Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Industrial visit/trip...

As the weeks passed by,like the cool breezing winds blown across the plains on a day of splendour and the promised land grew with more beauty as the Garden of Eve…Hmmm,that doesn’t sound right…I shall re-phrase…(rewind)…like the strong gushing winds blown across the oil-palm plantation area on a day of constant downpour and the so called “promised” rooms in Nottingham Campus,grew with more fungus due to high moisture content,as beautifying as moss grows on rocks…Now,doesn’t that sounded more familiar and more towards reality? =P Yeapz,welcome back to University of Nottingham,Malaysian Campus…located deep within Semenyih…within the oil-palm plantations area filled with danger,lurking in every corner…snakes await their victims with uttermost patience…I’ve never encountered one before though…

Previously on a Saturday,went for an industrial visit to Malaysian Newsprint Industries(MNI) in Mentakab,Pahang…educational purposes lor…not for holiday…yet…It is actually a paper mill which mainly recycles materials made from paper(such as books,newspapers,magazines,cardboard boxes.pornography magazines,etc…) into…CANDY!!! =D Yeah right,in Fantasyland of course…obviously turned into paper to be distributed to their main clients,the newspaper companies. They have their very own water-treatment system as part of the process of producing paper. Water is taken from a nearby river,treated,used and re-treated to be returned back to the river. There are even FISHES in the big containment area of the murky waters obtained from the river,anyway it is too murky to see the fishes that our “tour guide” “claimed” is inside…perhaps it might be some secret experimental project(the whole paper mill is just a cover-up)…involving aliens? Fish monsters? Another Godzilla? (Twilight Zone music being played)…who knows =P Big machineries,loud noises,factory in the middle of nowhere…does it appeal to a person looking for a job? Hehehe…

Overall,it was an OK-Ok visit,had to wake up really early(before sunrise),but really time consuming cuz most of the time is spent during the journey to and fro,inclusive of terrible traffic jam on the way back. So,in the end decided to stay back throughout the weekends instead of the usual “going back during the weekends”. Stayed up the whole night till early sunrise(Sunday) together with some coursemates to “try” to finish our work…yes,we saw the sunrise…In the end,after having breakfast,went back straight to sleep…almost the whole day was wasted by sleeping instead of “supposedly” doing work.

Yes!!! The sweet smell of victory…after finishing the coursework essay of course…nowadays,my workload begins to decrease…cuz most of them are done already…which means that I am quite free at the moment? Guess not…exams are coming!!! A few more weeks left till the 1st semester of the 1st year in University is over…then its off to HOLIDAYS for 3 weeks!!! Wait a second,did I said holidays?!! I mean *ehem* “study leave” for exams… >=P

Enjoy the pictures posted up…might not be too free the next few days…who knows? Life is unpredictable…See ya on the next update,signing out for now…

The front desk reception of the MNI company…seems empty,is the job still vacant/available?

A bunch of clueless “tourists” decided to take a group photo after given up searching for the toilet =P

The following pictures were taken in the bus on the way back,by a “bunch” of bored people,entertaining themselves:

Wilson and Yau Fee with blur look+smile,together with a “be-headed person

LOOK!!! A six-legged monstrosity with wings and the eyes able to witness a thousand over images at a time!!! In other words…a fly =P

Four guys…one bus…a long way back…traffic jam…who will survive? =P

Do not tempt me with French Fries!!!


At Wednesday, November 30, 2005 10:48:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

woah..."enjoyin" ur time there huh?...haha. Speakin of garden of eve? im made it to the secret garden in shadow of the colossus a while back..did u? nyway, comin back this weekend? good luk in coursework..haha

At Thursday, December 01, 2005 10:23:00 AM, Anonymous smashpOp said...

wah lawatan sambill belajar

At Friday, December 02, 2005 7:19:00 PM, Anonymous Laynie said...

The bus looks about 20 times more comfortable than the building you visited... They should put some potted plants around that reception desk (or whatever desk it is).

At Friday, December 02, 2005 9:26:00 PM, Blogger dylan86 said...

A mushroom grew on my friends bathroom wall, last week..lols
and also, I saw some "ghostbusters" in action last Tuesday nite, the Imam or some ppl from the nearby mosque were performing prayers to so call purify the uni..hmm..mebbe they think that the fungus were caused by the spirits living in plantations..and they were walking all over the campus with some black box.
Apart from that, I have never seen any snakes, but there are alot of mice and rats in the campus grounds..saw loads of I hope the campus grounds are free of snakes at least for the 3 years I am there..hehehe


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