Sunday, March 05, 2006

Operation Cake-Eater?!!

Here comes another entry which consists mainly a lot of pictures…again…seems quite an eventful week I shall say…this time it is yet another occasion that is meant to be celebrated…for it only happens once a year for each individual…shall I elaborate more? Oh yeah,it took place one week ago…on Tuesday(28th February)…

It was just another ordinary Tuesday…for everybody else…except for us as we had to wake up extra earlier before lectures which was supposedly be at 10am…why did we sacrifice extra sleep for that particular day? Last minute studying for a test? Not really…just to execute our devious plan for the day to one of our helpless friend…sounds weird and mysterious? Read on to find out…Commencing Operation Cake-Eater…(yes,it sounds lame =P )

We had to sneak into the University “fortress” to deliver this utmost important object…a cake…not an ordinary one,mind you…So here’s a quick final look before something is done upon it

So we woke our “friend” up from his deep slumber(in his hostel room) and proceeded to blindfold him,just like a group of “terrorist” that kidnaps victims by waking them up from their beauty sleep…evilness >=P Yes,I was the one who did it as you can see from this picture…Darn,now the whole world know its me,should’ve worn a ski mask or perform a plastic surgery after this incident,shall keep that in mind for next time =P

The aftermath of projecting the cake into our “victim’s” face,he still seems so happy though…Hmmm,cake does bring happiness to someone…as I sneak away from the crimescene just like a professional killer who had served his purpose,unscathed(Ok,I got a little bit of cream on my shirt and pants =P )

Group picture with birthday boy,Kah Peng(he washed himself with water,so the cream stains doesn’t seem that noticeable)

After a long shower,he transformed into…The Pink Pengster…Check out the wordings on the back of the pink shirt and also not forgetting the pink slippers too(our presents)…elegant,yet stylish~like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy =P

Later in the evening,comes another self-cooked dinner…this time,a change of chef(Eddie takes a day off from the kitchen department)…our challenger,Yean Yen boldly steps up and prepares 5 dishes,impressing the Pink Pengster and us as well…Looks simple,yet appetizing…especially the top-left dish,Black Pork Ribs(eeerrr…that’s what I call it cuz I cant really remember exactly what the ingredients are,and yeah its black in colour too =P )

Wait…there is a dessert too?!! That makes a total of 6 dishes!!! It may seem like ordinary oranges,but take a closer look and you’ll notice a big difference…Orange Konnyaku Jellies!!! Ironically with orange skin intact,not an easy task as I had to dig out the orange’s inside using only a small stainless steel spoon,not only one but MANY…Now I just noticed that Eddie doesn’t make any dessert for us…haha,he loses to Yean Yen in this segment =P

What,another cake?!!! Well,this time it is to be eaten,NOT to be eaten by throwing it at someone’s face…imagine the extra damage of the chocolates and strawberries could have done…painfulness~ x_x

The last picture to be posted up…yet another group photo to end this post,important people for the day includes,birthday boy,Kah Peng(in red)…chef of the day,with dessert too,Yean Yen(bottom,in pink)…the fake-cake maker,but still looks edible,Pek Wee(most left,girl in black)…the fake-cake bearer,he who brings it with care ala’ Olympic style,Wilson(behind birthday boy)…the transporter,very important cuz he gives me a ride to University almost everday and the fake-cake too for that day,Yau Fee(specky guy in middle)…obviously,I am an important person too cuz I am the blogger that decides to post this entry up =P (don’t tell me you don’t know which one is me? -_- For convenience sake,middle row,2nd from left)…Oh yeah,not forgetting the photographer too,Eddie,for all the lovely pictures…job transformation from TTS House Chef to TTS House Photographer,LOLS(not seen in this picture,don’t worry I’ll upload the one with you in it to my Friendster ; P )…and to all important other personals that made it possible =D

I would like to congratulate our course basketball team,Chemical Engineering Year 1(the most bold team name compared to others) for winning the intra-basketball tournament…it was a tough match,as I was there at the court,watching the finals on that starless windy night…in the end,they managed to emerge as the victors against their competator,Simply Play with the score of 45-41…too bad I couldn’t obtain a group picture of them after the match(managed to get one,but it turned out “over-exposed”,after I viewed it for myself,go ask Dylan =P )…Hmmm,makes me wanna play basketball too

Alright,time to pack my stuff and return back to TTS…goodbye~

{{P.S:Baga,if you are reading this,Thanks for the ride on Friday…couldn’t have gotten to my destination and also back home without you,couldn’t have be able to log onto the internet and type out this post,couldn't have rest enough and bath my pet iguana too(Ok-Ok,I don’t have one),etc…~Arigatoo Gozaimasu =P }}


At Sunday, March 05, 2006 11:25:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

wahaha what a great post. Well done Solid Cheese!operation cake-eater was a success! pink pengster, now thats original LOL! and playing basketball? ur finally becoming a man!! hehe what man doesnt play with balls. whether its his or not...haha

At Tuesday, March 07, 2006 11:19:00 AM, Anonymous smashpOp said...

wow.. i see orange jellies.. lol...

hard work koreking the oranges eh

At Tuesday, March 14, 2006 2:53:00 PM, Blogger baga said...

yo dude...well posted again i must say! hehe...

sorry havent been blog hopping of late...and now can't online edi in sunway! waaa..

no probs bout the lift dude..anytime!



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