Friday, May 27, 2005

Overall was quite a good day =)

Hahaha…2day I am kind of in a good mood,so I've decided to spend some time to blog about it =P

Lets see…today’s papers were ok-ok,both of them were do-able which are Mechanics(Mathematics involving Physics…no there is nothing about repairing cars as a mechanic) and Chemistry(structured questions)…compared to the other 2 days earlier where each day have 2 papers…which were half good and half bad cuz one of the paper can be done with not much problems encountered and the other is the EXACT opposite of what I had just mentioned =(

Then when I was about to leave college at around 2.30pm,which is after the last paper of the day,the weather showed no mercy by offering me some rain as a mystery gift…plus I still have to wait for the public bus…Hey,Hey,Hey…luckily a friend of mine who was also waiting for the bus with me to go to the same destination…his friend who was driving,stopped in front of the bus stop where we await the “dreaded bus that never comes at the right place at the right time”…asked him whether he needs a lift back…so without thinking twice nor three times,we hopped into the “man’s greatest engineering transportation invention” for the journey to our destination…It was a moment where that holy Christian “Halellujah” song was played in the background(I hope I got the spelling correct =P )

Oh and I managed to get a monthly magazine of June’s issue of PSM,had to keep my mind off textbooks and lecture notes once in a while =) eeerrr…for your information,it’s a magazine about Playstation games and stuff…it’s not some sort of pornography magazine…hehehe,had to shed some light upon the uninitiated ones =P sorry only the video game geeks such as I would understand…video games is a part of me which I cannot live without…yes,I would still continue playing games even though I am a grandpa…that makes me a COOL grandpa in the eyes of my future grandkids =P
What’s that u say?I have no life,no girlfriend cuz I am a video game geek?WRONG…didn’t u hear the song “The Geeks get the Girl” by American Hi-Fi on the radio…yeah =)

Alrite,that’s all for now…need to get some “zzzz” due to yesterday where I had insufficient sleep…horrible…decided to call it a night at around 1am,but lay on the bed wide awake for 2 hours till 3am,then only manage to sleep…had to wake up at 6am to college for exams…2 more weeks to go till it is over…*yawn*…zzzzzzzzzzzz….


At Saturday, May 28, 2005 9:50:00 PM, Anonymous Craig said...

good luck in exams!!...i haven't played PS for ages man.., lazy to set it up..=P

At Sunday, May 29, 2005 12:42:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

chhhhhhheeeesssseeeee. hahah now you know how to interpret the blackness. haha don't really want people to have to go thru my @*&^#(*&^ hahaha all the best thru ur stresssss k! *hugZ* u'll be done SOON! :)

jo ann


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