Monday, November 07, 2005

Back to University so soon?!!

1 week,how long does 1 week lasts? It is equivalent to 7 days=168 hours=10080 minutes=604800 seconds…apart from knowing what 1 week is,in different form of units,to me it is pretty short in terms of time…Time always passes by before you even got the chance to know how or why the television is unable to be turned on(because the main switch was not switched on),how or why the brightness of the LCD screen of my laptop is decreasing(because I am using the battery unit instead of direct AC power from the power port or maybe I use the AC power but forgot to turn on the main switch),how or why my handphone suddenly just couldn’t make a call or SMS like normal(because I am in Semenyih,very weak signal in this “rural” area),how or why I am using lame reasoning which involves “batteries” or “power sources”(because I cant think of anything else at the moment =P )…etc…

Holidays are over…which means it is back to dreaded assignments and studies in Nottingham University. As usual my so called “plans” for the holidays is to do an equal amount of enjoyment and academic stuff(which includes one long term essay coursework,due on 1st of December,and doing revision of subjects which I had been neglecting,for the sake of doing my assignments)…and well,well,well…the laziness in my human structure has once again proven to be stronger than my “hardworking genes”(if there is such a thing =P ). But I did my revisions(although only a little bit),I still feel it is not enough…as always,I would have to re-pay back the loss in the future =P I just cant find the balance yet,in managing my time for enjoyment and for “academic things to do” (who can say no to total 100% of anything which involves fun for the holidays period? =P ) If this keeps up,I am gonna be in a mess…gotta change my “slacker” lifestyle to something better,it takes time though and determination and commitment and sacrifices and…(hehe,rambling on and on,knowing that I’ll never keep to my own words to myself,we’ll hafta wait and see =P )

Watched the movie Doom too,overall the movie is quite dull,a group of military guys with their guns,shooting in the dark,screaming here and there,the predicted moments where people get killed,gory and bloody scenes,etc…The only thing that caught my attention was the FPS(First Person Shooter) scene which was depicted,almost at the climax of the movie. In conclusion,I say that the movie is watch-able,but quite bland and boring throughout the whole movie.

Nothing much to talk about at the moment as my holidays were spent mostly at home,playing video games and going online(less cuz mum and sis use it most of the time,hence I cant really use it to do research for my coursework essay =P ) So this should be one of the boring updates I posted up,no pictures too…no worries the next update is gonna be better as I know what to update about…and inclusive of pictures too =) So await the next update,especially a certain “group” of my friends…be patient ; )

Till then,logging off now and see ya soon…


At Wednesday, November 09, 2005 10:45:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

holidays over huh? at least u got 1 week, mine 3 days oni. yeah doom was kinda boring. a bit too predictable. so hows ur gaming going? i finis ratchet deadlocked in record time. whahaha. oni two days. hows 43,000,000++ bolts in the bank sound?? haha and a lvl 99 harbringer?


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