Thursday, August 31, 2006

To the Star…(Part 2)

(Continuation from To the Star…(Part 1)…due to problem with Blogger,had to split the post to two parts >=P )

(Note: Now using a proper digital camera to take pictures…thanks Mun Yee for the pictures)

Time to take pictures of people instead of objects only…(Left to Right for all following pictures)

Contrast of colours…black&white…ala’ Yin&Yang…Craig…errr…I meant Transporter Craig and ME =P

Look who made it here!!!

Its Jien Eu and Michelle…came after classes…the flash from the camera made them look like a successful operation of Michael Jackson,haha(sorry couldn’t Photoshop cuz I currently don’t have the program with me)…look so cute lah,haha these two =P

After two-some pictures,now it’s time for a five-some…

Michelle(again),Weng Siong,Camellia,Mun Yee(belated birthday girl) and Mun Yee’s younger sibling(sorry,dunno her name =P )

After minum-minum…decided to jalan-jalan around Starhill…but apparently,all the stores are closed(not like we are gonna buy anything anyways)…went to the lowest floor,which is the foodcourt(which is still open)…and WHOA,its one of the nicest-looking food court I had ever seen…but of course the price would be also one of the most preposterous that I had ever know for a food court =P Starhill is also connected to JW Marriott Hotel via some sort of colour-changing-lights passage…wow and cool at the same time =D

Gals trying not to be “jakun” and took a picture…

Hafta wait for the lights to change to purple colour upon request from Mun Yee…favourite colour marrr… =P

Guys which were “over-jakun” and took a picture…

AAAAHHH…the fire is burning our faces(person taking the picture must’ve been trembling after seeing this bunch of jakun-ised guys…which is why the picture turned out this way =P )

The “over-jakun” guys strikes again…3 of em’ only this time

Admiring the JW Marriott Hotel sign(too bright to be seen in this picture,once again couldn’t be Photoshop-ed cuz I don’t have the program with me)…once again,trembling person taking the picture =P

Now,you think you’ve seen everything eh? Wrong!!! Starhill is a place definitely for people of the upper class…the shops over there sell really branded high class stuff…heck even the security guards are wearing nice SUITS with a tie,which you might’ve mistaken them to be managers or CEOs!!! The highlight of this sophisticated place for “jakun” people like us(or is it just only me?)

The TOILET!!! Seriously…when one goes into a toilet,you might expect the usual toilet stuff…but have you seen THIS before?!! (Note: We were totally amazed after entering it the first time,so we went in a second time to snap pictures,lols…taking pictures in a toilet,what the hell were we thinking?!!)

In the gents…

This my dear readers…is a sink to wash your hands…no it doesn’t have any automatic sensors…so as you can see,the attendant in black on the left hafta pull down the bamboo stick and VOILA,water comes out…so that the little kid on the right can wash his hands =) Geee….the attendant looks kinda bored,hehe…salute the fella for appearing in the picture lah,but as for the kid I dunno how he ended up in it =P

In the Ladies…

You might be thinking…how would the ladies toilet contraption look like? Lucky for me,I don’t need to go undercover as a lady to find out…their version of the sink is actually a giant wheel…you just spin it and VOILA,candy comes out from the faucet!!! Lols,water comes out only lah =P

And here’s how to use it…self service

Apparently,the other sink is able to be pulled by one’s ownself…see the amount of “internal energy” required to operate this tricky contraption,lols =P

After entertaining ourselves…time to head back home…but pit-stop at Mun Yee’s place once again for chatter session…she’s gonna go to UK,early September…so that’s why must bersuka-ria often before she leaves…so nice of us to treat her(and her sis) for dinner and yam-cha-ing…Wah,really-really quite “pokai” now =P but oh well,as long as it makes other people feel happy…then I suppose its ok ; ) So,remember to go visiting to Starhill while you’re in KL!!! =) You can opt to visit Mun Yee or Craig’s blog to read their version of the story…

On a side note,last day of work is on the 31st of August5pm…then,MWAHAHAHAHA!!! I am a free man!!! >=D MERDEKA BABY!!! Lols…ok really sleepy now,good night/morning everyone…


At Friday, September 01, 2006 11:15:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

wahahha man the pics are good! forgot u took the pics of the menu and drinks..i was too lazy to post the secret recipe pics...=P fun fun


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