Sunday, March 19, 2006

1st Anniversary!!! =D

Yup,it had already been a year of blogging…a total of 62 posts(including this one) were posted up since 15th of March 2005…it started with wordy type of posts…and nowadays I prefer to include pictures whenever I can…except that I blogged less often for now...sometimes,I’ve just had nothing to blog about…haha

So in the first place,why did I started this so called “blogging business”? No it’s not for fame and money(although I wish I could…the money part =P )…perhaps it was a “calling” from the voice inside of me,yearning to tell tales(and crap a lot too)…no,I wont be planning to write a book…Seriously,I wondered at first like everybody else…why waste time keeping something up like this? In the end,it’ll be useless and then comes a time where the entries would come to a complete halt…thus the death or the ending for this blog that had once stood in the online universe for quite some time…why continue to blog?

Pretty simple answer,so simple that you could get full marks for it…because I choosed to do so…with the exception that I was reading a few blogs which belonged to my other friends at first…and I said,“Heck…I can make one for myself too!!!”…the journey had begun…my blog ain’t popular till it is overflooded with lotsa people…I prefer to be low-profiled,humble as I can be…no issues that might cause a catastrophe too great too bear(well,at least not yet~phew)…mainly the entries are about my life…sort of like what I’ve been experiencing(boring,no?)…love it or hate it =P One day,I’ll just look back at this and laugh out loud,reminiscing the moments…staring at the computer screen and typing out stuff that others wouldn’t bother to read…hilarious >=P

Is the end drawing closer for this humble blog that ceases to exist sooner or later? Only time will tell…excuse me if sometimes there weren’t any updates now and then,it doesn’t mean that I’ve given up yet…that wraps up this entry as I’ve nothing much to say…hopefully it’ll last till many anniversaries later…like successful companies that will never go bankrupt,thanks to demands from loyal customers(which means you all out there!!! =P )

HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY!!! (Sorry blog darling~for not posting this entry last Wednesday,15 March,I’ll design a new layout for you soon enough*kiss*…sounds like a husband comforting his wife…my goodness)

Only 2 random photos posted up this time!!! Sorry <= P That’s all…

Oranges…good for health cuz it’s rich in Vitamin C…and also can be used as “objects” to take ridiculous-looking pictures…such as the one seen above…the wonders of Oranges~ =P

Athelitic players wannabe…badminton,squash,tennis,ping-pong,basketball,etc…you name it,we’ve played it on that particular night…so active till we can’t stop moving while this picture was taken(excuse the blur movements) =P


At Monday, March 20, 2006 11:06:00 PM, Blogger Craigy craig said...

wahahha....1 year aledi ar? hmm..come to think of it, i cant remember when i started mine =P nyway hope u keep ur blog up cos im readin it =P

At Wednesday, March 22, 2006 10:28:00 AM, Anonymous smashpOp said...

wahhhhhh bigger pics now.. but still rpefer to click.. ahah


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