Friday, April 08, 2005

Return of the Cheese

Finally, what is done is done, what that is needed to be endured is endured to the very bitter end, I feel a slight heavy burden being lifted away from me though the force that holds me to the ground still applies =P the trial exams is over!!! Can u smell that? It's the smell of victory in the morning after countless combat on the battle grounds MMMmmm..... =D

What makes things better is that I now have 2 weeks of holiday break...SWEET... =D
Gonna catch up on a lot of things like playing games on my PS2, I bought a few games previously though but didn't have the time to play...watching movies...Robots, The Pacifier, Hitch and many more...the last movie I watched wuz Constantine...yeah,John Constantine iz cool...makes me wanna follow his footsteps...hehehe except that I m not influenced to smoke
"TAK NAK!!!"...chewing bubble gum is ok though =)

But there is a down side...FINAL EXAM IS ABOUT 5 WEEKS AWAY!!!
Nooooo...must not waste any more time, hafta study a bit during the holidays...but must enjoy a bit oso...maintaining an equilibrium between this 2 factors is important

Stay tuned for more updates during these holidays, crazy events await...well that is if I decided to do crazy things though...LOL


At Sunday, April 10, 2005 2:14:00 PM, Anonymous truth said...

5 weeks away, return of the Sith...


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