Thursday, July 28, 2005

Finally an update!!! =P

Lately,I had been too tired and lazy to update my blog…Anyway,here goes for this post,enjoy =)

I had been working in the restaurant as a waiter for almost 4 weeks already…the month of July is almost ending…Oh and first I decided to work till my A-level result are out…which is on the 18th of August because I would like to settle my university application (by the way,I am going to the Nottingham Malaysian Campus to further my studies,doing Chemical Engineering) using my real/final/actual result and find a place to stay as I would hafta move out to the new campus which is located in Semenyih,Selangor…but recently,my classmate who went to the old Nottingham Campus in KL to submit his application form told me that the placing for undergraduate studies of the division of engineering is limited as mentioned by the councellor…so my “kiasu-ness” made me submit my forecast result first to “book” a place in the university or else I might regret later…which I took the trouble to go all the way there today as it is my off-day from work once again…

There was this small part of the application form which took at least half a page of an A4 sized paper,where I was told to write a personal statement…so I think it is just like an essay which goes something like “Why do you want to join this university?” Hehe,I had to put on my thinking cap and think a bit how to convince or trick them to accept me…which I wrote yesterday night after coming back from work…so here it is,originated from my creative mind…

The world is continuously changing,progress is being made as we head towards the future,all these require the proper usage of technology. Who are these people that enhance mankind’s lifestyle,provide their necessary needs and solve everyday problems? Apart from technologists,scientists and other numerous professions out there,one of them are engineers.

In order to be an engineer,one must have the proper education and training to be undertaken. Like a young seed of a flower which must acquire its necessaties in order to grow into a flower as time passes by.

So here I am as the young seedling,wishing to learn and to use this knowledge to make this world a better place not only for mankind,but for the environment as well. It may take some time for me to be the full grown flower,but with a strong will and the determination to go on,everything that seems to be a barricade can be overcome. Let us all make this world a better tomorrow….

HAHAHA…damn corny rite? Notice that I never suck up to the university by praising them for whatever accomplishments achieved and never did I self-praise my own persona like saying that I am handsome,caring,strong,etc…etc… But then I bullshit and crap a bit here and there,maybe I should write a novel or direct a movie rather than choose to do engineering =P Oh well,anyway the form had been submitted and I might consider working till the end of August…then MERDEKA on the 31st…but I presume they would want me to work on that day too =(

University would start in around mid-September…sigh,I haven’t watched any movies lately…always working…no much-awaited-games to be played now too,most of the good stuff that I am waiting for would be out around the end of the year…cant wait for the KINGDOM HEARTS 2 game,available only on the Playstation 2!!! =) And also the short CGI film by Square-Enix,FINAL FANTASY VII:ADVENT’S CHILDREN on DVD!!! =) Anyways,it is time for me to once again get some rest after adventuring in KL today…preparing for work again on the following day =( HAHA,payday is coming soon too =)


At Friday, July 29, 2005 11:51:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

hey there!! such a touching and philosophical essay! haha, couldnt have put it better myself...haha! touche man! that sounded great...ahaha

At Tuesday, August 02, 2005 2:56:00 PM, Anonymous mikexmichelle said...

yeh i heard of kingdom hearts 2 ..isit from disney ?? =Pp i dun have video games but i go window shopping !! aya it doesnt matter if ur application is long u get it, doesnt matter if u use crappology, i am a proud supporter of crappology!


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