Friday, December 07, 2007

Missing . In . Action?!! =_="

Wah-lau-eh,it seems that it's been a long time since I had log into the Blogger update of course,haha...assignments hasn't been kind to me lately and I didn't really have the mood to blog...yes-yes,blogging is partially dependant on mood as least in my case ler,lols =P

So anyways,this isn't a proper post...just to show that I haven't died in the blogging world yet...maybe more towards to "hibernating" mode...ok lah,upload a picture to make my readers feel happy =D

1 Dozen + 3 Biji Big Apple Donuts...Happy Food makes people Happy? =)
Size of picture must be Big-Big cuz the Donuts are from Big Apple...lols =P

Still not happy? Ok...go play some Happy Flash Games...GROW
These 3 are my favourites in the GROW Flash Games series:
GROW CUBE - A cube full of fun...
GROW RPG - For those who likes RPG games? Here's the GROW version of it...
GROW ISLAND - Haha...this one damn cute...perfect for those who wanna take a break off studying? =P


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