Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The “host” who said “Lembu”?!!

Decided to update this entry first before the Penang post…since this event took place quite recently and I’ve even managed to obtained the pictures too(only 6 but I choose to upload 2)…this occurred on last Friday,21st July 2006

This time around…I’ve been elected(by myself =P ) to be the mastermind to play “host” for a buddy o’ mine’s birthday…well,in fact,it was actually a pre-birthday celebration(the real day is on 25th July)…to make things sound simple,all I needed to do was to convince him out to dinner(since the previous get-together dinner was at T.G.I Fridays in 1 Utama,everyone was kinda broke) treated by me…get someone to buy a cake…and call up on others to attend…to execute it,well its another different story altogether =P

Initially the plan was to have dinner at Chilli’s(1 Utama)…so obviously,I would hafta choose a meeting time,where everyone could make it,not too early(some have classes or stuff to do) and not too late(surely cannot get a table for…roughly 10 people!!!)…the fussiness of Chilli’s management does not allow reservations to be done in advance and they would only give me a table…if and only if,the required number of people are present at the spot…so the “host” must be there the earliest(to check on the restaurant, the “guests” and also to delay the arrival of the birthday boy by meeting him somewhere else at a later time) and as usual,“We are proud to be Malaysians”…some were practically late(a bit…but the worst is the cake-bearer who SMS-ed me 15 minutes before the meeting time asking what time to meet and had not yet collected the cake >=P )…once “almost” everyone arrived,sadly…no tables were available to accommodate the number of people,as I was on a mission to distract the “VIP” at his meeting point elsewhere…

Well who says that everything would go according to plan? So…back-up plan was conducted,haha =P As I chatted with birthday boy to make up time(for the others to find another place to eat),a phone call came…that was the “cue”…so I answered the call and the person on the other line,Daphene spoke to me in Malay…suggesting Jack’s Place as an alternative…so I unintentionally spoke back in Malay ler…haha,a dead give-away was when I mentioned…“Lembu” a few times,as in steak…example,“Itu tempat ada lembu…bolehkah?” =P

As I brought him there…everybody was there,occupied one long table in the middle of the restaurant…greetings were exchanged,ordered meals respectively and then makan!!! Oh and the cake-bearer came just in time ler,when everyone was almost done browsing through the menu,haha…after all the eating,the talking,the joker-ing…then it is time to do what that made everyone came all the way here,amidst their busy schedule for this very night…

Celebrating a friend’s birthday…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 20 years old already to the birthday boy…Craig(Although the plan didn’t worked out as expected…he “pretended” to be amazed =D )

And here’s to the “guests” who made it successful(partially,haha)…family portrait…

From Left to Right,
Back Row: Weng Siong(the cake-bearer who lost track of time?),Mun Yee(the only person who arrived on time,which is after me…*clap hands*),Camellia(dressed very Oriental-ish on that night),Fu Wen(Camellia’s boyfriend,also her transporter and “meal-finisher”?),Michelle(fair-whitened skin…but darken a bit due to recent swimming activities? ),ME(the mastermind who said “Lembu”?!!),Jian Eu(Michelle’s boyfriend,transporter for her and Jessica on that day…*thumbs up*)
Front Row: Jessica(lovely gal who made it possible by being there,although she stays far-far away…*salute*) and Craig(the birthday boy whose aged is 2 decades)
Not in picture: Daphene(couldn’t stay long for the dinner cuz she had church stuff,but made an effort to be there for a while and…also made me said “Lembu”,haha…*shakes hands as though presenting a huge mock-cheque*)

Hmmm…after dinner,everybody went walk-walk around the shopping mall for a while…then,it was time to depart back home…Camellia,Weng Siong,Craig and ME decided to hang-out and chit-chat in Mun Yee’s place for a while…since 1 Utama is gonna close =P The usual talk crap sessions and since she studies in Fashion Designing,she showed her graduation booklet(which has her work in it…an elegant gown worn by a model…with her main theme ICE) and also,played around with the weighing scale(weight?) and measuring tape(hip size?)…soon enough,time to go and back home I went via my transporter…Craig =P


(To see other versions of the story from different perspective,please proceed to Craig’s or Mun Yee’s blog…provided they updated it or wish to update it ler,haha =P )

Oh and so sorry to my other university mates for I couldn’t attend their arrangement for Zi Hao’s pre-birthday celebration…clashed with mine on that day itself…if there was nothing going on,I might be able to make it…this time,I couldn’t…but the next one,I’ll definitely try to be there…provided all goes well…inform me earlier so that I can rearrange my part-time work schedule…even if it means on weekends cuz I am beginning to get tired of working my ass off just to earn “peanuts” only >=P


At Thursday, July 27, 2006 11:31:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

wahha...thanks for everythin man! reli appreciate the effort. Wah why u post my ugly picture up!!

At Saturday, July 29, 2006 11:35:00 AM, Blogger munz said...

Dude... I don't think I'll post the same pics up with a DIFFERENT commentary of the celebration lah... Why put same pix again? >.< You and Craig did a very detailed job describing already. My version is going to be boringlah... Not worth reading. Hehe. Next time, we have to pose more and take better pix, okay?? We'll all be camwhores =)


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