Saturday, April 30, 2005

Mee Jawa chaos!!!

Haven’t been updating much the blog I have…busy nowadays I am…well yesterday I went 2 Li Jian’s place to watch some videos of Monty Phython(some old comedy show done by the British)and cartoons of Star Wars:Clone Wars =P

During my lunch break,which was during college hours,a couple of my friends and I went 2 makan at Asia Cafe,a food court…we found a table to dine,then proceeded 2 order our food…I ordered some sort of Korean Seafood Noodle. After I ordered my meal…I went back 2 our table,waited 4 my lunch…then this Indonesian female who works there brought Mee Jawa to our table…without knowingly,I paid her RM5 as though I ordered it…I m not sure why I did that,maybe I was blur during that time or perhaps I have been possessed momentarily…then after a few seconds before she left my table,I gained back my consciousness and told her I didn’t ordered it…but she just walks away and left with a devilish grin on her face as though her little master plan worked…

So I stood up and went 2 the stall,told the boss that I didn’t order that Mee Jawa but the smart-ass Indonesian worker insisted that I DID order it…so the boss asked the worker again whether did she remembered the wrong person and asked where the fella who ordered sat…she pointed at my table which was nearby the store…eventually to find out that the person who really ordered that Mee Jawa was sitting at the table behind OUR table…stupid Indonesian female worker…cant even recognise the correct person…the fella who ordered is much bigger size than me,wears a pair of spectacles,has short hair and is wearing a checkered shirt…I DON'T wear spectacles and have longer hair than that fella,but I wore a T-shirt with a CHECKERED SHIRT AS A JACKET WITH A DIFFERENT DESIGN AND COLOUR compared to that fella…

So the problem was solved…I got my money back,the fella gets his Mee Jawa,the boss lectured the worker…hahaha serves her right!!! I bet if a person who ordered from her was wearing a red shirt and sat at a place where all the people are wearing red too,she will not even recognise that person…
Moral of the story:customers are ALWAYS RIGHT!!! >=P
Countdown:Roughly 2 more weeks till finals examination!!!


At Monday, May 02, 2005 10:35:00 PM, Anonymous Craig said...

Next time you wanna' make sure your order comes right, jz order without ur shirt on


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