Thursday, July 07, 2005

Heaven for a day

It feels so good to have a day off from work…no hassle,no worries,no fussy customers,no constant nagging from the supervisor…~aaahhh~ “Hakuna-Matata” (In Lion King,it means no worries) it is only for today though,of this week…seldom have the time to go online…working hours is from 12pm till 6pm on weekdays and 12pm(afternoon) till 10pm on weekends…some days would hafta work till 10pm due to insufficient staff members…that is the time where they would call me as the back-up guy to fill in…so far,most of the time I had been working till 10pm…weekends are pure havoc…so you little kids out there better study hard to earn a degree and get a stable job…or else you will work like hell and earn a low pay,such as I am now =P

Haha,now I can begin to take orders from customers already…but only the simple fast meals only,not the main dishes…still hafta do the “kay-lei-fei” work such as cleaning tables,setting up the tables,wipe dry the utensils,etc…Some days quite boring as there are not much customers,in a way it is good cuz less work to do,in a way it is bad cuz just stand around like a statue and time passes even slower than usual…but when there are damn a lot of customers flowing in the restaurant like water from an open tap,my adrenaline pumps up and there is not even a slightest second to even drink a glass of water…walking to and fro,taking orders,serving the meals,refilling their drinks,cleaning and clearing the table,taking the bill to the lazy customers who cannot move from their table =P

After everything is said and done,it is closing time,other dreadful things await…sweep and mop the floor,keep back all the stuff,wipe the trolley where it was used to put the dirty plates and bowls,take out the garbage,etc…The trash can is REALLY horrible,all the gunk-crappy-unfinished food in there that you don’t even want to bath inside it…haha,FEAR FACTOR!!!…damn heavy some more…not much energy left to even pull down the shutter and lock the restaurant up =P By the time everything is finished,it would be around 10.30pm or 11pm…Hmmm,I wonder whether I would be paid for overtime work…tips from customers also tak dapat cuz it goes to the restaurant,NOT for us =(

Oh well,it is all in a day’s work in the catering industry as a pawn of the mighty chessboard…MWAHAHA,finally Streamyx is already installed…but aih~most of the time I am working and it isn’t long till I would have to move out for university,so I don’t really get the full benefit of using it…lucky sister of mine =P Anyway,that’s all folks,I hope my legs don’t break…tomorrow is another working day till 10pm…


At Thursday, July 07, 2005 11:09:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

working hard eh...welcome to the industry!! haha enjoy ur streamyx..i know i do -)

At Friday, July 08, 2005 12:55:00 AM, Anonymous baga said...'s like that man, part time work...standing, standing and more standing...

hehe, that's when a pair of nice comfy hush puppies might come in handy..:P

haha, just kidding with the advertising dude..enjoy ur work man!! most importantly, try to discover job satisfaction...i hated the idea of selling shoes at first, but now i see the greener facet of it..;)

At Friday, July 08, 2005 6:36:00 PM, Blogger bLueGaL said...

I saw you at work on Monday... ^ ^


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