Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lying liars...

Lies…why do people lie? Is there a reason behind it? Lying to protect someone…lying for your own benefit…lying for a friend…What will you get in the end? What are they trying to hide? Do you feel better or the guilt that is slowly but surely growing within would consume you one fine day? Sometimes people regard lying as an easy way out of a problem,ignoring responsibilities…to some extent,a hobby to that particular person till its so natural for that person to reply or utter at least more than a single lie in his/her verbally spoken words coming from his/her cunning mind and mouth. But sometimes,although it is a sin…one would have to lie for a good cause…whether this is right or wrong,it depends on the individual or the others around him/her…how they look upon it and judge among themselves…in this world,there may be right,there may be wrong,or perhaps it is often to difficult to tell them apart…white or black…usually or most often in the grey area…We’ll,take the following “story” as an example and see for yourself…

This is based on a true story,all the characters involved are non-fictional,they exist in the real world,living among us…let the exposure begin >=P

One fine day,like any ordinary day…I think…it was a Sunday,I received a “distress” call from one of my “housemate”(name shall be remain anonymous for now)…he says that he lost his front door key and is unable to enter our house in TTS(the place we are staying near the Campus)…knowing that it is my duty to act accordingly,no matter how small the issue or problem is…like Batman,I responded to the “Bat-signal”…and decided to go back to TTS earlier than usual…it was raining a bit,upon reaching the place,found him waiting for me(he was at one of our neighbour’s house before that)…in the end,his keys were “claimed” to be locked in his drawer,aiyah so “careless”…in the end,decided to go to campus by hitching a ride from another friend who just happens to be there at the right moment,at the right time…but forgot to bring my Student ID…so anyways,there were four of us and a change of plan,go to Fajar supermarket to stock up instead…pushing the trolley around aimlessly and picking up random stuff to buy…

Once that was done,departed back to my humble “abode” in TTS…the plot thickens,thy friendly housemate says he heard something in my room when I left,the sound of shattered glass…so the obvious reaction was to go upstairs and investigate(although his “claim” sounds plausible)…as the door creaked opened…

A paparazzi jumps out of nowhere,unknowingly snaps a picture of the “famous celebrity” together with his 2 bodyguards(behind) =P followed by a cheerful SURPRISE and the common birthday song being sung in sync…

“Goldilocks” here found some food on his bed (Top)

A clearer view of the secret “inscription” to life longevity =P (Bottom)

A picture of a hungry person…errr…I mean,the Guardian of Food trying/attempting to eliminate the ants from the food =P

Group photo…everyone tries not to drip their saliva on the food by smiling =)

A pretty gal spoon-feeds(in this case,fork-feeds) a soon to be 19 years old “toddler” =D

Meet “Charlie” and his “angels”…wait a second,one is missing!!!

In the wee hours of the morning,when it’s a little bit cold,people tend to be close to each other in order to keep warm…right? =P

Surely,a birthday party/surprise without a birthday cake would be very wrong…together with a birthday hug,birthday wishes,birthday bash?!!,etc… =P

How did he put out the candles on this cake? By blowing or sucking the air?!! Take a good guess ; P

Either someone get another sharper knife or this cake is made out of concrete!!! =P

Apart from the “expensive” birthday presents(I’ve got a T-shirt,a tie,a semi-leather sling bag and a pair of sexy boxers?!!),this is the one that really is the best among the best…they spent almost 6 hours to make this(Sheesh…why so slow one arr? Potong Gaji!!! =P )…I really truly appreciate this…a priceless artifact…sorry E-Bay and Old Newspaper Man…you’ll never get it from me,not in a million years or perhaps for all eternity!!! >=P

Haha,the perfect scheme for the perfect “victim” =P So,as you can see…lies can bring mishaps,troubling other people in the process,so many things need to be covered up…but in a way,it brings happiness,joy and excitement too,in a “hidden” way,lol =P

Many THANKS to those “actors and actresses” on their performance,The Oscar goes to them =P …I seriously didn’t saw it coming,like a blind rat walking into a mousetrap…hehe,too young to have a heart attack,though =P Another memorable occasion to be recorded in a folder in my Computer-head,labelled under “Memories” and in this blog too,so I could just come back and view it in the future and laugh back at all those “priceless” moments…I hope that this blog-entry doesn’t offend any of them,just wanna make things a bit out of the ordinary,“indirectly” telling the “story”,spice things up,twist em’ up here&there =P Only posted up a few pictures,the others are either too blur or too “obscene” to be published =P So if they had read until this part,they would know that I don’t really mean it if I call them liars…errr…right guys? Hehe =P

To those who wished me (you know who you are)…a THANK YOU goes back to you guys/gals out there,give yourselves a pat at the back and have some pie for your effort…and what was my birthday wish was about? Lets just say that it is not something for myself only,but to the others around me who had strived along the current of life…along with me or somewhere “in a galaxy far far away”…may you all be blessed…Best of LUCK to everyone who are taking their SPM,STPM,or any other major/minor “exams”…troubled times are here to be overcometh in academic life…get through it with wings flapping and eventually progressing in life as you are meant to be…many things await in the unknown horizon,that’s what its all about…I think =P

Signing off for now…more assignments await…by the way,due to popular demand,I’ve already registered for a Friendster account,just recently…so don’t expect it to be up to date yet,perhaps next week it will begin to turn from emptiness to errr…something not so empty,when work starts to settle down a bit =P Ciaozzz for now!!!


At Sunday, November 13, 2005 10:50:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

wah! mustve been fun! happy birthday man! dun worry ur pressie is on the way. give to u next weekend ok. cos i oso short on time to go around at the momen=P but dun worry, the longer the wait the better the present...haha

At Monday, November 14, 2005 9:31:00 AM, Anonymous smashpOp said...

wah happy birthday cheese !!!!!!!!!

At Wednesday, November 16, 2005 4:15:00 PM, Blogger onegayboy said...

Remember me? Haha. Happy birthday. Glad you had such an interesting experience :)


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