Friday, April 22, 2005


The past few remaining days of break had been spent by sitting in the living room staring at the black box that outputs audio as well as video…which mankind calls it a “television” or TV. Seriously though,the last thing that I’ll do when I m bored out of my wits(besides running around the house without putting anything on)is to watch TV,besides there is nothing much being aired on…me no Astro anyway. Heh,I managed to watch The Pacifier,Robots,The Incredibles(again)and even all the 5 Star Wars episodes…crazy…but when someone feels really bored,he or she will do the unthinkable…give that person some M&M’s,that individual would stuff one in his nose and try to launch it as far as it can go until the projectile eventually hits a bird in the sky. Well,last year during the last week of holidays in December…I watched all the Matrix trilogy and The Lord of the Rings trilogy too…all in one go…toilet breaks in between the movies is a must!!! =P

Oh and I watched Hitch too…here’s a few “Hitch” tips from me after watching the movie:
1)When trying to court a girl,never use Johny Bravo pick-up lines such as “You smell kinda pretty,wanna smell me?”…unless you are Johny Bravo himself.
2)Love is blind so…bring along a walking stick…it’s a plus if u have a canine companion to guide.
3)Dont do or try to copy exactly the way to get the girl based on the movie in real life because maybe the person of the opposite sex that u are trying to hook on to might have watched the movie too and has the upper-hand to counterattack u in advance…Will Smith cant even help u by then =P


At Monday, April 25, 2005 9:36:00 PM, Anonymous Craig said...

HAHAH..LMAO..funny..a masterpiece u run roun in the buff huh....interesting........


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