Saturday, August 13, 2005

Getting "tagged" is fun?

It seems that I had been a lucky victim of being "tagged" by some sort of random bizarre question where every possible imaginable answer can be marks deducted if the answer is prize given if the answer is what is the point of me continue-ing this nonsensical "chain-letter" which might never end? At first I was reluctant to do this,although a few others had already listed my name as the next lucky person/victim to be tagged...namely,Melanie,Mun Yee,Yu Ming a.k.a Baga,and possibly a few other people which I cant really recall...Haha,I m just bored for the time being and shall entertain whoever who started this in the first here goes...

What are the things that you enjoy even when no one around you wants to go out and play?
-Waste my time playing mindless videogames...especially RPG(Role Playing Games) genre games =P
-Use the newly acquired Streamyx broadband connection to its full potential...before I leave for university
-Watch movies/anime in my ehem*ehem* "Home Theatre" via VCD/DVD...perhaps days or months before the movie is released here(Hopefully you understand what I meant...especially those who know/understands me)
-Blogging...haha,only when I feel like it or have something that I wish to talk about =P
-Sleeping...the only thing I do when I am out of options or very dead tired
-A lot more other things...infinitely enjoyable things to do

What lowers your stress/anxiety/blood pressure level?
-Sitting/Lying down without doing anything...while staring at empty space till I fall asleep
-Listening to my ehem*ehem* "stress-reducing" collection of mp3's...which varies from Rock,Punk Rock like Linkin Park,Simple Plan,Hoobastank, Instrumental ones which are mainly from movies or videogames...Haha,not the Mozart,Beethoven,Bach...type of instrumental music...although some of those are good =P
-Play videogames again...Haha,this time more towards the "little bit violent" type of games...mostly are FPS(First Person Shooter),fighting games,etc...
-Cant think of's not that I NEVER get stressed up...many things can be done to reduce stress...sometimes I just dont notice them =P

Now...I need some volunteers from the audience to continue this so called "legacy"...the lucky ones or maybe the victims are...

-Jo Ann
-Yi Ching
-Anyone else who are not in the are welcomed to circulate this around...just dont "tag" me or any other people who had been "tagged"...because it defeat its purpose =P


At Sunday, August 14, 2005 3:53:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

haha...icic...hmmm...tagging huh..whats that?


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