Friday, September 07, 2007

Fireworks Competition at Putrajaya: Part 2,Boom-Boom in the Skies

Aha!!! A post which doesn’t require “much” reading…just need to use your eyes to view pictures of the same object,over and over again,lols =_=”

At 10pm…thank goodness the rain had stopped…lights on the bridge(closer to PICC) were switched off…a signal,that the fireworks show is about to begin shortly…30 minutes of showmanship…

Armed with my digital camera and tripod(didn’t knew I had one at home…found it as I was kaypo-ing in the store room,hehe =P )…for here,I showcase my amateur/noob-ness of fireworks photographing…first time leh,apa boleh buat…hehe =_=”

So I’ll just upload a few ones which turn out nice…others are almost the same or were blur or badly taken of course,hehe…

The beginning…

Colourful!!! But picture poorly taken…timing should had been earlier,which is when it is just about to explode…

Zoomed-in too close…cuz I didn’t expect that this firework would be that huge…

Fireworks for Hari Raya?!!

This time it’s for Chinese New Year?!! =_=”

Here’s a few vertical pictures…from Yau Fee’s camera…I know you’re bored looking at my horizontally-taken pictures with the darkened sky =_=”

Which looked very nice,with the coloured-reflection on the lake…accompanied by the silhouette of the hill where the fireworks were being launched from…showing everything that is going on…in a single picture…if only a better camera is being used,hehe =P

Experience of a Noob-Cheese in Fireworks Photography:

The difficult part(for me),is the timing of the shutter being pressed when the fireworks are up in the air…at first I used 2 seconds timer(afraid that when I press the shutter normally as Single Shots,the camera might shake a bit and produce blurry pictures…no,I don’t have a remote shutter),which means I gotta anticipate the fireworks explosion,2 seconds before it happens…which needed a bit of luck too,hehe =_=”

After a few attempts of “2 seconds lag” shots…I’ve decided to revert back to Single Shots…carefully pressing the shutter for every shot…and clever Yau Fee did a few shots with Burst Shots(for every press of the shutter…3 pictures are taken consecutively),so just gotta have a rough timing to press the shutter and hope that one or more,out of the 3 taken pictures turns out nice…why didn’t I think of that?!! =_=”

And there are the “char-tou” moments…whenever I zoomed-in for a close-up shot,suddenly a super big firework exploded,out of the vicinity of my camera screen =_=” or when after every shot,my camera would need to show the “Busy” sign(like warming-up for the next shot…since the other fancy-fancy functions are switched on,for night+fireworks shot) and BOOM,goes another nice firework shot being wasted cuz my camera is “Busy”…it seems =_=” Unlike some DSLR users who are “shooting” the fireworks like a modernised machinegun(I could hear the fast shutter clicking sounds)…mine is like those super old rifles being used during World War era =_=” Lols…ok-ok,not that old ler…my camera is more for leisure picture-taking(not professional enough to use a DSLR…or not enough money to buy one yet? =_=” )…click here to view my one and only digital camera(unless my handphone,SE k750i is counted as well?)

Sorry for trying to sound so technical…guess I cant explain that well or in simpler terms?(Or maybe no one actually understood what I had been blabbering about =_=” ) Hehe…anyways,things like these are all about trial&error…experimentation…experience need to be build up…so,I’ve gotta try again and improve as well…knowing that I am just at the “foot of the hill” before I had even attempted to “climb/trek the hill”,I must not give up easily…even the professional ones may falter(or perhaps not,since they are so pro already? =_=” ) Any tips or comments…please feel free to share…I am willing to learn ; )

I should be gazing and enjoying the fireworks in the air…not constantly looking at my camera screen just to know that the pictures turned out lousy after every shot,lols =_=” Next time don’t wanna bring camera anymore…hahaha =P Fireworks must be COLOURFUL and BIG in order to get people going “oohh-ahhh”!!!

Is this the end?!! Nope…still got Part 3

To be continued…Haha =P


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