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Redang Island trip...(Part 1)

(Note:Due to complications of using the “not-so-user-friendly” Blogger posting up picture thingy,I had to split this post to 2 parts >=P )

Date of event: 22nd till 24th of May 2006…

On those particular dated days,there was a trip to Redang Island organised by a group of Chemical Engineering(Year 1) students from Nottingham University(Malaysia Campus)…since exams just only ended a few days ago(19th May 2006)…what awaits these students in a place like that remained a complete mystery(to some who’ve never been there…like yours truly =P )

Had to be back in the campus on the 21st of May to gather ourselves and would be boarding the night bus from Kajang to Terengganu,so would spend overnight in a moving contraption which also serves as a place to sleep. Didn’t get much sleep though…not counted as proper sleeping anyways…and finally arrived at the other bus terminal around the wee hours in the morning…Then,“it” happened…the tragedy…“someone” was left behind…everyone panicked!!! Ok-ok…no one panicked…and that “someone” which is more of like a “something” was my handphone…it got “phone-napped” by the bus driver as he sped away,leaving the owner in teary eyes(due to lack of sleep X_X )…it had served its master well for almost 2 and a half years(sadly couldn’t reach three),it had endured the pain and suffering caused by the “master’s clumsiness”…sometimes it fails the master during phone calls and text messaging as well as trying to beat the high score for the game,Snake =P But nonetheless,it would fall in the hands of another person or rest in peace/pieces…in handphone heaven?!! Goodbye Nokia 8310…and hello new handphone >=D Still haven’t bought one yet and currently using back-up phone…all my contacts are gone,but at least I’ve managed to recover back my handphone number from Maxis centre(after the trip) and luckily some other contacts that I had recorded quite some time ago in a notepad(phone book)…

Now back to the story…ehem*ehem*…a van took us to the office of the company that provided the holiday package…we waited there…like those contestants in Amazing Race which are waiting for places to open so that they can perform their task(in this case,waiting for restaurant to open so can makan!!!) and also waiting in the airport to get tickets,to travel to other countries that they were supposed to go(in this case,waiting for boat services to operate!!!)…when the time comes,a bus transported us to the jetty and took a speedboat to the island. I would describe the boat ride as sort of like driving on the road…with multiple speed bumps,which the boat flew in the air once in a while at high speed(hurts ass when landed on water again)

When we arrived…the first thing that fascinates us is obviously the…no,not the island…is actually the blue crystal clear water,so unlike the dirty-murky “drain water to sea” in Port Dickson =P The weather was kinda cloudy,not sunny-sun type,more of like “its gonna rain” type…we checked in to our accommodation,Redang Reef Resort and everyone wanted to just stripped off all their clothes(exaggeration here!!!) to jump into the sea,not for committing suicide,just for swimming…but there was a slight rain…still,it didn’t stopped/refrained some of em’ from going…as for me,it would be wise to wait for the rain to settle down first(no rush,the day is still early) cuz (1)Don’t wanna get sick (2)Dunno how to swim (3)The water current were kinda strong when it rains due to blowing wind,which troubles me if Reasoning No.2 is taken into account =P

Once the weather is OK,we then proceeded to obtain our snorkeling gear,which consists of only a snorkeling mask(with the breathing tube thingy) and a life jacket(for “safety” purposes as well as for people who dunno how to swim =P )…a little bit training by the instructor and then we are free to swim around nearby…for starters…still could see some marine lives at the sea bed…but not much variety and got bored after some time. Speaking of “bored”,I m kinda lazy to elaborate every bit from now on,so I’ll just skip to the part of what we actually did there together with pictures…and I guess you guys are tired of reading only texts,need some visuals,eh? =P

Here goes,pictures from Redang Island(in no chronological order)…credit goes to Pin Pin for capturing all these wonderful moments ; )

As you can see,on the day we arrived…the weather wasn’t so inviting…so at times like this,we…

Spend some “quality” time by indulging ourselves in a game of Mahjong…hmmm,it seems that this had been a favourite past time for some of “us”…not for gambling purposes =P

If one is on a beach,to play volleyball is a must…apart from watching other girls/guys playing in their “beach attire” of course =P

Group picture time…with special appearance of…the volleyball of course =P

Makan during dinner time…where it was supposed to be a barbeque dinner,which I assumed was supposed to be D.I.Y,but apparently…it was pre-done for us…so who cares,too tired and just wanna eat to our heart’s content =D

Practically there was nothing much to do at night,no internet,no TV,no Mamak,etc…so why not just go for a Karaoke session? Since its F.O.C some more,haha…Or perhaps it had already been paid,included in the package?

Photography session again…this time at night…dark…so must carry a light source,as seen from the aforementioned picture…

Good morning Redang!!! The second day,where it was sunny-sunny weather(compared to the moody weather on the first day)…had to apply sunblock or suffer the consequences!!!

Take a dip in nice cooling sea water…but,not-so-nice taste of extra salty water in mouth >_<
Ladies with the instructor…

Gents with the instructor…


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