Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Redang Island trip...(Part 2)

(Due to complications of using Blogger again…please view/read Part 1 first before Part 2…Do’h…just scroll down further more till you see it)

Interested in getting buried alive…right here in Redang? It’s a “paradise” I tell you =P

Picture was taken with special underwater camera,during our snorkeling trips…so uhhh,here’s a reef which…errr…looks like a mushroom/fungus

Eeerrrmmm…reef that looked like brains?!!

Oooohhh…look,finally a picture which isn’t a reef!!! It’s the very same clownfish that provided motion-capture for Nemo in Pixar’s Finding Nemo…seriously…ok-ok I lied,that’s actually his stunt-double ; P

Here’s a part of the island which is super excellent for sleeping/relaxing…very soothing with a nice breeze which serves as an outdoor air-conditioner…now if only the camera could turn 180 degrees to the back,so that I could show the readers what I meant,never mind…just come to Redang Island to find out!!!

A little hut here,imagine drinking a cup of tea while enjoying the surroundings…well,or we could just forget about that and just snap a photo

Nice little hand-made Origami mini-shirts as souveniers for the trip…kudos to those who made it…while others were sleeping throughout the night =P

One last group picture here in Redang Island before we leave…goodbye Redang!!!

After that,it was a long and grueling journey back to KL…I think it was about 6 to 7 hours bus ride,everyone went their separate ways once we arrived at the stop. Overall,I kinda enjoyed the vacation,apart from the missing handphone <=( It was appropriate,relaxing most of the time…nothing much to worry about,aaahhh bliss~the best remedy after an examination…would like to go to other islands too next time(like Pangkor,Langkawi,Tioman,etc…),since Redang Island can be counted as my second only(Penang counted as the first,haha =P ). Make sure that if anyone is going for any sort of trips such as this,snorkeling is a must-go…or better yet,scuba-diving…if that’s the sort of stuff you wanna do…apart from “bird-watching” =P

Heh,finally I’ve updated this post after much procrastination…stay tuned for other procrastinating entries…haha,till then…see ya in the next update!!!


At Wednesday, June 07, 2006 11:01:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

wow looks like u had loads o fun. makes me wanna go on a class trip. oh by the way the brain thingy is a brain coral. and they're called 'corals' not 'reefs' (not trying to make u look bad here ok...haha). nyway it gives u a nice happy feeling when u see pics of other people having fun...hehe


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