Saturday, September 15, 2007

Returning to “Jungleland” for Studies… =_=”

Holidays has come to an end…and it’s time to resume back studies in UNiM…Hurray ^_^ !!! and Boo =_=” !!!(Depending on each individual’s point of view…hehe). Well,one could self-proclaim their own holidays…as long as they want…in fact,forever also can…make sure you have enough money to sustain your life lah…termed as the cost of living =_=”

So,it’s also the time where my brain is supposed to be shifted in gear for academic studies…I was quite stun/shocked while I was watching anime,there was a certain school scene where a complex number equation were being shown,lols(at least I manage to identify that it has complex numbers in it though =_=” )…biological clock needs adjustment and fine-tuning…time to pick up a pen(which feels quite alien-ish,since these hands had been accustomed to the usage of keyboard,TV remote control,PS2 controller,mobile phone,etc…) and write neat “acceptable speed” words(wasn’t able to do so,during some peculiar odd moments last time…Doctor’s handwriting+speeding like a snail)

Although,this is kinda like a situation where a civilian is suddenly thrown into the hands of the military for combat purposes…nevertheless,things will of course be back to normal…it just takes some “time to get used to” sessions =_=”

All I can say for now is…Welcome back to UNiM!!!(or Hell? =_=” )

Partially packed stuff to be brought over to rented house in Semenyih

Or izzit more like pre-packed stuff cuz I just left em’ lying in my room,after I moved my stuff out from the previous rented house in Semenyih…some time ago =_=” Well,I just wiped off some dust and sorted out my lecture notes/courseworks/pass year papers into boxes(too lazy to sort into folders/binders)…in case of fire,just carry the boxes,no? =_=” Moving these stuff to the new rented house tomorrow…

Ok…moving on to happy-happy-joy-joy stuff…

Celebrated Yau Fee&Li-Ann’s birthday(pre-celebration)…at Green Box,Jusco Cheras Selatan…kinda odd to celebrate in a karaoke outlet,haha(first time witnessing)…Did I sang? Nah,I am just merely a spectator and photographer…as the others enjoy themselves…

Alright,I admit…I sang…Birthday Song only…lols =P

Get the dates right…Yau Fee’s birthday is actually today(15th September) and our perfect-timing “came just in time into the karaoke room while the Birthday Song is being sung”,Li-Ann,is actually tomorrow(16th September)

Oh…here’s the results for the RapidKL bus service lucky draw thingy(month of August)…after this,no more already…Dunno what the heck am I talking about? Just click here and here,for older posts regarding this matter…or just visit their website,

In the end…Lady Luck isn’t on my side again…haha =P Can dispose all of the “lottery bus tickets” now…lols

That’s the end for this post…nothing much to be updated about,hehe…as University life returns,I’ll be stuck in Semenyih on weekdays and would be back home on weekends…that is,provided if not too busy/hectic ler…internet and newspapers would be sorely missed,lols…not forgetting friends as well of course(as some fellow classmates would be departing to UK) =P

Last but not least…some pictures to quench your thirst…with saliva,haha…

Thick French Toast

Just look at the reflection of the syrup…

A closer look…superimposed big-big picture…lols =D

Evil me…making ya’ll hungry…and myself as well
D’Oh!!! =_=”


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