Wednesday, July 19, 2006

McD:Spicy Beef Foldover VS KFC:Cheesy BBQ Meltz...Results!!! =P

Actually,I’ve already received the Penang pictures from Yau Fee(I think it was one or two weeks ago)…not all ler,but a small portion of it from him…so I’ll just hafta make do with those photos that I received…that update would have to wait for a while,as I try to recall back what were the crazy stuff that I(or we) did…in the mean time…

Do you remember this?(check the previous post if you are unsure)

The epic struggle between McDonalds and KFC…for the supremacy of who’s new product is the best!!!

To refresh your mind…here are the 2 meals which are competing…(sorry,blur pictures)

In the Red corner…McDonalds’s Spicy Beef Foldover and in the Blue corner…KFC’s Cheesy BBQ Meltz

Now for the honourable…*ehem*ehem*…“Judge” to decide which is the better one(after trying both in 1 Utama on separate days,other outlets may differ slightly) based on the following factors or comparisons…

Background Details(obtained from advertisement material):

McD – Treat yourself to the new Spicy Beef Foldover™,with marinated beef strips,crisp lettuce,onions,carrots,red and white cabbage,tomatoes and cheese. All topped off with zesty and spicy Mexican sauce,tucked in a warm toasted flatbread

KFC – “Malaysia has never seen anything like it so I went undercover to find out what’s so special about it. Based on my investigation,I’ve discovered that they use a 9” tortilla wrap filled with all kinds of ingredients,i.e. chopped original recipe chicken fillet,crushed Nachos,diced tomatoes,delicious BBQ mayo and melted mozzarella cheese. This tortilla wrap is then toasted to perfection. My investigation was completed after I ate it”…quoted by Sherlock Hoong,Undercover Reporter


McD – The sauce is a little bit spicy…quite mild,not super peri-peri spicy…mixed with the beef strips and vegetables,a good combination nonetheless that gives you a satisfying smile =D

KFC – Feels like eating some sort of cheesy pizza…the crunchy Nachos and KFC’s original recipe chicken gives a feeling like eating cornflakes…not in a bowl,but in a tortilla bread…mixed with the BBQ sauce,I can say its quite OK…


McD – Imagine a Regular sized pizza…but folded in half…and the portion of beef strips and vegetables is so-so ler,more vegetable compared to the beef…so don’t be fooled by the picture in the advertisement…DUH!!! >=P

KFC – Famous for its “shrunken” sized meals…imagine a Small sized pizza…folded in half…the portion of its serving is also so-so…not too much and not too little of everything…if too little,customer complain kena con…if too much,can barely taste the weird combination of this “rojak” =P

Price(excluding government tax):

McD – RM 6.95 for just the Spicy Beef Foldover…RM 8.95 for Medium Value Meal…and RM 9.70 for Large Value Meal

KFC – RM 5.50 for just the Cheesy BBQ Meltz…currently no set that comes together

Personal Opinion:

McD – Although kinda pricey…the Spicy Beef Foldover provides your money’s worth,to a satisfying meal…good if you are a big-eater…if you wanna share,can also…but if you don’t wanna share,then buy another one,haha >=P

KFC – For the price that you are paying for…not really good,but hey its KFC!!! Perfect for just a light snack or to share with others…Aaaawww,sharing is caring…according to Barney the Purple Dinosaur =P

Finally,the moment of truth…the winner goes to…

McDonalds’s Spicy Beef Foldover!!! =D

Lols…I think the Spicy Beef Foldover is better lor,in my overall view…but it may differ with others cuz each individual has their own opinions…anyways,I am kinda anti-KFC since their glory days are over(everything is downsized and not worth the price to pay for)…haha,I wonder what other “filler” posts would be up next…dun wanna talk about work anymore(boring sad stuff)…oh and didja noticed that I did a little bit of editing on some of the pictures…hehe,it was kinda time consuming a bit ler cuz I just use trial&error method by using Photoshop with MS-Paint…till then,see ya on the next update!!! =D


At Wednesday, July 19, 2006 11:45:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

hey great post man! u have to teach me how u did those pics (the mcd vs kfc) ones one day ok! superb! yeah I think the beef foldover better, but i never tried d kfc thingy tho. beef foldover not spicey at all la!! haha but i bet as the days go bye the beef will get less n less =P

At Thursday, July 20, 2006 11:52:00 AM, Anonymous yaufee said...

I will say the winner goes to KFC. Firstly is because I don't eat beef, hahaha and secondly price isn't that important but its presentation. Indeed the KFC one appeals to be more attractive. Lolz~

At Saturday, July 22, 2006 9:30:00 PM, Blogger baga said...

hahaha...great post dude!!

man, still having hangover from the long weekend..heh...but yea, i will have to go with McD's on this one. Even though i do not touch beef (or rather can't!), but yea..generally McD's has kept its food quality up there while KFC have not only slipped down the pecking order in terms of fast food popularity, but even its boardroom is squabbling amongst each other on who's better!! =P

McD's 1, KFC 0


At Monday, July 24, 2006 11:09:00 AM, Blogger munz said...

Hehe. Cheese has this thing for ads. I remember how you could quote those radio ads last time. Looks like you still do =P Good post, dude =)


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