Monday, October 31, 2005

Holidays are here once again =)

Why the lack of updates nowadays? If my dear readers may ask…well you don’t see an author of a best-selling book churning out his or her masterpieces every single day…do you? All I can say that certain piece of work takes time…to be turned into something worth its time taken…like wine,the longer it is kept in its bottle,the better it tastes(to some people only =P )…but then it might be like food…the longer you keep,it will eventually become rotten…with exceptions to milk as it’ll turn into yogurt and then into cheese as time passes by =P What I am trying to say is that certain things takes time to be done in order to turn “it” from an ugly duckling into a beautiful-glorified swan in the end =P

Ok-ok,enough jabbering around the bush…I just never really got the time to update my blog as often as possible and when I do,as you can see from my previous posts,they tend to be very long. That’s because sometimes I prefer to compile everything and jam it into one post,like a can or sardines. It also depends whether I have enough contents to blog about or whether my mood is at its right moment or because basically,I am the EDITOR of this blog,so I can choose to update my blog,whenever,wherever,however,whatever,whichever,etc…etc…way I want!!! MWAHAHAHA >=P

Today’s post would be quite short(or maybe long) though…with a few pictures ; )

The previous week was quite strainous cuz most of the assignments had to be done and handed up…but once that was over,Whew…a sigh of relief fills the air around me…the temporary burden acted against me had been lifted away slightly…and some of my other university mates were a lil’ bit free too…so one night,decided to go to a restaurant in Kajang called 1st Station…hehe,Kajang is DAMN BIG as we took almost 1 hour to get to the restaurant and found out that one of our fellow “navigator” took a wrong turn in between the journey(going around the highway was so “fun” cough*cough* =P ) Anyway,we made it there in one piece and had dinner…the restaurant serves a mix of Chinese and Western meals…as well with special drinks with bizarre names such as Initial D,King Kong,Happiness,etc…etc…I ordered Fish&Chips(didn’t want to eat chicken cuz that is what I had been eating almost ALL of the time in the Campus Cafetaria =P ) Quite not worth it cuz a thin guy like me prefer to gobble up something much more for the price that I am paying for =P but nevertheless,my first meal (besides rice and noodles) at a faraway place ; P

One of my housemate,Eddie…enjoying his “special” drink…its called Happiness…comes with a mini umbrella(which he eventually kept)…see how “happy” he is =P

And introducing one of our dinner held at my place in TTS(Taman Tasik Semenyih)8 person is the record for number of guest who had feasted in our humble abode…inclusive of 2 girls!!! Haha…in the times to come,it would eventually increase…I think…then we would hafta bring in another set of tables,chairs and cutleries…as well as to “extend” our kitchen area and upgrade the cooking utensils =P A random thought from me,that a Cooking Club should be established in my university,cook,eat,learn and have fun at the same time…no need to worry about the same ol’ bland meals in the Campus Cafetaria like BRINJALS & BROWN TAU FOO AGAIN?!! =P

The honourable guests/hosts from Left to Right,
Yau Fee(Taylors mate a.k.a Jonathan),Pek Wee(girl who looks like a small girl but in reality is actually a year older than me,born in 1985 liao),Yean Yen(our “navigator” in Kajang =P ),Eddie(The Iron Chef has choosen to prepare 3 meals for that night,good stuff =) others are take-aways as seen from the plastic wrappings),myself(goofing around with a tomatoe),Handoyo(a.k.a Dobby-Boy for certain reasons =P ),Kiwi(note that the name is spelled incorrectly but sounds similarly to his real name =P ) and Kah Peng(the mysterious cameraman who took this picture)

After goofing around with a tomatoe…I decided to open a bottle of champagne…errr…I mean cooking-oil =P

Note:The guy at the bottom of this picture is the “mystrerious” cameraman who took the previous picture =P

Playing around with mangoes is more fun than eating them…

“Does these mangoes make me look fat?” Kiwi questioned with a Mona Lisa wannabe smile =P

On the last day before the following 1 WEEK HOLIDAYS!!! WOOT!!! =) we decided to travel like nomads(with the exceptions of using cars) from Semenyih…all the way to…1 UTAMA…inclusive of traffic jam,the journey took roughly 1+ hours…had McD’s and watched a movie,The Legend of Zorro(or known as Zorro 2)…I didn’t watched the first Zorro though…in my opinion,the movie was quite sucky…not much Zorro action as the protagonist is most of the time playing the role as a citizen…battling his role to be a father to his wife and son or to be Zorro…politics stuff here and there(geez,always turns out ugly for a movie involving politics)…bad guys get defeated too easily…the movie had certain scenes of quirky humour but overall,not so good in the end...For now,I feel like watching Doom(I heard its sucky too) and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride =)

Till then,to all Nottingham students,enjoy your holidays…although its only 1 week…and to all the others out there,all the best in whatever you are currently doing or pursuing…may it be exams,trouble in academic life or love life,depressing moments,etc…you’ll eventually overcome the unforeseen barrier and progress to the end and achieve your happy ending…Take care everyone!!! =)


At Tuesday, November 01, 2005 9:38:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

well, at least your having healthy "family" dinners.haha. better than eating alone i guess. so now that youve watched doom time for corpse bride huh...

At Monday, November 07, 2005 9:07:00 AM, Anonymous smashpOp said...

hey i thought that place is called 'station 1' ? hehe


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