Monday, April 18, 2005

Ant story

Do u ever hate insects? Those six-legged buggers that will never stop irritating you? Or are u just afraid of them,some sort of incurable phobia perhaps? Hehehe cannot join Fear Factor then,LOL =P Well I typically hate ants(the red ones)the most cuz they always appear at places where I do not want them to be,like in drinking water containers(I think they tried to commit suicide by drowning themselves)…in food that is going to be consume,well some say that ants are high in protein,so eating them together with your food is kinda like a good thing…another thing is that they bite me for no apparent reason,like when I m sitting down,reading a newspaper and suddenly I can feel something sucking the life out of me at my toe,darn ant,u shall die by the crushing process of my giant fingers…let this be a lesson to all the other ants out there!!! Yes,yes ants are hardworking,but I prefer bees to be an example of a hardworking species in the insect kingdom…cuz they dont attack you for no apparent reason…unless u mess around with them first!!!

Last time when I was young,5 years old I think,I was leaning against a wall of a grocery shop beside some packets of biscuits on the shelves…WITHOUT knowing there was a trail of red ants nearby doing their business…and well you guessed it…I was bitten like crap by not one,not two either,but at least more than a dozen of them,like being shot from the back repeatedly by a machine gun…jumped around like a monkey while using my hands to get the ants away from my back(fortunately,my ass was not a target!!!)…had to rush to a clinic,my back was swollen and my eyes were red…no I didn’t get any super powers to become Ant-Man unfortunately…this concludes a brief history of my hatred towards ants…I shall destroy them one by one like how Darth Vader eliminates the Jedis in the upcoming Star Wars Episode III:Revenge of the Sith Mwahahahaha!!!


At Monday, April 18, 2005 9:31:00 PM, Anonymous Craig said...

Hahah...may i join ur ant destroying team?? my resume' of hatred towards ants includes multiple invasion of my precious Ribena and infiltration into my favourtie Koko Crunch...


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