso-style”…Oh boy,when the cleaning up begins…it was like the aftermath when the Atomic-Bomb was dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II…darn kids >=P

The fussy ones…These type of customer tends to be some sort of food-critic-wannabe,VERY picky about the choice of food and demands the meal to be altered in such a way to their own likings…I tell you that some are pure carnivores who do not want any single piece of Mother Nature’s green stuff which we call vegetables on their meals…some want a bit of this,a bit of that,but don’t want this,etc…till the whole paper of the order-slip can be written like an English essay…For example: “I want more gravy,more chicken meat,less vegetables,no squid and the prawn’s shell to be taken off…for my Cantonese Style Fried Kueh Teow”

The ones who “miss-used” the phrase “Customers are always right”…As a waiter,I am supposed to take their orders down…then as a back-up,I would repeat their orders to them…after that,when the meal arrives…they claim that they did not order that…so guess who has to take the blame?!! For example: Customer X ordered ASSAM LAKSA…when the food arrives,he/she claims that he/she actually ordered CURRY LAKSA instead…Grrrr…where is the JUSTICE?!!! It’s like…“We find the defendant guilty” without any evidence nor a proper trial…even a good lawyer cannot save my ass >=(

Well that’s all for the negative ones which I can think for now…there are a few of them who deserve my respect…and treat them well I shall…Haha,what to do…10% service charge had already been implemented on their bill,LOL =P So fast the month of July is over and thus the beginning of a new month,August…my A-levels result would be known in roughly 2 weeks time…Till then,await my next post on this blog!!! Take care… =)


At Saturday, August 06, 2005 11:31:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

haha, the world is a cruel place huh? ill be going traninig in abput a month and a half, so ill know what its like in the real world in a while...wish me luck!!

At Sunday, August 07, 2005 11:48:00 PM, Blogger jade pei said...

wah.. somebody very rich ooh.. must go n Rob him d.. ahaha.. i worked as a promoter B4.. knowing da feeling of receiving pay..that feels gREat wei... hehe.. GOOD LUck in ur RESult!!! n..continue to hv FUN while working!

At Monday, August 08, 2005 12:01:00 PM, Blogger bLueGaL said...

Hehehe. That tickled. Well, it's all part and parcel of working life, I guess. When I was working at Key Ng, we had to handle fat customers who kept bugging *me* to tell Key to design clothes for "bigger" women. Aiyaa... go diet lar...
So, there will always be people who demand that things go their way (and their really picky about it, too), and there are those who will pick on us poor people (who look upon us as their slaves). Anywho, the paycheque's worth it, right? ^ ^ Somewhat, anyway... Hehe.


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