Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Indoor haze?!!

Actually today I was suppose to help out at the restaurant because there is this special function held by some big-shot company for the new opening of a Sony store in the New Wing of 1 Utama…there would be around 80 guests,which would fill up entirely the inside portion of the restaurant…and we even have roughly 8 to 10 employees on standy-by…so it was gonna be like some sort of battle between the good guys and the bad guys(Orcs,goblins,Uruk-Hais,etc…) in Middle-Earth of the Lord of the Rings universe…but apparently,when “Aragorn” here arrive for work…errr…I mean battle,at 12 noon…everything was quite calm…mostly all the dishes had already been served…only the guests were chatting and eating…so “Aragorn” missed all the action and carnage…Haha…good,conserve energy for the remaining working hours =P

Oh and there was this bun I bought to eat during my break as a snack…I bought it at La Boheme in the Old Wing…it costs RM2.00 and the size is quite huge...imagine half the size of a standard bowling ball…super-worth my money…I was curious about the contains of the bun,the outer part has some sort of sweet crust and the inside are raisins,which I knew after the first bite…only ate half of it because I need some space in my stomach to digest my dinner later,which is provided by the restaurant…Ironically,the bun is called “Merdeka Bun” which also has a small Malaysia flag placed on the top…

The haze is REALLY bad now…which troubles me when I walk to work from Taman Tun Dr. Ismail…not that my vision is worsened or impaired…but especially my health and others too who have to go through this ordeal…Not ONLY the haze is terrorizing the outdoors but also the INDOORS as well…seriously…1 Utama seems a bit hazy or foggy in the inside…as though everyone is encouraged to smoke or start an open-burning in a shopping complex…especially the upper floors,where my work place is situated

So dear readers,do take care of yourselves…Heh,my OFFICIAL A-levels results is gonna be out next Thursday…hopefully I can meet the minimum requirements to enter Nottingham University and better yet,able to qualify for a scholarship…it’ll REALLY help a lot…25% off the overall cost of the undergraduate programme…Hehe,that is all for today…now would you excuse me,I am gonna finish the other half of the “Merdeka Bun” =)


At Thursday, August 11, 2005 9:55:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

yeah..haze is really bad..merdeka bun huh? gotta go look for it...haha


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