Monday, February 06, 2006

Thus begins the 2nd Semester...

Every good thing would eventually end…either sooner or later…like merely the lifespan of a fruit fly which lasts for only a few days…like opening a freshly new chocolate bar from its tin-foiled wrapper,indulging its flavour till the very last bit before your taste buds demand for more…like spending endless amount of cash(if there were such a thing in reality =P ) till the last penny and would be broke for the rest of your life due to poor management of your financial aids…Yes-yes,University life resumes on this very day for “most” of the Nottingham(Malaysia) students…that includes me…Welcome back!!! (As though I work here as the Principal =P )

Ehem-Ehem…upon returning back to this faraway-land,I found myself unable to sleep for the first night…could it be that I was too excited and cant wait for this very day? Just like anxious little kids who couldn’t wait to unwrap their presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas Day itself? Hehe…obviously NOT =P Much thanks to my “sudden change” of sleeping patterns during the previous Chinese New Year holidays(sleeping late and waking up late)…my biological clock doesn’t changes back to its daily routine overnight liao…sort of like jet-lagged =_=

Although feeling tired and sleepy today in the morning(quite normal to me lah =P ),still the mind must control the body to its destination…Once the class commences,one would have expected that things would start slow and introductory stuff were the norm…WRONG!!! Haha,already in University…no longer the simplistic life in primary or secondary school liao…so what better way to start off by receiving the generosity of courseworks and this time an almost 100% based PROJECT WORK…my-my,how kind and thoughtful of them >=P Timetable for this semester is almost the same as the previous one,apart from having different modules this time,3 out of 5 days would be splendid for wake-up calls to class at 9am…Oh well,the “Early Bird Gets the Worm”…or so I thought =P

Time to get started on my workstuff now…by at least reading it instead of chucking it aside till the deadline looms in…Haha,its NERDY TIME!!! 8-) Take care ya’ll


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