Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Still waiting...

Well,well,well…supposedly,the last day of work was the previous Sunday,4th September…but then,yours truly was summoned again to work on Tuesday,6th September due to the lack of experienced workers on that day,where most of them are newbies on the job…and I agreed to help out,since my supervisors said that it’ll be the last time…then,once again on Thursday,8th September,I was requested to work once again because another experienced worker is taking a day off to do some “errands” so,guess who is the person they look out for to fill in this particular “position”? *sigh* so called “last time” …I think it’ll never end,maybe…maybe not…what a fool I am,but I better play the goody-good-hero-guy for now as I still haven’t received my paycheck yet,HAHA try not too disappoint or piss them off for the time being ; P

Oh and during yesterday’s working period,one of my supervisor’s friend who now works in a newspaper company,Kosmo! Wanted to interview me to fill in a column which has something to do with lifestyles…I guess…so,a short conversation took place…asking me about this and that…mainly something about the life of a teenager in KL…I couldn’t supply him with “much” information as I am not REALLY living in the heart of KL city,so I just mainly talked crap and he took a photo of me…HAHA,hilarious as I thought to myself as why this was happening…so to all you Kosmo! readers out there,don’t be surprised that a local “celebrity” who once worked in a restaurant in 1 Utama appeared in the newspaper…preferably front page,lol =P Heh,sad to say that I am a The Star newspaper reader,hehe =P

I was supposed to receive an offer letter from the university that I am applying to…the first letter I received was the Conditional offer letter,which I waited for a VERY LONG time…I think they only decided to sent that letter after I made some noise by calling them repeatedly for a few days,I don’t really like to do that,but hey,if it works,why not? Besides,they were WAY behind schedule if it is according to the e-mail that I received at first hand and sometimes,you gotta do what you gotta do in order to get things done,whether you like it or not…so now,after I had took the trouble to travel ALL the way to the old campus in KL on the day itself which I obtained my A-levels result,18th August,to submit it and all other relevant documents…I am supposed to get another offer letter which is Unconditional since I already met the requirements and thus must change Conditional status into Unconditional…and surprise,surprise…did I get the Unconditional offer letter yet so far? Well,you guessed it correctly…the answer is OBVIOUSLY NO!!! Looks like I hafta make some noise and stir up some trouble again to get those “responsible” people to start doing their job… >=P Why all the fuss,it is only a stupid letter,right? Well,I need that letter to register on the Registration Day,so it is sorta like a proof or document that states that I am eligible for the course of my choice to study in the university…sheeesh,I am losing my confidence towards them <=(

Roughly 2 or maybe 1.5 more weeks till university life begins…Man,I wished I had at least one more month to enjoy and relax cuz most of my holidays were spent working…*sigh* Now I have other things on my mind to worry about and time is running out…that’s all for this entry,will update when something “interesting” comes up or when I feel like it,hehe…Sayonara for now… ; )


At Wednesday, September 07, 2005 10:30:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

yo...uni dilemmas huh...haha.. mayb u need to hold them for ransom or something...haha if u wana spend your last days, why not play MGS3 and finis it? haha

At Thursday, September 08, 2005 3:39:00 AM, Blogger baga said...

yea, haven't had the proper time to sit back and relax totally yet..but i guess it's much better than getting worried sick at home, doing least at work, you can take your mind off certain things, and get paid for it as well...=P

neways, will be seeing u alot soon enuff dude...hehe..

Take care! Cheerz!


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